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Dec 1, 2009
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  • About

    vinyl rock n roll
    car audio, guitar, cookin, and and goin to shows
    music history and Historical buildings,
    Save our history!

    Headphone Inventory:
    lcd2 coming soon
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Source Inventory:
    dl 103>technic 1200>cam 640p> eico hf 85> hdp >matrix>um3x
    Cable Inventory:
    kimber hero wbt 0144

    cheap 14 awg ofcc with audioquest banna plugs> speakers
    Power-Related Components:
    wtb heed orbit,
    speed box II se
    mose herculees
    Other Audio Equipment:
    pas 2 preamp
    eico 85 preamp
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    i like to roll the 12ax7 so if you have some raytheon blackplates let me know
    Music Preferences:
    RocknRoll, Rocksteady, Rockabilly, 60's garage surf and ska, 70's and early 80's punk power pop and hardcore, also like 2nd wave ska and some metal, my favorite would have to be 70' and early 80's oi,
    -think slaughter and the dogs, **** sparrer- the blood, test tube babies,,, cockneye rejects, and on and on,,,the greatest music of the 20th century, god bless you england!
    most new bands litterally make me want to barf, and none of them sound like the oldies.
    i also like dark classical and and i love delta blues and country mississippi blues
    i really love instrumental music, ranging from surf garage and even jazz ska hybrid like the new york ska jazz ensemble, but the prince buster is the style of ska i prefer(Linger on is my fav. song) a great instrumental for the most part laurel aiken is good too. luv the rocksteady, and danceahall, i also like some dub but dont care much for slow hippie reggae.
    pressure cooker
    bamboo steamer
    Vintage electronics
    2 tb western digital hdd > external enclosure > esata> hr 23 direct tv dvr(incredibly slow)> hdmi>lg 720 p 1080i res
    rock n roll + headphones = :)


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