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Best iem headphones for under £20?

  1. xnadx
    Want to get my mate a birthday present but I really can't spend much! Can anyone reccomend me the best iem headphones for under £20? Can be a little over maybe? He has a pair of dr dre beats solo hd and I really want to show him some good headphones! Thanks :)
  2. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310, JVC FXC50, Philips HSE9850 and Panasonic HJE450 are great buy under this budget but if you little over then RE0 are fantastic for the price and they compete well with very highend IEMs.
  3. Swimsonny
    The reO are on offer, grab them!
  4. xnadx
    Thanks you guys I'll try out your suggestions but where are the reO  on offer? :)
  5. ZARIM
    The Head-Direct has sale offer only $49 (wow) and it's steal for that price compare to performance.
  6. JK1
  7. Nixon
  8. atomikn00b
    I take it the fellows with the former recommendations have not yet heard the Sony MH1c.
    Greatest iem for your budget.
    Even works with smartphones.
  9. KEP1
    This man speaks the truth!
  10. xnadx
    Thanks you guys after reading about the Sony Mhc1 I went with that! Got it for £12.45 on amazon and hope they sound better than his dr dre beats solo!
  11. ayaflo
    great buy! congrats ! was just about to recommend if you have not yet made purchase
  12. atomikn00b

    we"ll let you be the judge of that.
    for an even better trick.
    don't tell your friend the cost. after he hears them, ask him how much he thinks they cost.
    come tell us [​IMG]
  13. leetzMKD
    And recommend him to swap his MP3's with flac. I just swaped all my 128 and 192 kbps MP3 with flac. With my stock IEM, there isn't much difference, but MH1 show it's true potential on flac. Great instrument separation and soundstage... 
  14. ayaflo
    Nope, I do not think that really happens with the MH1c unless you have an amp in the chain ..in which case I think your stock IEM might also show 'some' difference

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