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Asking for purchase advice between Sony MDR-EX800ST vs Moondrop Blessing

  1. OldeDeus
    Hello all, first post here aside from the introduction thread but looking for purchase advice is one of the major reasons I joined after all. I currently own some UE900s and enjoy them but I felt that they lacked bass for my tastes. However I do listen to all types of music and so bass isnt everything. Ive been looking at online resources and threads from various forums and have nailed down to two options. The EX800ST over the EX1000 due to the comments on the EX1000 being a bit tiring to listen to for long periods and being cheaper. However as you probably have noticed Im also looking at the moondrop blessing as well which is usually more expensive than the EX800ST. The reason for me considering the Blessings is due to their sound being pretty neutral in the sense that it does alot of things very well, however due to the fact that it is more expensive Im not quite ready to pull the trigger on it or the Sony for that matter. That is why I made this thread in hopes of perhaps some more experienced opinions and maybe suggestions on other IEMs I can look at. Unfortunately being able to try most headphones or IEMs is simply not possible due to my physical location not exactly being the hub of audio world. All responses appreciated!

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