LD MKIV SE To Woo Audio 3
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Jul 14, 2009

    Hey everyone,

 I'm getting an itch to upgrade but I'm not sure if this upgrade will be drastic enough so I need your help.

 I'm currently using a Little Dot MKIV SE with the following upgrades:
- 6H30-DR Russian Supertubes
- output capacitors to Auricaps
- internal signal wiring to Cardas 17.5awg Pure Copper Litz (from rcas to Alps, PCB to Neutrik 1/4" jack & PCB to Pre-Amp out rcas)
- power switch to silver plated NKK power switch
- iec to silver plated iec


I'm currently using HD650 with this amp and everything sounds great (even though I wish the bass was a little more prominent). I already decided that my next pair of headphones will be the DT990 600ohm.

My question to you guys is, I might be able to purchase a Woo Audio 3 (stock) for around $400 maybe a little less. Do you think the stock Woo Audio 3 will sound better than my modded Little Dot MKIV SE?
If I purchase the Woo 3 I will sell my LD.

Please let me know how these will differ. I've been reading numerous threads comparing these two amps, but mine has a few upgrades so I'm wondering if these upgrades make them more comparable to each other.
Thanks ahead of time.

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The LD with the russian super tubes is something special. Only way you could be sure would be to buy woo and compare directly and sell the one you don't like=)
Also, what cables and source do you use? Amp only as good as upstream components.
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I use an Azuntech Prelude as my source and I use Monster RCA's to connect to the Little Dot. I'll most likely get a dac sometime in the future, but gotta save up some $.
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Can anyone else chime in, I would love to hear an opinion of someone that has used both amps.
Also, how much do Woo Audio 3's go for these days? The one I'm eyeing is only a few months old.
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Havent heard the WA3, but aside from build quality I wouldnt think it would be much of an upgrade from the MKIV SE? Though the MKIV is solid as it is.
I'd personally save until you can afford something a bit better
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Couldn't say as I havent heard it but it sure gets a lot of praise.
The Ming Da would be a good match for your Senns/Beyers, but the WA6 would be a better choice if you intend to get some lower impedance phones down the line
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I heard about the Ming Da. I'll start reading up on it, If I spend over $600 I wanna make sure it can drive other headphones that I might get in the future.
When I first joined this forum I thought people were crazy for having multiple number of headphones, when I bought my HD650 I thought that was it and boy was I wrong. I'm getting the DT 990's next and maybe some Grados after that.
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I hear you. Hard to find a one amp for all though, but in your price range Id say the WA6 is your best bet.
Or you could get an OTL like the ming da and pick up something like the asgard in the future, to match the grados.
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I also owned a LD mk IV SE with 6H30-DR Russian Supertubes, and NOS mullard pre tubes. While I really liked the sound, I had no idea of how much detail and refinment I was missing out on until I heard an X-can v8p. The LD imo is hyped up and isn't anything special. It's now history.
The WA6 is definitely an amp I would love to demo however, my advice to you is try and get listen to the amp before you buy one. 
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Great to hear from another Little Dot owner Neeley. I've been reading around some more and now I'm thinking that instead of going for the WA3, I'm going to save some more and get the WA6.

I would love to try out some amps before I make my decision, but unfortunately there aren't any stores in the Bay Area that carry headphones or amps. I had the same problem when buying my HD650's.

I know there was a head-fi meet in February but I was out of town. I would love to compare Wa6 to the Wa6 se. Peoples opinion seems to vary when comparing these two amps.

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