1. jcdamascenojr

    ADVICE: How to make the jump into the (not anymore) high-end? – join if you enjoy loooong reading…

    Hi everyone,   Yes, it's another "what should I buy" thread, and yes, I know there's a fixed topic for that, but the fact is it's a mess. It’s very hard to get more than one or two advices before the next poster asks for something completely different. That being said, please move/merge it...
  2. boost3d

    Need help with IEM for Trance (have it limited down to 3 IEMs)

    As the title states Im looking for a set of IEMs that shine when listening to trance. My budget is ~$50. After some research I have the selection limited to the Soundmagic E30, Brainwavz M5, or Brainwavz R1. Im not quite sure which direction to head into from here and some help would be...
  3. P

    Best Philips Earphone (except SHE9850)

    Anyone tried Philips earphones? Because it has many models. Is SHE9800 best model?
  4. Mi3zu

    Under 50$ IEM's

    Hello, I have been an avid user of IEM's for about 2-3 years now. I've gone through some low-end Sennheisers as well as a few Meelectronics models, as well as some random locally found IEM's. Now I'm interested in a pair of under 50$ IEM's which I can find on a site with international...
  5. xnadx

    Best iem headphones for under £20?

    Want to get my mate a birthday present but I really can't spend much! Can anyone reccomend me the best iem headphones for under £20? Can be a little over maybe? He has a pair of dr dre beats solo hd and I really want to show him some good headphones! Thanks :)
  6. Raggor

    Signature for performer use (IEM)

    Hi,     I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise not on specific models but on the general sound signature which is likely to suit my situation. I hope that you will forgive that although I have a rough and ready audio knowledge, I'm aware I lack the technical expertise of posters...
  7. akshayshah12

    Want to buy IEM under 80USD. Which one should be good?

    Well, I have used CX-300 II and have lost it eventually. Planning to buy good IEM under 80USD(Though i live in india and will buy headphones in INR only)  I want IEM which would be more fun to listen and have some punch in Bass (Not too bassy though). I do not intend IEMs that have flat...
  8. intox

    Which iem should I buy for about 300€ ?

    Hi everyone.   I'm a 17 year-old French student so excuse me for my poor English   I'm thinking about upgrading from my Klipsch S4. I own a Cowon J3 and I sometimes use my Ipod Touch 2G but I don't have a portable amp. I listen to Indie Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock,... (Arctic...
  9. Soundshot13

    Brainwavs M1 and M2 vs Mee M6 vs Philips she-9850 vs SoundMagic PL-50 whats your choice???

    we all wanted a very good and nice In Ear Monitors or Ear buds, but we have to admit that we all have different opinions, different hearing talents, in this thread you can post all your opinions and suggestions and reviews regarding this IEMs that is available in the market, please respect other...
  10. Guitarmaster

    Best IEMs in $100 Range For Classical and Rock w' Remote

    Hi everybody! I'm new here. (as a member that is.)   Now i know there are countless threads on this topic but i'm hoping this one will be slightly different. after looking into those discussions i felt they were mostly personal favorites rather than pros and cons of the given subject. (don't...
  11. smsmasters

    Help me find a sub £50 IEM from

    Need a cheapo IEM to complement my   Shure SE535 UE Triple-Fi 10   Thank you! 
  12. logscool

    Cheap IEM for sports and on the go use

    I am looking for a very inexpensive IEM ~$60 for use during running, biking, rollerskiing, and nordic skiing. I will also use it as a commuting and on the go use. Comfort is very important as well as an earphone which will not easily fall out and of course sound quality. I listen to a very wide...
  13. menamesjames

    The Best IEM For Performance and Price

    Just wanting to know what people think is the best IEM when it comes to price and performance ratio
  14. kibenkulot

    seeking for real guidance from the earbuds and in ear experties

  15. nile

    IEM buying advice please

    First off, I was looking at the buying guide by price range ( )   I am looking for a cheap-ish IEM for general use, gym and so on. Currently using PL-30 with my Clip+, occassionally with a cMoy (I am going to get a E7 soon...
  16. stinkysbsc

    IEM's for Rock

    Hey guys,   I bought some Victor HP-RX700's for use at my computer, because from what I have heard they were probably the best choice out of any headphones under $100 for both gaming and alternative rock with mild bass response. Unfortunately, these are slightly too big for me to walk around...
  17. Katun

    FX67 Review | A Hidden Gem

    I've finally updated my original FX67 review to reflect on my current feelings and standings about it. Throughout the review, you will notice four main sections. A brief description of them are as follows: Modern Edit: My updated and present review of the FX67 involving my 2nd pair...
  18. moppy89

    Klipsch Image S4 Vs Soundmagic PL-50

    Hey, I'm looking to get some new earphones after my Klipsch Custom 2s gave out on me (after just one year!) and since I'm getting a full refund on them, I wanted to try something else that hopefully will last longer.  I've been looking around and found that the current one to get is the Image...
  19. crystalclear

    Senn IE6 Vs Denon c751 Vs Philips SHE9850 Vs Shure SE115 Vs Sony MDR-EX700 - good bass

    Hello Experts,    I would put my requirements straightaway :)   I have Creative EP630(my first) and Etymotic HF2(my second). I bought HF2 as a level ahead for my ep630, but soon realised that though treble is very good, but i keep missing bass of creative's everytime, so I end up...
  20. redbear

    What is earphone really durable?

    Hi, it's my first post also if I read from a bit. I know it's annoying question you have write in other posts. By the way know I must change my earphone because it broke  again. I bought a pair of Shure SE210 two years and half ago. After only 6 month of heavy use but not misuse his cable...
  21. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Philips SHE9850

    Generally I am not a big fan of Philips' product, but SHE9850 beautiful design got my attention when it was announced about a year ago. Due to numerous reasons, I was never able to get my hands on them until recently. So here is a somewhat postponed review. SHE9850's spec: * Sensitivity: 115...
  22. kova4a

    Altec Lansing im716 vs Philips she9850

    I decided to start a new thread because no one answered in my last one. What do you guys think - which one is better?
  23. kova4a

    Philips she9850 vs she9800 vs creative ep-830

    I'm just looking for some advice on which one do you recommend. I'm currently using Razer Moray, which are way better than any stock in-ears I have used but the mids are kinda muddy and the overall sound is not clear enough. So, I made some research but it seems there aren't a lot of options in...
  24. SonOfFree

    Best IEM for AC/DC and Led Zeppelin under 100$

    So, my problem: I own a pair of philips 9850 and a hippo VB. I can say that i'm very happy with my hippo, but they sound too much "relaxing" when i listen to my favourite bands, acdc and led zeppelin. On the other side, philips (that lack of bass and sub-bass) are very agressive with elettic...
  25. Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

    Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

    Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics feature a high-definition transducer that produces an accurate audio reproduction. The 15-degree tilt acoustic design adjusts the angle of the speaker tube and ear bud to individual ear canal shapes. The earbud sleeves are made from slow...