1. M

    Fiio FH5 or Massdrop Plus? (maybe Final B3 or FH7?)

    Hey all, I've been thinking about stepping up my IEM game and I'm having a tough time deciding which IEM to get. A little history, I have a Tin T2 and Final E2000. I had a Tin T4, but sold it because I found it too fatiguing and the treble made it feel a bit messy to me. I like the tonality of...
  2. A

    Best IEMs under £50 for bass and no fatigue.

    I am looking for a good pair of wired in-ear headphones which will be in my low £50 budget. My preferences are: -Plenty of bass (more than average of both mid and subbass but not so much everything else is gone). -Recessed mids (I don't like it when the vocals sound shouty and "aggressive")...
  3. P

    Oriveti New Primacy & Affinity Cable

    Hi, FS Oriveti New Primacy (retail 299 USD) & Affinity Cable, SE (retail 199 USD). I am the original owner and purchased these beginning of 2019. The IEM and cables are in mint condition and the original box and accessories are included. I'm not selling the Affinity cable separately...
  4. D

    Wireless IEMs with balanced/flat/transparent sound?

    Hi everyone! I am currently in search of a wireless pair of IEMs as I already have a pair of over-ears but would like something more portable and less clunky. Most popular ones I've seen seem to have a somewhat V-shaped sound signature or at least have an issue with bass overshadowing the mids...
  5. TRN VX

    TRN VX

    Specifications: Impedance: 22Ω Sensitivity: 107dB/mW Frequency range: 7 - 40000Hz Connector type: 3.5mm 2 pin Driver unit: 6BA+1DD hybrid driver unit (Super-sized 10mm Diaphragm + Customized BA)
  6. SLC1966

    *withdrawn* NCM Bella V2 with Triton 24.5 cable included

    Selling my Nguyen Customs Monitors (NCM) Bella V2 IEMs. They are the Universal version. They are in perfect condition. They are their flagship Hybrid (1DD,8BA) monitor. They sell new for $1025. I purchased them new from NCM one year ago. comes with everything that was included in the sale...
  7. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Hyla TE5T IEM with Triton8 cable included

    I purchased these IEMs directly from Hyla 7 months ago. Everything is in perfect shape and everything works perfectly. Comes with all tips and stock cable hand made by PW Audio (terminated 3.5mm) and the case is made by Vannuys. As with all Hyla IEMs they only make a certain number of each IEM...
  8. steviewonderbread

    [FS] RHA MA750i IEMs newest version (SOLD)

    Selling a pair of great-condition MA750i earphones that were purchased directly from RHA a couple of months ago. I don't use them enough to justify keeping. Comes with all original packaging and accessories except for 1 double-flange pair out of the 10 pairs of tips. They have a sleek stainless...
  9. puck

    SOLD Final Audio F4100

    Up for sale is a set of Final F4100s. They are in very good condition and come with original packaging and accessories. They sound great and are the most compact IEMs I've seen. Sold
  10. ThieAudio Legacy 3

    ThieAudio Legacy 3

    Brand Name: THIEAUDIO Model Number: LEGACY 3 Time to market: 2019 Specification: Drivers: 1 dynamic driver & 2 balanced armatures Impedance: 8.6-9.5 Ohm Frequency Response: 20~20KHz Sensitivity: 108 dB Distortion: <1% Cable: 8 wires Silver Plated Copper with 2-Pin connector Plug: Gold-plated...
  11. Calle

    FS: Jomo Audio Trinity Brass UIEM *5th price drop to 1200EUR/1350USD*

    Up for sale is a pair of Trinity Brass UIEM's made by Jomo Audio. I have had these for about 1 month and have been used less than 5 hours. Bought directly from their website. They are in excellent condition. Comes with everything you see in the pictures. The original shipping box was just a...
  12. 7hz i99 IEM

    7hz i99 IEM

    7 Hz 7Hz was founded in 2018 as a team of engineers and audio enthusiasts who came together to test their skills in the realm of audio. By focusing on quality drivers and using precise circuitry design, 7Hz aims to deliver the most efficient setups that best shine the drivers’ natural abilities...
  13. locke9342

    SE 535 cable upgrade

    My stock cables for my 535s are starting to die out, and I'm looking for an upgrade under $150. I read a lot about the baldur mk2 and mk3, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Any recommendations?
  14. F

    Silicon CIEM

    Hi, I'm looking to get into custom IEMS and I specifically want it to be a silicon shell as opposed to a hollow acrylic. Isolation is of the up most importance for me as the main purpose of these will be for studying. I'm basically looking for ear plugs and using the sound from the IEM to block...
  15. KarlHU

    [SOLD] Hifiman RE2000 Silver IEM

    Up for sale is a silver Hifiman RE2000 IEM in great condition. Comes with all the accessories except the ear guides (hooks). PP fee and COUNS shipping included. No interest in trade for now.

    [Sold] Balanced Shuoer Tape IEMs w/original briaded mmcx cable and 3.5mm adapter $90 OBO

    What's up Headfi Gang, Have a pair of balanced Shuoer Tape IEM in excellent condition. With original box, extra eartips and original balanced mmcx cable (3.5mm adapter included) . Asking for $90 obo. PM me if interested and it's first come, first served. All sales thru PayPal. Good luck. Ronja

    [SOLD] Shuoer Tape IEMs w/Balanced Braided MMCX cable (and 3.5mm adapter)Cable $90 OBO

    Sold. Sold. Sold. Sold. Sold. Sold. Sold What's up Headfi Gang, Have a pair of Shuer Tape IEM is excellent condition. With original box, extra eartips and original balanced mmcx cable (3.5mm adapter included) . Asking for $90 obo. PM me if interested and it's first come, first served. All...
  18. Damz87

    (SOLD) Tin HiFi T4 In-Ear Monitors + Tin HiFi T3 4.4mm Balanced cable

    Selling my Tin HiFi T4 IEM’s with an additional Tin T3 4.4mm balanced cable. These IEM’s are barely used and in as new condition. Comes with all accessories and packaging. All included tips are unused. AUD $OLD with PayPal and shipping within Australia included. Will ship internationally at...
  19. Audioscope

    JVC FD-01 IEMs - MINT

    Selling my mint condition JVC FD-01 IEMs. These are in pristine condition and are rarely for sale and need no introduction. They were originally imported from Japan by me. Comes with all original accessories, filters, tips, carrying case, etc. Will ship to Canada and US. +3% for paypal fees...
  20. FiiO FH1s Earphone

    FiiO FH1s Earphone

    Drivers: 1 Dynamic (13.6 mm) and 1 Balanced Armature (Knowles 33518) Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 40 Hz Sensitivity: 106 dB (@1 mW) Impedance: 26 ohm Tested at: $70 Product Page:
  21. N

    Should I get the fiio fh7 or spend more?

    I’m interested In getting my first set of real in ear headphones. I was looking at the fh7 that cost £500. I can push my budget upto £1500. In peoples opinion, is it worth spending the extra, upto £1500 or stick with the fh7? What can people recommend above £500 peace range that would give me...
  22. L

    Best IEMs w/ mic under 100€ to use with phone (no dac)

    Hello, as the title says I'm looking for IEMs under 100€ to only use with my phone and maybe sometime my laptop. I don't use a dac, just straight from the 3.5mm jack of my pixel 3a. I stream music from Tidal HiFi, I need these only when I'm going around outside (for the future since I'm stuck...
  23. iamkn

    [SOLD] ThieAudio Legacy 9 (Resin Version) + 4.4mm Balanced Stock Cable

    Condition: - Like new; working perfectly well (Received on 8/4; used ~5hours in total) - 100% authentic - Resin build; 1st batch of production - 2-Pin 0.78mm 4.4mm Balanced stock cable - 1-Year warranty until 28/3/2021 (details will be provided) - Only tried S size ear tips but thoroughly...
  24. R

    Fiio IEMs recommendation...

    Being in confinement, I only realistically have access to fiio IEMs FH7,, FH5 and FA7 Now i have have a hifiman he400i and a shure SE425. Would any of the fiio IEMs above bring something new to the table for me? especially compared to the SE425... would it make sense for either one of them...
  25. InnovatedMind

    WTB: ThieAudio Legacy 9 -- For ~$400

    Hey Everyone! Looking to find a nice IEM to compare to my S8F's.... Looking for a ThieAudio Legacy 9 for around $400... Serious Buyer. I have PayPal ready. Location: Huntington Beach, CA, USA