1. rmiller511

    Atrio M8 vs MG7?

    Hi,   Does anyone have experience with both of these, and if so, can you tell me how the two compare?   I am looking to buy either one, would like to know which has the better sound in bass, mids and highs.
  2. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest me an IEM

    Hi, my first post here. Had trouble registering, but finally did. Okay, before coming to the point, let's say this about me, I know some things about P.C, Mobiles and some other stuffs but when it's an audio product I don't know what to look for, so in other words you can call me an amateur, or...
  3. texanater

    IEMs for deployment to Afghanistan?

    Greetings, I've been a member of this forum for quite a while but rarely contribute.  Until recently I've been more of a vinyl guy and spend my time in those forums.  I'm in the military and have a deployment to Afghanistan coming up which has forced me to get into pc audio and headphones.  I...
  4. Mr_Junesequa

    reducing hiss Fiio e3

    Hi,   Im running an m8-e3- atrio's   I like bass   Anyway my problem is hiss and very harsh highs, Im using the sptialisation function on the meizu m8 and specifically the phase correct eq   it really hurts my ears   I have an old impedance adaptor which seemed to sort it...
  5. twylight

    um56 + which dynamic iem = my next purchase

    Is there a dynamic iem with the stem diameter of the westone or shure models?  I cant live without the um56 tips, but I just want to try something.  The monsters were way too big to smush on there.   Any ideas?    
  6. bassophile

    Klipsch Image X10 vs Futuresonics Atrio for BASS?

    Which one has deeper bass, more bass quantity, more texturized bass, more bass detail...etc...   Thanks in advance!!
  7. cactus_farmer

    Sennheiser HD650 vs Futuresonics Atrio?

    I've heard that the Atrio is meant to be like an 'IEM HD650' but, for those who've heard both, how does the bass among these two compare in quantity, extension, definition and impact?
  8. akacoke

    would driver flex finally kill a pair of IEM ?

    i just got the monster turbine gold,  i know it has lifetime warranty on them, but you still pay shipping to send them back to monster   right out of box i experience the driver flex on both ear pieces, the flex is much worse than my last pair of jamz.   do all the closed IEMs have this...
  9. Starsky5000

    Is An Amp Needed for the Future Sonics MG6Pro Ear Monitor?

    I like dynamic earphones more & more since I recently bought and have been listening to my Future Sonic Atrios. They really reproduce bass really well and I think I found my sound signature in Future Sonics. I also am extremely pleased with their customer support and the way they treat their...
  10. cactus_farmer

    Futuresonics Atrio's

    Anyone have these earphones, and, if so, how does the bass compare to other earphones. Also, is it true that there's no sort of filter/damper/wax guard in the nozzle, and therefore there's nothing in the nozzle between the actual driver of the earphone and your ear? Thanks in advance for...
  11. Starsky5000

    I Never Had So Much Fun With An Earphone Like I Do With These Future Sonic Atrios!!!

    I got the Future Sonics Atrios with the NEW MG7 dynamic driver and I can't put it down. They are so engaging and fun to listen to. The whole night into the morning I had them on.   I have the Phonak Perfect Bass, Audio Technica CK7, Sennheiser PX100, and Koss Portapros and non of those...
  12. Starsky5000

    What's the Lifespan of Shure's Foam Sleeves?

    I would like to know how long do they last?   I understand they are washable and can be reused.   But do they hold their elasticity for a long time?   Are they worth the investment?   I am thinking about getting them for my Future Sonics Atrios.   Here they are:  ...
  13. Meer

    Alternative to Future Sonics Atrio?

    Hi, I'm new here. So I hope my question doesn't sound stupid. About a year ago I bought a pair of Future Sonics Atrio IEMs. They were the first pair of somewhat high end phones I've ever bought, and as soon as I tried them I fell in love with them. The sound was amazing compared to what I...
  14. Starsky5000

    Will These Shure Foam Sleeves Fit the Future Sonic Atrios?

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NDHIKY/ref=ord_cart_shr?ie=UTF8&m=AJFLJ7J2AIXGD    Which size should i get if it does fit the Atrios?   Thank You All.
  15. delladood

    Atrio M5 With MG7 Driver[REVIEW]

    I ordered from atrio.me, the headphones arrived in exactly 1 week from canada to southern illinois(rather quick factoring in customs).  All in all, im very impressed with the website as they have a 50% off coupon floating around right now which is "CostProg50%" without quotes.  That brought the...
  16. Bazirker

    Review, Future Sonics Atrios: Comparison between different tips

    The FutureSonics Atrios are a nice set of phones. They're very warm (which I like) and have a very full low end (which I also like), but their midrange is weak and I have struggled with the murkiness of the treble for some time now (which is improved in the newer mg7 drivers!). In hopes of...
  17. cormann

    Why No Love for Future Sonics Atrios Universal Fit IEMs

    After reading around on this forum, I noticed that the Future Sonics Atrios don't get a lot of love from the Head-Fi community. The reviews at Head-Fi are generally good, but the individual statements of head-fiers seem to be lukewarm. Can anybody tell me why? I read in some of the threads that...
  18. jnd3344

    Help Me Buy New IEM (Coming from Fischer Audio Eterna)

    I love my fischer audio but they are done. Any ideas of any IEMS better than this ones? My main interests are big bass and great sound for playing rap and electronic. Thanks.
  19. iBud destroyer

    Hippo VB or Atrio M8?

    After much deliberation I've narrowed my choices down to the Hippo VB or Atrio M8. I like a smooth, musical sound which I can get lost in. I also like strong bass. I am sensitive to sibilance so I am hesitant to buy the Hippo VB. From what I've read, the Atrio M8 is like a smooth Hippo VB. What...
  20. Bazirker

    Klipsch oval-shaped tips...what angle?

    I bought some Klipsch oval-shaped double flanges to try on my Atrios, and I *think* they're going to work out really well, but I've got one small problem...which is that I can't figure out what angle the oval is suppose to be at!  I've been trying different angles in an attempt to figure out...
  21. Starsky5000

    My Questions About the Future Sonics Atrios???

    Future Sonics is using the NEW MG7™ Proprietary Dynamic Drivers in their universal earphones:   http://www.mcssl.com/store/futuresonics/atrios    Hows the sound quality?   How are the bass, mids, highs, treble & soundstage?   Hows the comfort? Are they light & provide a...
  22. maudemaude

    A silly question, does FS Atrios have filters? I am going to buy this.

    Yes it is silly, that is because I am afraid of the wax dropped in may ruin the drivers.   I actually don't need to fear that as I have quite clean ear canals, but I simply worry and don't know why.   Can anyone check his/her Atrio ?
  23. MiG(TM)

    New limited edition Future Sonic Atrio's

    http://www.gadling.com/2010/10/27/review-future-sonics-atrio-special-edition-headphones/   Only seen these mentioned here.. They same like an they have a decent price-point and have new drivers...    Was always found of the Atrio's so surely these must be awesome   Anyone know...
  24. Kunlun

    Future Sonics new MG7 Atrios are in stock now!!!

    The new MG7 driver is said to add treble sparkle and headroom to the Atrios.   There was a tweet on the Future Sonics tweeter feed that the Atrios Special Edition with MG7 is now available at The Airport Wirless store. I called and confirmed they had it. It will hopefully be available...
  25. Baba booey

    Can someone help me pick an IEM within my budget/needs

    So I sold off the IE7's and my IE6's are in shambles and I'm looking something that does right what those past 2 did wrong(fit for the IE7's, build quality for the IE6's).   I have about $100 in the paypal(but if I really have to stretch it I can) and have done some reading around and as of...