1. 3x331m

    The Tomahawk appreciation thread.

    As some of us have already received the Tomahawk of the first batch of production from "Santa Ray" (RSA), I think we can use this thread to exchange our information, and share our excitement on this new little gem.
  2. krmathis

    Ray Samuels Audio -> "The Tomahawk"

    Ray Samuels have just put up a sneak preview page of his upcoming ultra-portable amplifier. "The Tomahawk", which is smaller than "The Hornet" and targeted IEM users. Quote: The Tomahawk... Dedicated for the ultimate listening pleasure of the IEMs, 6 weeks, at 10 hours, of listening...
  3. oicdn

    *UPDATE* REVIEW: 21 "Mainstream" portable amps. GoVibe MAGNUM added.

    The formatting of this thread is: The impressions of each amp. Then the rankings on a cumulative level, although SQ based, it's not the sole reasoning, as you can find that out from most every review out there. With portables, I believe practicality plays a HUGE HUGE role. After the rankings...
  4. robbiesurp

    Thumbscrew? for RSA Tomahawk

    I have lost one of the 2 thumbscrew nuts? (i'm not sure what this is called) that hold the battery plate on to my Tomahawk amplifier. Is this a part that I can find locally or do I need to get a replacement from RSA? It looks like something that may be at a hardware store, but I have no...
  5. darkwasim786

    Which Ray Samuels amp?

    Hi everyone,   I am currently looking to buy my first portable amp and have narrowed down my choices to ray samuels, but am unsure which model to buy...this is where i need your help   The amps i have narrowed down to are the shadow, tomahawk, hornet, predator, sr-71a and the p-51...
  6. matt8268

    Gross! Giant ball of earwax

    Has anyone ever removed a giant ball of earwax from their ears? I mean, I've had wax just appear in my ears before, but I just pulled the most giant ball of earwax I ever have. It just dropped out of nowhere into the exit of my ear. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or something, but it was wax. Am...
  7. BloodyPenguin

    MrZ Tomahawk Music Maker Earbuds???

    Anyone know anything about these?  Or maybe any other earbuds like it?   All I can find is that they are on taobao.com and they would cost about $55 shipped to the US, with a Taobao Agent.     Link...
  8. ambchang

    ALO Audio Rx MKII - Where's the love?

    I have owned the ALO RX MKII for a while, and I still love them.  However, they seem to not have a huge following, and is routinely being skipped over in discussions about the best, or even better, portable amps.   They sound fantastic to my hears, with a hint of emphasis on the bass.  It...
  9. Jason36

    Do I need Additional Amplification - is it worth it?

    Good morning,   I am in a bit of a quandry with regards to whether I would gain any major benefits from using a portable amplifier with my iPhone / iPad?   At the moment I have fairly easy to drive headphones (Grado SR80i's / Beyerdynamic T70p / Sennheiser IE6) all of which are used with...
  10. SpudHarris

    RSA 71B Info Please

    Well, I have just bought my 1st ever RSA amp, the Tomahawk. After many years and many, £1000's I've just made a startling discovery in that the Tomahawk is absolutely amazing. I mean amazing!! It has the blackest background I have ever, ever heard, no distortion, not one little bit, just pure...
  11. vanhalen26

    Tomahawk Failing - recos for similar to replace?

    Hi all. I've enjoyed my tomahawk, but find build quality a bit weak. Perfect size, and when working well it's great. Any recos for a similar sized device to replace with? Problems are battery connection contact lost intermittently, one of the jacks is now loose, and one of the screws fell off...
  12. fdhfdy

    How to bulid a perfect portable system with $1000

    as stated, I use Beo Sound2 plus EM2 Dual for that money. what yours idea?
  13. Sober

    Best headphone and amp

    Okay I am looking to stay around the 250-300$ price range. What I am looking for is about the best headphone for base that can be amped to enhance it even more when needed. I am far from a audiophile but looking for something will sound better then beats and, give me the about the same amount of...
  14. GarageBoy

    What case do you guys use to carry your IEMs and your mp3 player?

    Just curious what you guys use to store your IEMs and source between sessions. The stock tin can that the UE3s come with suck (bends the cord in weird angles to fit)
  15. mike28307

    How much does a used RSA Tomahawk amp sell for?

    I plan to purchase a  RSA Tomahawk amp and I'm just wondering how much this amp sells around for at a used condition and also where do you think I would be able purchase one as I haven't seen anyone lately selling one of them in the sale/trade forums. Thanks for your help
  16. chef8489

    P51, tomahawk, pico, or other?

    OK in the past I have used the hornet, tomnhawk, and the pico original w/ dac. Well time has come again to get an amp shortly. Is the p51 that much better than the tomahawk? Is there something else I should try?
  17. sc53

    Ray Samuels extravaganza

    I am a big fan of Ray's amps and over the past 5-6 yrs have owned the original Blackbird, the Hornet M, and the Tomahawk. Currently all I use is the Tomahawk because of its very small size--I use the newest tiny Nano and the older square Nano (the one that came out just before the newer video...
  18. CareyPrice31

    Best Portable AMP under $400

    What would be the best portable amp under $400? I'm going to be using it with my Westone 4's.
  19. terance

    Full size headphones to pair with an RSA Tomhawk ($500 max budget)

    Hey everyone,   It has been a very long time since I posted.  I've just graduated college, and come into some money (yeah).   I purchased an RSA Tomahawk, because I do most of my listening through my Triple Fi. 10's.  Ever since that amp has come out, I've wanted one, but was unable to...
  20. jeycam

    Spiral Ear Custom IEMs - WOW! Very first impressions.

    I'm just going to listen to the SE 3-way Reference, the universal model, today. Any opinions on these, any tips on what to care about? The source is going to be my HDP hooked up to MBP. I can't wait!   Here are these cuties: http://www.spiralear.com/en/products/se3-reference/ They are...
  21. aamefford

    Reconfiguring my rig - Random updates on the journey

    *** EDIT *** This started out as a Q and A post, apparently either poorly written or lame...  It is now an occasional chronicle of my reconfiguring.   My concerns with Portable gear: I listen at low volume levels, and have trouble with the likes of the Headstage Arrow (too much gain.  Rob...
  22. Madgravity34

    Portable AMP To Pair with WESTONE UM3X and Ipod Classic!

    Hello all, I have finally settled on my new rig. I am waiting on my UM3X's to arrive and, for now, I will stick with my classic until something better comes through or I decide to DIYmod a 5.5gen Ipod. A lot of the reviews make the UM3X out to be very accurate but not "fun" so-to-speak. The Amps...
  23. cck5

    which amp will really get my grados to shine.?

    i own the grado 225i and i want a portable amp, because i just want a mobility option as, i tend to use my ipod as a source and move around my house a lot.   id like to keep costs down and spend at most $200USD, i dont mind if the amp is used.   which sub 200$ amp no dac necessary will...
  24. siddharthsid007

    Choose between RSA Tomahawk & Pico Slim for the Shure SE425...

    Which one is better suited ?
  25. imz14u2nv

    Ray Samuels Portable Amps, please Help!!!

    Hello, I currently use the RSA Hornet with the Ultimate Ears UE-11 and was thinking of getting the JH Audio JH16 or the UE-18 and possibly upgrading the amp if there has been any breakthroughs in portable amps that can offer me something that would be considered better than what I currently...