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    Samsung R0 + Cmoy with DJ100
  2. drummerben04

    Emmeline SR-71a vs SR-71b

    What exactly is different about these two portable amps? Why would you want one or the other?
  3. then3rdman

    Headphones for an Ipod and CMOY driver combo

    Hey all, just looking for some advice from people far more knowing then my self.    What i am looking for is a very nice pair of headphones. My budget would be around $300 (Aud). I will using my ipod as the source and a very nice custom made CMOY driver that a guy from work is building for...
  4. shockdoc

    Static electricity and frying a CMOY BB OP amp.

    Bought my son his first headphone amp for Xmas. Found a CMOY BB. He loved it but one day noticed only one channel working. The only thing he could remember happening was once he walked up to his computer and got a little shock when he touched the metal Altoids can as he went to turn it on. Could...
  5. Trollbox360

    What would be the best amp for $30 or less. My own pickings below.

    I picked out the Fiio e6 or the Cmoy Which would be better and are there some that are better then these?
  6. btol

    CMOY Headphone Amp

    Anyone ever built one?  I've gotten great use out of mine and wanted to hear others' impressions or mods/tweaks done to take the CMOY to another level.
  7. wes1099

    I think i just fried my cmoy's chip

    I recently accidentally inserted my cmoy's 4556ad chip backwards, so i went to remove it and burned the crap out of my fingers, i inserted it in correctly, and it no longer works. I am pretty sure i fried the chip because i just ran two 9v batteries through it when it was backwards, but do you...
  8. WallyWest

    Question about 3 channel CMOY amps

    Such as this one. What does the "3 channel" actually refer to? I've only heard that term used for amps with three headphone outputs. But this is just a single output amp. Presumably they're claiming that...
  9. Mike Walker

    Recommend an easy to find ac adapter for BSG cMoy

    I have ordered of biosciencegeek cMoy headphone amplifier, and am looking for an 18 to 24 volt ac adapter for it, preferably one I can find locally, such as at Radio Shack. Any recommendations?
  10. fractus2

    what amp is this?

    got this a while ago. what amp is it?  
  11. Bassman999

    Where do I buy the "REAL" Altoids amp?

    I am looking on eBay and see several sellers selling this amp. I want the real one, and not someone elses' imitation that is inferior.   If you can steer me toward the right one it would be appreciated!
  12. ghart999

    Compilation of portable amps

    I was thinking that it might be worthwhile to start a thread listing the existing portable amps along with their price and website link. No reviews here, just a list. I have spent so much time trying to determine what options I have and would have loved to have a single source to get a list of...
  13. pyrho

    I don't feel any difference with or without my amp

    Hello Head-fiers !   I've been reading this forum for quite some time now, but I'm not too much of a poster ....  Thanks to you guys, I've bought my first real headphones, Grado SR 80, then bought the HD 414 pads, cause 1/ they look awesome, 2/ I didn't like the original pads. Then...
  14. Mr B

    CMOY, or PA2V2 as first (portable) Amp for Koss Pro DJ100

    I'm finding the sound a bit flat when i use the microphone thingy the Nokia comes with, but the sound is surprisingly good without it, even from a old cheap phone as the Nokia 5800 Music express. So if i'm going to enjoy the headphones with more then my laptop i might need a amp, but i'm sort of...
  15. Arvan

    I want a Cmoy amp, and i need some help getting it!

    I want a Cmoy amp with a tin casing, just for the sake of it :)   I found this seller on ebay who sells alot of different ones for a good price (  for me who is a swede ) But the problem is that i don´t know if its of reasonable quality. I don´t expect the best amp in the world but i want a...
  16. boxthorn

    Best small and powerful amp? SQ doesn't matter

    Hi everyone,   I am in the market for a small and the most powerful amp. I have tried the E7 so far and it is not loud enough as I am using a source that is very quiet. I've even tried hooking up the E3 and the E7 together and that doesn't cut it either.   It needs to be portable, or it...
  17. Xaverian

    Entry- level Amp for Shure srh440 and Grado sr80

    Recently, I checked the specifications for my Shure srh440 headphones and realized that they are considerably underpowered by my ipod (old nano). I decided that I'd buy a portable amp for commuting to and from school with my ipod. I usually use the Shures to listen to electronica and the Gados...
  18. joyboy

    What do you guys think about this cmoy amp?? Any opinions on how good it looks to be?
  19. Commix

    Advice on amp/dac/HP's for travel

    Hey guys, I was asking around the recommendations thread and didn't get any feedback so I figured I'd try again. I'm wondering if anyone could throw me a few suggestions to help me sift through choices. So I'm currently away from my home setup of the headroom desktop amp/dac and Audio Technica...
  20. dragisback

    Tube cmoy

    i saw this on ebay, a cmoy driven by a tube, claims to give it a "warm" sound... i need someone who has this to tell me whether or not this is worth $50...
  21. sunjigglet

    Is This CMOY Amp and Crossfeed Circuit Any Good?

    Hi, Sun Jigglet here. I'm looking into purchasing a $50 CMOY amplifier on ebay (the ones built by "ampedup77", in particular), and I was wondering if they are well-built/ of acceptable quality. Here's the...
  22. Arboginge911

    CMOY Help

    So I want to build a cmoy amp.  I have little to no experience in regards to electronics, but I do know how to solder as I have modded my Grado sr80i's. I realize the amp is not necessary for these cans but I still want to make one, just for kicks. Besides the usual 'read the website, read...
  23. PomPWNius

    Portable amp below $50?

    Hey I am getting my Shure SRH940 in the mail next week and want to get an amp next to help the SQ even more. i would like to spend below $50 but if you can convince me to spend more... then I  might.  I was looking at either the FiiO E6 or a cMoy. Probably the cMoy, people say its even better...
  24. veggiop

    Grado SR80i vs SR125i vs Alessandro MS1i

    Hello, So I've decided to go for the grado signature sound, and narrowed my search to those three cans {Grado SR80i, SR125i, Alessandro MS1i}. Thing is theres no way for me to test them and see which one i like the most so in order not to buy a cat in the bag, i ask your help dear internets...
  25. gunner1905

    Recommendations please Edit: bought HD25 and getting 1964-Q, I'm gonna be broke

    Hi guys, I'm new to high end audio stuff but right now I'm looking to buy a new headphone and I know that you guys are the most experienced people I can ask. Right now I'm using a Sennheiser HD 595 but I'm looking for a portable headphone that isolates well and if possible have around the same...