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Please Head-fi Help me find a in ear that has lots of power handling?

  1. Bassheadspl
    Hello headfiers, I want a iem that has lots of power handling, around 300mw or more, so that when i crank up the volume once in a while, not every time, i want a iem that has drivers that don't crackle or rattle, when there is lots of heavy bass at high volume basshead levels. Which bassy iem's would you recommend to me that is a step up from the SHE 3580 & JVC FX1X because i own both of them and do experience crackling on them when amped up?
    Theres gotta be a basshead that has the answer to my question?
  2. conkerman
  3. ZARIM
    The JVC FX3X handle 200mw and they get very loud before get distorting and other IEMs like Sony EX310, Turbine, X10i, TF10Pro are pretty good to handle power.

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