1. Kireal

    Shure se215 or klipsch x10i

    Hello i would like to buy new earphones, the last years I have used sony XB40EX they have only the bass.... So best what i found are Shure se215 and x10i for my money. I have Last generation ipod touch, and i am listening to Deep house, Dubstep, chillout, jazz. Which one should i chose?    ...
  2. White Lotus

    Ear Monitors Australia A.K.A: The $3500 16-way IEM, Made in Australia

    Has anyone had any experience with these guys? I was surprised to find people manufacturing customs inside Australia.. http://www.earmonitorsaustralia.com/
  3. ArchDragoon

    Good bass In-ear not over 100$ with microphone for android

    any suggestion ? i have 100$ for budget and look for new portable headset with good bass.   condition : With one button and microphone (3 button don't work with my xperia ion )
  4. Dumbleroar

    Broken Klipsch x10i earphones - Sale of goods act

    Need a bit of advice. My OH's klipsch x10i earphones have broken, they're not working in one ear.   Now they are 3 months over the 2 year warranty, but does anyone think the sale of goods act would apply here? Amazon don't think so, because they argue that due to the length of time owned and...
  5. time3211

    Top in-ear headphone monitors advice please

    Hi peeps :)    first of all I did research on google and also searched the forum but there wasn't any results on the questions i would like to ask today.    I am joining a course for audio production at the same i have always used a decent headphone's currently using Klpisch X10i the...
  6. crossidmary

    Klipsch X7i & Klipsch X10i

    I own both of these and have made some comparisons. Looking to see if anyone else can chime in and offer up some impressions. I'd like to see if my evaluation lines up those more experienced members. btw - both being used with Shure "olives" and insertion is way deep.
  7. drdfrster64

    New here, need help getting a pair of IEM's

    Sup! I usually spend my time scouring various review websites and comparisons to find earphones. Between questioning whether the reviewer is sponsored, and whether these amazon reviews are even remotely reliable, I was constantly referenced to this site. So far, I'm pretty much enjoying it...
  8. jetpacksam

    Active Noise Cancelling And Burn In

    Hello From Seattle, I did a search and didn't see this. I will be receiving a pair Of Klipsch mode M40's as a replacement for a set of x10i's {dead mic} on Wednesday. {medical issue, ear phones = ouch}. This is my first pair of active noise cancelling headphones. Normally my pre-use...
  9. allotropic

    Which IEM with iPhone control up to £150ish

    I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now as it seemed the most useful site for helping to select some new IEM's for use with my iPhone.   I've read lots of posts, have got a little confused, and unsure about the best way forward, so please help some one whose ears want educating ;)...
  10. Ripkabird98

    Need IEM Assistance!

    Hello! I've been lurking around here and wanting to take the jump into high end IEM's for a while now, but never did. However, I really am now. I had made this account and then never asked for help, but I am simply getting tired of the poor performance of the earbuds you find at Wal-Mart.  ...
  11. ShootingStar

    300 dollar range earphone for EDM

    Hi guys, please prompt headphones for EDM. I choose between:   1. Klipsch Image X10i 2. HiFiMAN RE-400   What do you think is better? 
  12. jooppi

    Best Smartphone For In-Ear Phones?

    I'm due for a smartphone upgrade with at&t and I'm choosing one based off of the audio quality. I don't know anything about audio, so maybe you guys can help me choose one without getting too technical.   -I use IEMs - Astrotech AM-90s. -The speakers on the phone aren't important to me. -I...
  13. TennisNoob

    Upgrade from the Klipsch X10i

    Hello everyone had some audio upgrade questions   Had the x10i's for a year, used it 3 times a week and I guess everyone complaints about it's durability though it creates decent sound. Got it for about 110, curious if there is any better upgrade up there around 150-200. I really don't like...
  14. JamesU2002

    Upgrade to Klipsch Image X10i?

    Have owned the Klipsch Image X10i for a while now and just wondered what people would recommend as an upgrade?   Different model?   Thanks,
  15. yjasmene

    HELP....need help choosing a good set of IEMs

    I have spent countless hours reading threads on here and looking up reviews on several sets of IEMs. I had a pair of UE super.fi 5 pros. They were stolen and I'm trying to find another pair of IEMs. I bought the UEs on Ebay 2 yrs ago new for a steal and now they aren't making them anymore...
  16. DramatikBeats

    IEMS for Galaxy S3 (Mic/Volume Controls) £100 Budget

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some IEMS for my Galaxy S3 (Android) that have a mic. I have the Sony MH1C's but the heavy remote and the J-cord are annoying me, can't wear them for more than 5 minutes in the street without an earbud falling out. Wasn't a fan of the Klipsch Image S4's either since...
  17. Aydindurantas

    Question Regarding Etymotic and Westone

    I own a pair of westone 2's but I mainly do most of my listening on the bus heading back and forth to the city and I receive a lot of phone calls. I use my iPhone 5 as my main listening device. Its a hassle unplugging the headphones every time I receive a call. So i'm looking for a pair of IEM's...
  18. bobjohnson201

    Updated: Monster PRO Copper VS Klipsch X10i VS Sony XBA 3 ?

    Hi, This is my first post here and I'm looking to buy in-ear headphones and would like some advice.  The ones that I am strongly considering are: Edit: I narrowed down the list to my favorite 3 Monster Turbine PRO Copper  Klipsch Image X10i, (would prefer X10, but discontinued) Sony XBA 3...
  19. Smogg

    Cable advice?? help!

    So I just got my Klipsch X10i's today, and so far I'm pretty impressed.   (By the way has anyone else noticed that with high-volume the bass molds right into the vocals, and becomes very distorted? are mine defective?)   Does anyone have any good cable-mods or tips to prevent my cables...
  20. Stormbringer

    IEMs for iPhone [alternative for Etymotic HF2/HF3]

    ===== February 2014 EDIT (same question) =====   Original post was in November 2012 (when I thought I lost my IEMs). Now, in February 2014, I surely lost my Etymotic HF2's. The cables were on two parts torn already, but I enjoyed the Etymotics for 4 years. So I need something new.   However...
  21. Sprkd1

    Klipsch Image X10 vs. Sony XBA-2

    Looking at the prices on Amazon, the two are close (price wise) with the XBA-2 being more expensive. How do the two earphones compare? Any feedback will be appreciated. They will be connected to an iPod touch.   By the way, what if I added the XBA-3 into the mix?
  22. robdog80

    anyone from melbourne have westone 4r, or ety's?

    Hi there,   Is there anyone from Melbourne who owns westone 4r, etymotics or klipsch x10i 's I could try? Cheers
  23. TheGiuce

    Looking for bluetooth headphones that meet the following needs

    I'm hoping to pick up some bluetooth headphones by Christmas this year. I commute daily on the metro with my Klipsch Image X10i (which sound great), but I am going crazy dealing with cables! My requirements are the following:   - Wireless (bluetooth A2DP) - Compatible with iOS and Windows...
  24. vincentkriek

    IEM for at the office

    I finally got a job (yay ) but with this job come problems. I have had my Sennheiser HD598, which I love with all my heart, and Sennheiser HD25 II, which is amazing for on the go but is not comfortable for hours on end, for quite some time now. I have been using the HD25 at the office but it...
  25. Bassheadspl

    Please Head-fi Help me find a in ear that has lots of power handling?

    Hello headfiers, I want a iem that has lots of power handling, around 300mw or more, so that when i crank up the volume once in a while, not every time, i want a iem that has drivers that don't crackle or rattle, when there is lots of heavy bass at high volume basshead levels. Which bassy iem's...