What makes RSA amps any better(or more $$) than my CMOY?
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Mar 20, 2010
My CMOY is 9v(can increase to 18v) and with it I can roll opamps.  What makes amps made by RSA, ibasso, or pic etc... better than my CMOY?  I personally cannot hear difference between RSA amps and my CMOY, and my 9V CMOY amp would probably driver headphones better than RSA's $400 ~3v amp.   I have a burr brown opa2227 inside my CMOY.  Why are people paying up to $400 for RSA's amps? Are his amps worth that much?  For me, I cannot tell a difference in sound, but his balanced there is a noticible difference from single ended, but he's seems to be the only one selling a balanced amp, so he can charge alot for it.
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If that's the case and you are satisfied with the cmoy, then that is your good fortune.
I find the sonic differences between different solid state amps are much less noticeable compared to the sonic differences between different series of headphones. The same goes for DACs.
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If you don't detect any differences in your listening then don't bother with anything more expensive! I'm sure you could tell the differences if you sat down with each amp for a while and listened critically, but obviously that's not always an option.
Diminishing returns kicks in pretty quickly in this hobby, and the CMoy is a great little amp. Gotta keep in mind that many of the comments here proclaiming one component superior to another are all on a relative scale.

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