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Want to buy IEM under 80USD. Which one should be good?

  1. akshayshah12
    Well, I have used CX-300 II and have lost it eventually. Planning to buy good IEM under 80USD(Though i live in india and will buy headphones in INR only) 
    I want IEM which would be more fun to listen and have some punch in Bass (Not too bassy though). I do not intend IEMs that have flat response. I am going to use them mostly on the move or at workplace just for fun and i will not be able to concentrate on the details they produce. So want something engaging and punchy. I liked CX300 II.They were good if not best.
    Also one more thing, being in india i have very few choices available. Sennheiser, Sony, Soundmagic(not all models though), Klipsch, Monster, Bose etc. Brands like Shure, Ultrasone etc. are not readily available here. So consider this as well i while suggesting.
    Few of my considerations apart from CX-300 II are CX-400 II, CX-175, Soundmagic E30, Klipsch S4 but i din't get chance to listen any one of them, neither did i find the comparison somewhere for me to be able to choose one out of them. 
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Can you find SoundMAGIC E10 in your country? I have owned CX300ii and found E10 to be a much better earphone. They have punchy bass and a fun engaging sound offering a touch of everything. Decent clarity and separation for their price point. I can't comment on the E30 as I've never heard it, but I can assure you that E10 is a league above CX300ii.
  3. akshayshah12
    It's kind of hard to find Soundmagic E10 online. ( it's out of stock on many stores) But seems E30 is available. What @ Klipsch S4 they are,
    as per CNET's review are very good. Has anyone idea @ how good are they? And apart from E10 what are other E10 like IEM choices? 
  4. phantompersona
    JVC FX40 for a good balanced sound( will outperform all the iems you listed) or the JVC FX101 for great bass, both can be had for under 20.
  5. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310 are very good sounding IEMs, they shows hidden details with tight punchy bass and has fairly wide soundstage(highly recommended). Monster Turbine are also detailed in mids, highs yet bassheavy(very engaging but need long burn in) and other IEMs like S4, JVC FXC50, FXD80(highly recommended and big upgrade over CX300), Philips SHE9850 are also great buy.
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I found a pair on ebay with worldwide shipping if you're still interested. S4 would probably be a safe choice as well. They're fairly popular here for entry levels, I haven't heard them though. Sony EX310 is a nice IEM I've owned for a small period. I still think E10 will punch above them for your money.
  7. jasonb
    The best under $80 might be the Audio Technica CKM500. Give them a look.
  8. Custom1
    Shure Se215, Monster Turbine, UE600, UE700, Vsonic GR06. etc etc etc
  9. TickleMeElmo
    I have a pair of Etymotic MC3's and I like them a lot. Not a whole lot of bass impact but quite detailed and balanced.
  10. akshayshah12
    Thanks guys for advice. Bought E10 for few bucks under 40$(when converted from INR to usd). Found them good overall and for their price they are damn good. 
  11. wrathzombie
    You could have bought a Brainwavz M2 or R1 as well

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