1. mk351e

    (WANTED) Audio GD PCM1704 based DAC

    Just like it says, I'm looking to pick up a 120V Audio GD DAC based on the PCM1704.   I'm really looking for: Audio GD, Balanced, PCM1704 gear with ACSS!! Also, please only respond if you're ready to sell right now. If you won't be ready for 2 months, then let me know in 2 months, not now. If...
  2. mk351e

    WTB: Audio GD C2.1, DAC19dsp, Compass 2, or Fostex HP A8c

    Just like it says, I'm looking to pick up a C2.1, DAC 19DSP, compass 2 or a Fostex HP-A8c ONLY ;)
  3. darckhart

    FOUND: audio-gd c2

    you're looking for something newer. i'm looking for something older. if you've got an older C2, i'm interested! acss cables a plus. please pm with offers. thanks!
  4. pacmantravis

    FS: Audio-GD C2 with Earth OPA and HotAudio DAC Extasy

    (I should have pictures if needed within a day or so, stock pictures are shown)   I am selling my lightly used Audio-GD C2 Headphone Amp with EARTH OPAs and my HotAudio Dac Extasy.   The C2 is in perfect condition and has worked flawlessly for the 13 months that I have had it.  I am the...
  5. sling5s

    FS: Audio GD C-2.1 (with ACSS & Moon OPA)

    This was purchased about month ago for a pair of AKG K702.  Sold the AKG K702 and no longer need the amp. It will come with two sets of ACSS cables (both old and new hybrid pair) and Moon OPA.  Will sell for $350.    
  6. catchedge

    WTB: Audio GD C-2.1

    Title says it all.
  7. Ckaz

    *Price Drop* Audio GD C2.1

    Hi there,   I have for sale an Audio GD C2.1 headphone amplifier. The amp is in like new condition without a mark, scratch, or buff to speak of.   I am the second owner, purchased a month ago from another head-fi'er who also had it for around a month. It comes with the Moon OPA (as well...
  8. CJG888

    Has anybody tried the Audio-gd C-2.2 yet?

    Has anybody tried the Audio-gd C-2.2 yet? I'm thinking of using it between an Opera Consonance Ref. 2.3 Mk. III and a pair of Sennheiser HD600s, for listening to classical (mostly orchestral and Wagner) and acoustic jazz.   How would this compare, say, with an Opera Consonance Cyber 20 (with...
  9. fritz1234

    Little Dot mk V and/or Audio GD C2

      Little Dot mk V and/or Audio GD C2   both of these are in Mint condition. Never used. No issues or defects. $220 US each, or $400 for both shipped.   Paypal only (confined USA address) USA only
  10. BournePerfect

    FINAL PRICE DROP: Audio gd C-2.1 and/or acss cables *excellent condition* FREE SHIPPING CONUS

    Mint condition NFB 3 dac, AGD ACSS cables, and AGD C-2.1 amp/preamp. The NFB 3 has the Dir9001 filter. Power cords not included since AGD doesn't provide any and I use my own expensive aftermarket cables. Selling to upgrade to the TOTL AGD Master 5/NFB-9 combo potentially. The price new for all...
  11. Bizong

    [Sold] Audio-GD C-2   It is in Mint condition (used for about 6 months, I took very good care of it)   comes with the acss cords/power cord/original OMA's   I'm wanting to sell because I use my speakers ALOT more than my headphones currently.  ...
  12. darren700

    Audio-GD C2.2 (moon OPA) & NFB-3 (Dir 9001) Combo + ACSS. Canada Prefered

      Hello all, i'm looking to sell my Audio-GD combo because i want to buy the NFB-10SE for balanced use (Im getting a LCD2). This combo is awesome and makes my modded D2000's Sing! I am only selling because i would like to try balanced, the synergy with this combo and the denons is amazing...
  13. Zalken

    FS: Audio-GD C2 Amp (FINAL PRICE DROP)

    For sale is an Audio-GD C2 Amp.  It was an amazing amp back when I used full sized headphones, but now I mostly listen to my IEMs and speakers. I'm selling this so I can have money for a new DAC.  Can input RCA as well as ACSS (The better version). Purchase will include 2 OPA-Earths. Great...
  14. keph

    Audio-gd C-2.2 & DAC19DSP1 COMBO...!!! MINT

    Hi Guys im planning to upgrade to a better source and amp and be willing to let this combo for sale. All 220v Versions...   I bought this amp and dac together around Feb 25 last month and have been using it for less than 50hours..This combo/amp can drive my HE-500, LCD-2, HD650 and my other...
  15. charliex

    Audio GD-C amps - how many variations, similarities, differences and recommendations etc....

    I've been looking at the modest priced Audio GD C series amps, but am quite confused as to the similarities and differences between the various incarnations of this amp. So far I've come across at least 4 variations from Kingwa as listed below: Audio GD-C-2 Audio GD-C-2.1 Audio GD-C-2C...
  16. rhythmic_impulse

    Audio-Gd C2.2

    Looking for a AudioGD C2.2 amplifier / preamp. AS I'm located in Malaysia it would be a 230V version but do let me know your offers even if from the US as it will be possble to rewire the transfromer.   Please PM your price with shipping cost.
  17. threegr

    Audio-gd C-2.1 [220V]

    Audio-gd C-2.1 headphone amp for sale   With stock OPA, like new, MINT conditions, 220V version   I am the first owner, bought directly from Audio-gd june 2011   Audio-gd box + power cord + ACSS cable   Price: 250 € + shipping
  18. hifimiami

    Final Price Drop Audio GD C2 Headphone Amp/Preamp

    Dimensions: WxHxD: 240mm x 80mm x 300mm 3.2 kg   Review:   Original Owner, build quality superb, purchased directly from Pacific Valve Audio, US $405.   Switching headphone equipment to...
  19. HaVoC-28

    Sold : Audio GD C2.1 + OPA Moon [E.U.]

    Hi    An Audio GD C2.1 Headphone Amp for sale . With OPA Moon . Like New , MINT conditions . 220V Version .   First owner bought directly From audio GD end of august 2011 .   Original Box + Power Cord + Stock OPA604 conserved ^^ .   E.U. : 260 € Shipping Included Anywhere Else...
  20. conquerator2

    Hifiman HE-500 amp under $600?

    Hi guys so I was looking for a desktop amp under $600 (with shipping to Czech republic) for the HE-500 (and additionally also for Ultrasones pro900) As of now I own the Fiio E11 and the GD Audio NFB-16 (which I use with the Pro 900) Now as my purchase of the Hifiman approaches, Im looking...
  21. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  22. Utopia

    Amp upgrade for AH-D5000

    Long time lurker and very recent member here. My current rig consists of the Xonar Essence ST, Matrix M-Stage, and Denon AH-D5000, a combination I got after extensive head-fi reading and have been very happy with.    Still I've got the feeling that the D5000 could use both a better amp and...
  23. Fabaaroan


    This ad is for an audio gd C2. I am the second owner and this amp was bought in 2010. It will come with differents aop (original ones plus apo-Moon + AD797) I used it with my audio gd ref 5 and it works well with many headphones I owned (grado ps 500, ath w3000 for example) Now I have an...
  24. Audio-gd C-2.2

    Audio-gd C-2.2

    The C-2.2 has quite high fidelity; its SQ is neutral. It can show how good or how bad a recording or source is. Owners can replace the single-channel OPAs with Audio-gd single-channel discrete OPAs for choosing different flavors. (The OPAs are only used with RCA input , they are bypass in ACSS...