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open back headphones for 200$

  1. Backlawa
    hi , I'm new here and I want to get to upgrade to better headphones , currently I'm undecided between the hifiman he4xx , sennheiser hd6xx and the beyerdynamic dt990 pro , I'm currently not planning on purchasing an amp , I'm a heavy user , mainly watching very HQ media on my phone and laptop for long periods of time , I currently have closed back headphones , I have never listened to open back ones , I care mainly about the sound , and the like 10% about comfort , but I'll prefer headphones that sound the best rather than the most comfortable. thanks in advance.(btw , I'm from Israel).
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    I second that the Massdrop 58x is probably the best choice of those. It's lower impedance than the HD6xx and the HE4xx which are both going to be harder to drive out of a cell phone or laptop.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If comfort isn't that important and you're going to use a phone and laptop without an amp, in terms of driving them properly your best bet are Grados. Or the Philips SHP9500S. Just note that the response on the SR series trails off a bit sooner than all of those at the low end.
  5. Mhog55
    For media from a phone, I would recommend the Phillips Fidelio X1 if you can find one. The 58X is also a stellar option, but unless your phone is an LG, you likely won't get to desirable listening levels with music. I use the X1 for movies and shows, and the 58X for music. There's also the Fidelio X2. Also great for media, but less so than the X1 for music imo.
  6. Backlawa
    not yet , I just celebrated my 16th birthday , and in about 6 months I'm going to get this thing called "tzav rishon" , which is basically saying that I need to go register myself , do all these tests and checks , and in the and of that I'll be the property of the army.
    so , in like two years , yeah , I will shoot some guns.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Your a young dude, hopefully you will get to try a (bullpup) Tavor rifle.

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