1. W

    Suggestion for tube or tube/hybrid headphone amp

    Hi ! my friend  is planning to buy tube or tube/hybrid headphone amps for his ATH WS-77. He usually listen soprano metal and classical music. He is kind of more favour to bass. Any suggestion ?   His budget is around USD 100-150.
  2. HPiper

    Versatile amp at around $600?

    I have looked at a lot of amps and think I have narrowed it down pretty close to what I want. I need a good all-around amp that will do well with both high and low impedance phones. I tend to like tube amps better than solid state, but that could be just because I haven't heard the 'right' solid...
  3. Jasper9395

    Little Dot MK 9 - Has anyone tried it?

    As the title says; does anyone have any experience with the Little Dot MK9? Looks like a versatile amp.
  4. raddle

    good headphones for Little Dot Mk IV SE

    Right now I'm using an HD650 with my Little Dot Mk IV SE amplifier. I'm wondering if I could get some opinions on good 'phones for upgrading. I'm mainly a classical music listener. I like a warm midrange. I'd like to keep it around $1000 or less. I know that the Hifiman HE500 is one possibility...
  5. [Brick]

    What's a good amp and DAC for the Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 Ohm)

    Hopefully this is the right forum, and this shouldn't be posted in the headphones forum lol   Thanks to the recommendations from people on this site, I've had the Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium headphones for about a year and a half now. I use them primarily for gaming, and they are excellent...
  6. Wildings

    DAC newbie question

    Hi All! Not only am I a newbie, but I'm an old guy comming to grips with new technology. Just got a Little Dot MK IV SE and am very pleased with it, astounded would be a better word. I listen with Grado RS 1's. Usual source is CD, but also listen to music (Slacker Radio) streamed from my Droid...
  7. davisxu

    Need help! Tried 5 computers and 3 input sources and still can't get a (almost) new Little Dot DAC-I to work?!

    Hey guys, I just received both a Little Dot MK IV SE (great sounding with my HD800's) and a Little Dot DAC-I. The DAC-I was recognized by my macbook air the first time I plugged it in (USB), and only the first time. Now no matter what input I try -- USB, Toslinkm, RCA, my MBA won't...
  8. I

    Noob trying to get good sound

    Hi there. I stumbled upon this site last week when I was searching for high end headphones. My first and current impression is that these people really know their stuff, and care about sound. The last couple of months, I've given more and more interest in high end sound quality. I have always...
  9. Chunkeymonkey

    LDIII - LDIVSE - Earmax Pro

    Ive read some great threads on here, but now that its time to get a new amp I'd like some opinions on these three. I'm based in the UK and am looking to buy here which does means missing out on some US designs. I've heard good reviews on each of these amps and although they are at different...
  10. siles1991

    DAC upgrade questions

    Hey guy's im looking for an upgrade from my ODAC. Something if possible within 300USD? ATM I was looking at Schiit Bifrost Uber a lil above my budget but im looking for alternatives below 300USD if possible. I'm using a Little Dot MKIV SE. Also interested in maybe the LittleDot DAC_1 since i've...
  11. elecsheep9

    Valhalla or LD MK IV SE for HD 650s

    In the end, I found the AKG 702s a little too analytical for my tastes.  I may not have given them a fair shake, but after comparing to both the Beyer 880s and the Sennheiser 650, I found that I preferred both of the latter cans' sound signatures better.  In the end, I just couldn't pass up the...
  12. elecsheep9

    Customs / Import Duty on a Little Dot MK IV into the US

    To all who have purchased the Little Dot MK IV SE into the USA, how much was the Import Duty?  How does the process work?  Is it held in customs for a long time or is a quick process?   Thanks.
  13. JudgmentZefhyr

    Damaged my headphones playing at maximum?

    I accidentally left my Sennheiser HD555 playing at an absurdly loud volume for about 10 minutes. By loud, I mean, it was hooked up to a Little Dot MK IV SE Amp with the knob turned to the volume turned to the max...and winamp's volume turned to the max. I could hear the volume...
  14. Berto

    Can't decide on a tube amp for HD600's

    Hi all, long time lurker, but finally decided I need some help with some decisions!   I'm looking to buy a tube amp to use with my HD600's. Problem is, I can't decide which to choose.   I've narrowed it down to a few options. I'm not looking for a write-up on any of these pieces, as I've...
  15. JudgmentZefhyr

    Used Little Dot MK IV SE for $200?

    I've researched around but I can't seem to get a firm grasp on how much a Little Dot MK IV SE is. I can see that they go for $389 new from DavidZheZhe but there are other places that sell for cheaper from what I can tell.   I found someone selling one locally used for $200, anyone know if...
  16. nastyskillz

    Matrix M-Stage best for $250?

    Is the Matrix M-Stage the best amp for $250? I think it's a solid state amp. this will most likely be used with HD 650s so i'm not sure if a SS or tube will do me better.    On a side note I really wish there was a sticky thread with best amps at each price point. The same for headphones. I...
  17. MuH4hA

    LittleDot mk IV (SE) vs Schiit Valhalla vs Darkvoice 3322

    Hi there! So I am completely new to the whole "Hi-Fi" stuff - never owned a headphone-amp or anything.   Now as you can tell from the title i'm lookin for a tube-amp for somwhere around 400$. If there is another one, I just dont know about, please let me know ... I'm not limiting to...
  18. Hifianddrumming

    Phones or amp first?

    Pretty simple question right now. Just need some advice.    I'm pretty young and I can't afford much. I've just managed to save up to $250 Canadian, which is pretty big for me because that's the starting point of most affordable/budget headphone amps/ headphones. Right now all I have for...
  19. spitfire91104

    Little Dot MK III VS Woo Audio 3

    I know these two amps are in different price leagues but is the Woo Audio worth the extra money? Currently the MK III can be had for about $225 and the Woo Audio 3 for $495 plus shipping. I am using a set of beyer dt770's and wondering if I should get the Woo Audio 3 or if the Little Dot MK III...
  20. Artie17

    LD MKIV SE To Woo Audio 3

        Hey everyone,  I'm getting an itch to upgrade but I'm not sure if this upgrade will be drastic enough so I need your help.  I'm currently using a Little Dot MKIV SE with the following upgrades:   - 6H30-DR Russian Supertubes - output capacitors to Auricaps - internal signal...
  21. drandall

    HD600 based-system missing low-end push....what is to blame?

    so, i have what i'd consider a nice mid-fi system.....   imac (ALAC and AAC) --> music streamer II DAC -->little dot mk III (EH gold-pin power tubes, NOS sylvania drivers) -->HD600   and while it has wonderful mids and highs, the low end is a bit feeble. it's not that the bass isn't...
  22. DarkVortex

    AMP/DAC Suggestions

    I have been lurking on the board reading alot of reviews and have decided to take the plunge and purchase my first good quality headphone + amp + dac setup.  From my readings I decided on starting with the Sennheiser HD650 as my headphones but I am having trouble finding the best AMP/DAC Combo...
  23. MangoMonkey

    Little Dot MK IV or WooAudio

    Just wondering what Woo Audio amp would be in the same category as the Little Dot MK IV ($350). The WooAudio 3 ($500) or the WooAudio 6 ($600)?
  24. EngineerMan

    $500-$600 U.S.A. Tube Amp for HD650's?

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers.  I am at it again.  I bought a pair of HD650's (on a thread here somewhere) a month ago that are currently paired with a Maverick Audio D1 DAC/AMP with an upgraded preamp tube (looking into upgrading the OP-AMP) and I'm looking to go with tubes this time around.  I'm...
  25. Locknar

    I'm Ready For Some Hot Tube Action!

     What's Happening All   Never mind the title, I just wanted to get peoples attention. I'm new to Head-Fi and a budding audiophile and feel a bit lost and scared in terms of where to start and at how expensive my new hobby seems to be, respectively. I'm intrigued with tube amps and have...