1. neopac

    need help - small, high power ss amp - Violectric vs. LakePeople for MrSpeakers AlphaDogs

    Need help in AMP pairing - looking for a fitting amp to pair with Mr. Speakers AlphaDogs (AD) I´m kind of happy with my Matrix-M-Stage, but after all this years and some complex musical situations, where i think he could/should do better with the AD, i'm searching for a new Desktop Amp to...
  2. CJG888

    Audio-gd SA-31, Project Sunrise 2 or Lake People G109S for HE-500 and HD600?

    At present. I am using an Opera Consonance Cyber 20 (transformer-coupled EL-84 SE amplifier, outputting 1W into 32 Ohms) with these two headphones. I find it is a very good match for the HE-500s, only sometimes I wish for a brighter, faster, more incisive sound. With the HD600s, I enjoy the...
  3. Maleficio

    Lake People G109-P (Balanced inputs) w/ pair of Enigma Audio Oracle2 XLR (1M) Balanced cable SALE PENDING

    Up for sale is a Lake People G109-P (this version has balanced inputs).  I have owned it for over two months and it is in excellent condition.  The only reason I am selling this is because I have decided to go for a DAC/amp combo.   The item is still under warranty and I will forward all...
  4. TooPoor

    How does the Lake People G109 stack up against others in it's price range?

     Pretty simple question for those who have experience with the G109 (preferably P model). I've been through the dedicated thread and am pretty set on grabbing one from Thomann, or Lake People directly. Is it really comparable to it's big brother the V200? Looking for a dedicated headphone amp to...
  5. 0rangutan

    Looking for a Violectric V100 or Lake People G109P

    Looking for either of these amps - needs to be EU voltage and happy to ship to the UK, thanks.
  6. kkl10

    Violectric V100, Lake People G109, Apex Butte (European 230V/50Hz complaint)

    Let me know, if you have one of these and aim to sell it. You'll have to ship it to Portugal so it better be complaint with 230V/50Hz power outlet. I desperately need a new amp for my headphones!   Thanks!
  7. Maleficio

    Lake People G109-P

    Contact me if anyone has one they want sell, preferably with US voltage.
  8. punkplayer

    Lake People (Violectric) G109-P headphone amp (AUS)____price reduced

    I bought this in mid July last year. So it still has nearly 2-years warranty (original 3 years).    In very good condition.   This amp has both unbalanced and balanced inputs, and it sounds crystal and powerful. I would say it is one of best amp at its price range.   It is the top line of...
  9. Sludig

    Lake people G109 or Violectric V90

    I´m looking for one of this amps. I´m from Spain, so I need you can send to my country.  In good cosmetic and working order. If you are interested send me your offer with shipping cost which includes tracking number 
  10. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  11. dany111777

    Burson HA160 vs. Violectric V100/200 for HD800 (classical music)

    Hello,   Is there anyone who has listened to these both? I'm looking to buy the HD800 with a Meridian g08 and use them for classical music 60%, jazz 30%. I can't afford a good tube amp inside the EU, so I am considering one of these two. I can buy the Burson new for 590 $ or the...
  12. novasound

    headamp for beyer T1

    Hello, I gonna buy the beyerdynamic T1, but I don't realy know what headamp should i buy. My budget is something like 800 $ (500--600 euros).   I have now a CD player marantz which works very nice, and a stereo amplifier NAD.   I know nothing in headamps, that's why I request your...
  13. conquerator2

    Hifiman HE-500 amp under $600?

    Hi guys so I was looking for a desktop amp under $600 (with shipping to Czech republic) for the HE-500 (and additionally also for Ultrasones pro900) As of now I own the Fiio E11 and the GD Audio NFB-16 (which I use with the Pro 900) Now as my purchase of the Hifiman approaches, Im looking...
  14. GradestCanadian

    PRICE DROP Lake People G109-P 2-ch High-End-Headphone Amplifier, 2+2 inputs L/R bal. and Oracle2 XLR (1M) Balanced cable

    Previously put for sale and was not able to check site for a few months so item is still for sale. I need to sell asap so if you had sent interest or messaged me prior, please resend. Thanks ***************** Amp and cables were used with AKG 702 Annies and yulong D100. Amp is only1 year...
  15. devhen

    Lake People G109 / G103 thread

    Hey guys. Post your reviews/thoughts/comparisons of the Lake People G109 and G103 here.   Thanks!     Lake People G109 There are two versions, the only difference being the inputs:   G109-S Unbalanced RCA inputs only ~ $450 USD G109-P Unbalanced RCA inputs and Balanced XLR inputs ~ $500...
  16. GlennGulda

    DAC+ AMP Hifiman HE 500

    My budget is 200-350 euro, for a box that has both things.   I'd like one that is praised by many users, as to not buy something that might not suit my tastes.   I listen 80% classical music, 20% metal.
  17. cactus_farmer

    Cheaper solid state dedicated headphone amps that power the HE-6...

    If you're like me and you want to stay away from tubes and hifi receivers, you've got;   1). Lake People G109P (reviewed by innerfidelity today who said that it could drive "pretty much any headphone in existence") 2). Schiit Mjolnir (balanced, high end of 'cheap', offers the most power...
  18. Julez

    Lake People G109 Professional like new!!!

    Selling my Lake People G109 Professional High-End Headphone Amp!!       The amp is in mint condition and has been used for about five hours!! Newest professional version with XLR and RCA inputs directly from Lake People!! Technical condition is of corse as new and the amp is 100%...
  19. plakat

    Lake People G109P

    Lake People G109P   The Top-End professional headphone Amp by the people behind Violectric. Symmetric inputs (XLR) Asymmetric inputs (RCA) Relais to protect headphones during power on/off Integrated power supply   Mint condition. Sold due to acquisition of a Fostex HP-A8. Price includes...
  20. Poetic

    Best amp for hifiman he-400 under 350$.

    I'm currently using the dacport lx along with the fiio e9. I was wondering what amp would pair well with the DACport Lx + hifiman he-400
  21. Lake People Phone-Amp G109-P

    Lake People Phone-Amp G109-P

    The G109-P was developped with the target to enable highest transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones. Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimised for dynamic headphones, the G109-P fulfils even most sophisticated...