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Klipsch oval-shaped tips...what angle?

  1. Bazirker
    I bought some Klipsch oval-shaped double flanges to try on my Atrios, and I *think* they're going to work out really well, but I've got one small problem...which is that I can't figure out what angle the oval is suppose to be at!  I've been trying different angles in an attempt to figure out what seals best, but I'm striking out and my ears are getting sore.  So...this is kind of a stupid question, but is there any guidance Klipsch gives you guys on what angle to adjust the tips to?
  2. jesusio
    On my X10's they go long oval up and down.
  3. meltie
    On my Klipsch S4 there is a small line on the tips and on the housing that shows in which direction they are supposed to be put on. But I don't remember the direction. Put them on the way they fit best!

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