1. LarryKingsShoes

    FS: Campfire Andromeda (B-Stock)

    Sold Greetings, I am selling a used pair of Campfire Andromedas. I purchased them second hand off of Head-Fi in October 2019. I do not know very much about them. They are a B-stock set with some slight wear in the finish around the edges. It's nothing glaringly obvious but you'll notice if...
  2. C

    ibasso IT01s

  3. Sound N00b

    Thieaudio legacy 3 vs shuoer tape + others. $125 budget.

    I was happy with my blon 03s until I lost them and I think it is finally time to stop grieving them and find a replacement to fill the beater set role. I listen primarily to a lot of rock ranging from classical metal/hard rock to more chill alternative stuff like the gorillaz but I listen to...
  4. Damz87

    *SOLD* Empire Ears Legend X Universal IEM Snakewood Limited Edition - Free worldwide shipping!

    Selling a pair of Empire Ears Legend X Universal IEM’s in the limited edition Snake Wood/Onyx colour. According to google, these were a 25 unit limited edition sold through e-earphones in Japan. Here’s a link to the info page: I’m the second owner and bought...
  5. Campfire Audio Ara

    Campfire Audio Ara

    New Ara Uniquely Awesome Incorporating a ‘Crossover-less’ driver design with our new Solid-Body acoustic design into a Titanium shell makes for an excellent earphone. Ara has a speed and accuracy to its musical delivery that is exceptional. Its sound has just the right touch of warmth and...
  6. A

    Looking for a pair of IEM with similar style to dt880

    Hi, I'm seeking a pair of IEM that has similar sound signature as dt880, which I personally enjoy very much. Specifically, what I value the most about sound are clarity and naturalness, and I prefer slightly v-shaped sound. My preference on music are jpop and ost from game/anime/movie. The price...
  7. Mr_Junesequa


    Bought these 6 months or so ago. I bought to use with my iPhone, I like over ears better. I have used these approximately 2 hours in total. Maybe less.
  8. F700

    SOLD Oriveti OH500 - Mint condition and with warranty (purchased 05/02/2020)

    Hi there, I am selling my beloved Oriveti OH500, which is in mint condition. No scratches or sign of use. The invoice from Hifiheadphones UK will be remitted to the buyer. The warranty is sti Cannot say something bad about the IEM. They sound amazing, slightly warm yet very detailed. Fit is...
  9. TonySunshine

    [FS] LQI SQ7 silver IEM cable, 2pin - 2.5mm balanced

    Hi All up for sale is a pure silver IEM cable from LQI(they don't seem to carry this model anymore). Here are the specs UP-OCC 100% silver 4ft in length Angled 2 pin 0.78mm connectors Ediolic E-SX6K micro splitter in black 2.5mm balanced jack Price includes paypal fees and shipping to CONUS...
  10. Mangird Tea

    Mangird Tea

    Mangird Tea
  11. U

    Moondrop Starfield Alternatives (Design)

    I’m after some IEMs at around the £100/$100 mark, and I’ve seen that the Moondrop Starfields are pretty consistently recommended at this price point. I think I’d prefer the signature of the Starfields over something brighter like the Tin T4s, and the Starfields also seem more comfortable than...
  12. CVJ CSN


    CVJ CSN 5BA + 1DD hybrid
  13. baskingshark

    Focus Audio Thread

    Hi friends! This is the Focus Audio Thread, it seems to be a relatively new CHIFI company. They have released a single DD set in three variants with different sound signatures (EDM, rhythm and vocal variants). Looks very beautifully crafted and exquisite. Specs: Driver: 10.2mm high energy...
  14. Noble Audio Sultan

    Noble Audio Sultan

    The Sultan IEM is the new flagship IEM from Noble Audio. It is made up of 1 10 MM dynamic driver 4 Knowles BA drivers 2 Electrostatic Super Tweeters (ESTAT) The shell is a bespoke CNC aluminum body with a hand finished faceplate. Impedance is less than 35 Ohms Stock cable is the Noble Audio...
  15. sindri1980

    *SOLD* QDC Anole VX (universal)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to sell my Anole VX since I am not using them as much as they deserve. I bought them from another head-fier who had them only for a month, so they were basically new. I have hardly used them myself. They come with original stock medium tips, carrying box, cleaning...
  16. TooPoorForHiFi


    Like the title says, Up for sale is a Like New In Box ThieAudio Legacy 3. This took well over a month to get to me. This is the Mystique version which cost a bit more. I've tested it for a few hours at most and they do not fit my particular ear at all. Not Looking for Trades, US Only. I will...
  17. benjamind2012

    [SOLD] Shure SE846 (clear) for sale

    For sale is a pair of Clear version SE846 IEMs. RRP $1400 AUD, will sell for $800 AUD. Barely used for less than a month. Decided to sell after getting new headphones. Comes with the BT1 cable as well. PM for more details and photos. Price is pretty firm. No tyre kickers please :wink:
  18. Jazic

    RHA CL2

    I'm selling a my pair of RHA CL2's that are in gently used condition. All accessories are untouched because I used my own cable and tips. Cables and ear tips are as they were received in original packaging except for the medium tips that came installed which had to be removed but are still...
  19. K

    iem audiophiles in a video-conferecing world - share experinces

    Hi all, I hope to be inspired by you solutions out there. I work as a consultant (a white shirt and black suit kinda consultant) and work at different locations with my clients. Corona have changed this quite a bit :-). Now I work mostly from my office, and I - as probably a lot of you - jump...
  20. taxifahrer

    [FS] EarSonics SM3

    EarSonics SM3 In Ear Monitor New Conditions. Only took out for photos. Please check the pictures. This is a discontinued model made by EarSonics, three balanced armature driver IEM. Black shell V2 version which means the cable is detachable. Never been used, and come with original box and...
  21. J

    Audio-Technica ATH-CK2000Ti

    Hi all, I am selling a pair of ATH-CK2000Ti's in like-new condition 460USD or best offer. Shipping to Canada/USA included, as well as Paypal fees. Express options available at no extra cost. Last shipment I sent to the US arrived in 4 days, super fast. Comes with compatible 4.4mm 5pole...
  22. CCA CA16

    CCA CA16

    New multi driver hybrid by KZ's sister company, CCA. Not to be mistaken for the CCA C16, and earlier model which is purely a multi BA setup. Specifications: Driver type: 1 Dynamic Driver (7mm) + 7 Balanced Armatures Impedance: 24Ω Earphone sensitivity: 102dB/mW Frequency range: 20 - 40000Hz...
  23. umermajeed

    FS: Earsonics ES5 Less than a year old - Sold

    Earsonics 5-driver IEM. Bought directly from Earsonics in July, 2019 Scratch at the bottom of the right casing but overall great condition
  24. B

    Moondrop Blessing 2 or LZ A6?

    Trying to decide between these two iems for my next purchase. I'm looking for a warm tone with a spacious sound stage. I usually listen to r&b, rap, and pop for reference. Some of the B2 reviews have said that it is better suited for certain genres, so that's why I'm posing this question. I'm...
  25. W

    What to buy after RHA T20i?

    Hi folks! I want to buy a new IEM. I have a RHA T20i that blew me away when i bought it several years ago.. I really liked how clear and detailed they sounded in comparison to my way lower price buds. Now i find them way to bright in the treble. I have a eardamage in my left ear that...