purchase help
  1. martinmedrano816

    Looking for WTB- asgard 3

    Hello everyone if any is interested in selling their asgard 3 in black please pm me. I am looking for a model with no module and the usa version i am located in texas. All help is appropriated greatly.
  2. K

    Purchase advice: Which ear-fitting headphones meeting these criteria should I buy?

    Hi there, hello, My current headphones are falling apart more and more, it's time for new ones! In the search for the right model I have a rather restrictive catalog of criteria, so that best lists and recommendations found on the Internet are only moderately helpful (even the otherwise very...
  3. beenie

    When to buy headphones?

    When's the best time to buy at a good price from Chinese sellers for example Linsoul, Penon Audio, Hifigo and AliExpress. Looking to buy some IEM's specifically NF Audio NM2+, I saw some ok prices during 11.11 and similar ones coming up for black Friday. Any idea if post Christmas will be...
  4. S

    Advice for a couple of set of IEMs for a beginner wanting to know the basics

    I'm a complete newbie when it comes to high-fidelity music, and things like resolution, sound stage and instrument separation are alien to me. However, I am really interested to know about the subtleties. I am looking for a few IEMs or portable headphones that will give me a taste of what I am...
  5. K

    Help with buying new over-ears

    I posted this elsewhere but thought you guys could help more? ---- Advice on purchase please, entering audiophile territory, massive music lover but couldn't afford a good pair previously. Budget has opened up.. Budget - £800 flexible (UK) Source - Samsung S20 U Requirements for Isolation -...
  6. kashim

    Competitive fps best audio setup

    hi guys my current setup is ad700x :don t plan to upgrade this modmic v4: can upgrade with nw700 or at2020 if is worth it for gaming only sbz: buy dac/amp windows : 5.1 and tried stereo games : headphone actually wanna improve my soundstage and pinpoint accuracy,someone said is better play with...
  7. Javild

    Help Choosing The Best Audio Interface For My Use

    Hello, everyone! I am starting to get into audio and am currently buying audio gear for my setup. For my next purchase, I am looking for an audio interface. My budget is around $200 USD. I will be running my Philips X2HR headphones, a pair of monitors, and an XLR mic. I will sometimes record...
  8. S

    Looking for a new pair of IEMs in £300/$350 range

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs in the £300/$350 range, I currently live in the UK, but I'm set to be moving statestide for a considerable ammount of time (visiting New York, then heading to the west coast for work), and I'm looking to upgrade my se215s Current source...
  9. B

    open back headphones for 200$

    hi , I'm new here and I want to get to upgrade to better headphones , currently I'm undecided between the hifiman he4xx , sennheiser hd6xx and the beyerdynamic dt990 pro , I'm currently not planning on purchasing an amp , I'm a heavy user , mainly watching very HQ media on my phone and laptop...
  10. OldeDeus

    Asking for purchase advice between Sony MDR-EX800ST vs Moondrop Blessing

    Hello all, first post here aside from the introduction thread but looking for purchase advice is one of the major reasons I joined after all. I currently own some UE900s and enjoy them but I felt that they lacked bass for my tastes. However I do listen to all types of music and so bass isnt...
  11. U

    What would be a good AMP to drive the ZMF Eikon?

    Hello all! My Username is UGA1980, for my favorite college football team (Go DAWGS. Sic' Em!) and the last time they won the title. I thought I might have a shot at UGA2018 last year, but alas my name stays the same. So, I just bought the ZMF Eikon in Bloodwood from Zach, and I'm excited about...
  12. S

    Please help a complete novice choose headphones for classical music

    Hello all! I'm hoping to get some help/advice on what headphones to buy. I am currently looking at B&O Play H2 On-Ear, 1More Triple Driver and Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM. I can get the first two from Amazon for less than £100 which is ideal as far as budget is concerned but would consider...
  13. TwilightCoda

    Advice on a college setup

    I’m headed to college next year and will be living on campus with a roommate. I love my HD700 with all my heart, but there’s too much sound leakage for it to be suitable in that situation, especially at night. As far as I can tell, my options are to get a closed-back setup or a pair of...