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Hifiman HE-500 amp under $600?

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  1. conquerator2
    Hi guys so I was looking for a desktop amp under $600 (with shipping to Czech republic) for the HE-500 (and additionally also for Ultrasones pro900)
    As of now I own the Fiio E11 and the GD Audio NFB-16 (which I use with the Pro 900)
    Now as my purchase of the Hifiman approaches, Im looking for an amp to juice em up.
    Also if possible, Id like to order from EU so I dont have to pay additional VAT/customs for it.
    Originally I was looking for the Schiit Lyr which should make a good pair and now at the Lake People G109 which too is very powerful.
    Im willing to look into other amps (Burson,Alo,etc), as well if anyone here deem them worthy for the HE-500 [​IMG]
    Additionally the amp should also have a strong bass response(shouldnt be bass shy [​IMG]) if possible (which the Lyr has but dunno how the G109 stands up though) and have a nice smooth overall presentation with great soudstage [​IMG]
    Please post your impressions here (or PM me directly if you will) [​IMG]
    Thanks everyone for your help! [​IMG]
    Best regards, Luke 
  2. Darkbeat
    The Schiit Lyr has excellent synergy with the Hifiman HE-500. You can order it in the EU from Electromod.
    My choice for the HE-500s is the Audio-GD C2.2, which drives them to perfection and sounds super clean and neutral. Also has the option to install custom OPAs from Audio-GD to enhance the SQ even more. 
    Either would make great choices and are well below your budget.
  3. Andolink
    Corda Jazz amp or Lake People G103-S to pair with HiFiMan HE-500?
    I've been stewing over the question of which of these two highly rated, entry level amps is the best fit with my new HE-500's.  The Lake People G103-S is about $90 cheaper than the Corda Jazz but the latter has some interesting features like the crossfeed filter and active balanced ground.  More important is SQ with neutrality, realistic soundstage, detail and tonal accuracy the prime considerations. 
    Any recommendations?
    Audiolab 8200CD>>NAD C356BEE>>PSB Imagine T; Pro-Ject Head Box S>>HiFiMan HE-500
  4. Andolink
    The Audio-GD C2.2 is no longer in production.  The NFB-6 is its replacement says Kingwa.  The Compass 2 DAC+head amp/preamplifier is due to be released in Oct.
  5. bob81pizza
    +1 for the Schiit Lyr. I have it paired with the HE-500s and have been loving every minute of it. As was mentioned it's under your budget, but really sounds like it should cost more.
  6. scheiderichdmd
    I've also been contemplating the HE-500, but I'm not sure about the amp issue. I currently have a Little Dot 1+, and wasn't really wanting to buy a new amp as well. Would an LD1+ have enough power to make the HE-500 sound good?
  7. preproman
    I would probably look for a Dac/Amp combo if you don't already have a good DAC.  With the Schiit  Lyr you would also have to get a DAC.
    I hear Audio-gd has very good DAC/Amp combos for good prices as well. 
  8. punks15
    Graham Slee SRGII
  9. silversurfer616
    I bought the HE500 and thought it would be a good match with the Audio GD Phoenix(run balanced)but even after experimenting with different DACs(balanced HRT Pro and Eastern Electric MiniMax)I wasn't really happy.
    Bought a cheap Little Dot1+ again(sold my previous one)and on low gain with Mullard 8100 tubes it is really good!
    So,yes Little Dot1+ pairs well with the HE500.
  10. bala
    I am powering my HE500 off a Matrix Mstage and its been good! The first few days wasn't great, guess its just the HE500 burning-in, now the Mstage does a good job at maximum gain. Strangely enough the same cannot be said of the Little Dot MkIII, felt that it was severely underpowered!
  11. scheiderichdmd
    I agree. The LD1+ does a really good job with the HE-500. I am also running Mullard mitilary spec tubes to good effect. I did change the gain to high, but I might go back as I thought the noise floor was lower on the lower gain setting. With the higher gain setting, I typically have the volume knob of the LD1+ around 10 o'clock, and with the low gain, around 12. Of course, that is dependent on my pre-amp, and how high I turn up the volume control on the pre-amp. I also finally feel that the HE-500 is burning in, and I can hear a difference.
  12. WestLander
    +1 on the HE500 and M-Stage combination..I run mine at +10db gain, and hardly have to move the knob past 12:30 [​IMG]
  13. Uncle00Jesse
    cant believe no one has suggested the EF-5. they pair beautifully and its only $400. I like it better than my lyr. 
  14. preproman
    What is it that you like about the EF-5?  I have a chance to get one in a trade but no nothing about it.  Can you tall me something about it?
  15. jackwess
    The M-stage is ok, probably a good entry level headamp for them. 
    You can do better (HA-160) for example. 
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