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LittleDot mk IV (SE) vs Schiit Valhalla vs Darkvoice 3322

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by muh4ha, Jul 31, 2011.
  1. MuH4hA
    Hi there!

    So I am completely new to the whole "Hi-Fi" stuff - never owned a headphone-amp or anything.
    Now as you can tell from the title i'm lookin for a tube-amp for somwhere around 400$. If there is another
    one, I just dont know about, please let me know ... I'm not limiting to these 3 options. 
    I heard, that the LD and Schiit are rly good for the price and i dont care too much about the
    _no_rolling_ of the valhalla as of now. I just found no comparison of these so I'm kinda lost here...

    Also: Is the 'special edition' of the LD worth it's hundred bucks?

    I listen to all sorts of music (mostly Metal/Rock - but also psytrance and.. well, anything - so i'd prefer a balanced 'allround' solution) and i'll be getting a "Cambridge Audio DAC magic" as soon as a friend of mine gets to the UK in september.. 

    I'd appreciate any help! :)

  2. MuH4hA

    Well - as of now, I'm leaning towards the DV 3322. Couldn't find any comparison yet, though..
    I heard, DV got some issues, cause of a company split-up or something?

    Can anyone tell me, whether it's save to get one?
  3. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Hello M...,
    DV has no issues, the brothers split the company up is all.  I've had a DV336SE for a couple of years with no problems.  The MKIVSE is a good choice for Beyers (as well as DV).  Tube rolling galore...
  4. MuH4hA
    Okay :)

    So I'll receive the money on my paypal-account tomorrow, I guess and will then buy the DV 3322 from audiophilechina... or is there another good source? I'm from Europe (Vienna)...

    Thanks HeatFan12! 

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