Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics

General Information

Philips SHE9850 In-Ear Headphones with Advanced Acoustics feature a high-definition transducer that produces an accurate audio reproduction. The 15-degree tilt acoustic design adjusts the angle of the speaker tube and ear bud to individual ear canal shapes. The earbud sleeves are made from slow recovery foam which is a comfortable alternative to rubber ear caps. Slow foam is compressed between the fingers before being inserted into your ear canal. After the earphone is held in place for a few seconds, the slow-recovery foam expands for a secure, tight fit and creates an excellent seal from ambient noise that enables you to listen to your music at a lower volume. These headphones are made with Philips iLab technology to ensure greater output from lower frequencies and help create a more balanced and crisp sound. The headphone body is made of soft flexi-grip material that protects the cable connection from damage that occurs from repeated bending of the headphone body. These headphones have a metal housing that shields them from unnecessary vibration for accurate sound transmission, resulting in smooth bass response and clear mid-to-high range tones. This package also includes a metal carrying case with a storage compartment for the foam sleeves and a cable bank which provides an easy solution for neat cable winding and headphone storage. The hard case exterior also provides additional protection for the headphones while not in use.

Latest reviews

Pros: Non-tiring yet engaging sound. Comfortable. Elegant design. No need for amping.
Cons: Detail and bass might not be to everyones' tastes.
Got these on a sale, and was very pleasantly surprised.  Originally, I was looking for something that isolates well and does not sound tiring for use in the office, but ended up using them as my first choice HP (instead of Alessandro MS1, Porta Pro, KSC55). 
I have been using them with uDac2, 2nd gen iPod nano, and Audigy 2 ZS.  They are easily driven by any of these sources.  Also, their low impedance does not seem to be a problem.

They sound engaging with almost anything without being tiresome or offensive, be it highly compressed mp3s of not-so-well mastered stuff to HD lossless audiophile recordings.  On the other hand, the sound rather obviously lacks detail, and the quantity of bass might not satisfy everyone. 

The design is elegant, and build quality solid.  They come with a fair amount of accessories, yet I had to buy complys to fully enjoy them.
Pros: forward mids , flatter spectrum , good acessories .
Cons: rolled off highs , not much details .
 yeah these off the market , but i thought lets have a small evaluation of it .
 nice cable , there is a cable clip , comply tips , nice carry pouch and 3 size of rubber tips .
 in audio department , these are lacking much details due to rolled off highs , its there but not transparent enough , but other things are good , fast bass , good impact , not much air and nice details .
 Clearly forward mids , mids do take the center stage and has the most amount of details to it . nice vocals , good for both female and male vocals , separation is good but with out much details what is there to separate , okay soundstage for a IEM , but what keep a listener seated is its cohesive signature , foward mids and thincker notes , and it feels dark still warm .
 good overall energy but not enough at highs . clearly rolled off , you can hear it but you will have put some extra effort to it .
 all in all a nice BA and will come down to what you paid for it .
 i paid $50 for the first and $16 for the 2nd . and if you can get one for under $50 or 40 , its a good buy to have a go at single BA phone .
These were one of my early IEMs (circa 2010/2011). I miss the creaky carry case, too-stiff cables, and ultra-high sensitivity. But it was a nice earphone at a decent price for that time (got mine for $65).
hey , nice phones i must admit . i like this , easy going sound with some mid focus .


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