1. caliaa

    ISO cheaper alternative to the HF2 (crisp sound rather than added bass)

    My HF2 broke and they're not covered in the warranty so I'm looking for a new headset with mic for my phone. I love the Etymotic crisp, clean sound but I'm looking for something cheaper ($50 or less) with natual sound.   I'm considering the MC2/3 but maybe there are other (cheaper)...
  2. red71rum

    Can the Ety Hf3 be used with just a mp3 player?

    I have a chance to get the etymoptic hf3 for just $35 new and was wondering if I could use it with my Clip +? I realize the volume controls would not work, because that is for a phone.
  3. adventure5566

    Etymotic Research HF3 Best Buy $99

    Not the 'hottest' deal I'd say, but considering the MSRP being $179.99, I thought someone in Head-fi might appreciate it. I returned the black HF3 that I bought a few days back for $139.99 for this one today. Best Buy   Etymotic Research HF3 $99 USA Not sure if this is a Black Friday...
  4. csamantha11

    $70~$80 Earphones for Pop and Classical music

    Can anyone suggest earphones that are suitable for pop and classical music ("light" music in general) ?   I'm not very sure what kind of sound signature I'm after, but just not something where the bass overpowers the rest of the music. I'm not a critical listener so I don't want a signature...
  5. mscott2757

    The fit of Etymotic IEM's in general

    I've been considering getting the MC3's but the thing I've been worried about is the fit. I'm pretty sure that my ears are kind of small as I use the smallest set of buds that came with my Skullcandys(50/50) So I'm wondering about whether they will fit my ears because I've heard that Etymotics...
  6. inter4ever

    Looking for IEMs for listening on my iPhone during air travel

    Hello everyone,   I have been looking for a while for some IEMs to listen to my music on my iPhone during long air travel. I have never tried, let alone bought, high end IEMs. In my brief history with good quality audio, I used the Denon D2000 and the Audio Technica AD700 full sized...
  7. Gwarmi

    Yahoo UK - '5 of the best headphones' on the market..

      This should make for interesting discussion..   Yahoo source   <transcript below>     We’re showing their RRPs but a quick search of the internet can find much cheaper deals. Best premium - Sennheiser MM550 Travel - £349.99 There's very little these cans can't do and...
  8. ilikepooters

    Someone educate these people!
  9. Sonicjet

    I'm forced to get my next pair of headphones From Best Buy ( BB Credit + $25 gift card), Whats the best For ~$100?

    So, I love music and love headphones, mostly IEMs for a number of reasons. I was gotten a pair of Monster Jamz as a gift however, I feel they are a little; well, funny sounding after break in. Tons of low but lacking in the mids and just ok up high. Kinda muddy. I love the build quality, but am...
  10. zlobby

    Which IEMs for a subway commute?

    I just got a job where I am spending over an hour on the subway each way on the commute.  Most of my listening is done at home and I have a great home setup, but know nothing of IEMs.  I want something that will cut out a lot of the train noise, as it can get quite loud.  I dont want be one of...
  11. wotts

    Short Review: Spider Cable "Realvoice" earphones

    When Spider Cable announced the Realvoice earphones, I was initially struck by the chance to get a pair for free. I mean, who doesn't love free stuff?! Also, they were offering $10 off the retail of $89.99 and a 30 day trial period, so I decided to take the offer. Since my only other...
  12. LionelHutz

    Should I return my Klipsch S4i for a pair of Etymotics/Thinksound?

    Greetings Head-Fi community,   I am seeking some advice on what I should do because I bought a pair of Klipsch S4i a few hours ago and got home to test them out after reading some positive reviews and it and liking the look of it. When began listening to them I instantly noticed almost a...
  13. electronicmaji

    er7-mc3?   Is this the same thing as the mc3, just with a microphone and ipod controls?   Because it's currently cheaper on amazon than the mc3...
  14. miggs78

    Need some IEM suggestions

    Hello people..   I'm looking to get some a pair of IEM around the $100 mark. I've basically broken it down to a few of them. I'm from Canada, so I might be either purchasing it locally here or from as they offer cheap shipping down here.   Shure SE215 - Seen a lot...
  15. a1rflow

    NuForce NE-700M vs. Etymotic MC3?

    Hi all, I recently lost my pair of Etymotic MC3's that although I did not completely love, I did appreciate their sound quality. I'm thus again in the market for a budget IEM with in-line microphone and iPod controls. I've searched all over these forums and many have recommended the NuForce...
  16. hari-bhari

    8-way sub-$100, iPhone-ready, IEM shootout coming soon

    Klipsch S4i MetroFi 600vi NuForce NE-700m MEElectronics CC51 MEElectronics MP6 Audéo Perfect Bass 022 Etymotic MC3 Apple dual-driver IEMs   New to the forums, but have been creeping for a while. Read a lot around here and couldn't decide which iPhone-ready IEM would be best for...
  17. kdern

    Need help deciding if I should keep new Ety MC3s

    Question edited - see below.
  18. kdern

    Ety MC3 + more bass = ??

    I love everything about the Ety MC3s (same as MC5, plus iphone controls) except the quiet bass levels.  If I want something with the same clarity but more bass, what should I get?   Bonus points if iphone controls are avail.   Thank you!
  19. ttan98

    Any recommendations for an earphone for less than $140?

    Hi,   I am looking for an ear phone for my iPhone and I have been reading a few reviews and suggestions from Earphone Solutions. I am after the following in an earphone and sound reproductions:   1. Must be reliable and durable, i.e.should  last  at least 1 year. 2. Slightly bass heavy...
  20. Razgorth

    Jack on my MC3's came off; what to do?

    So I got a pair of Ety MC3s from a friend as an early Christmas present and have been quite happy with them. However, a few days ago, I tried to take them out of my netbook audio out port, and instead succeeded only in removing the plasticky part of the plug, leaving the metal end lodged inside...
  21. frog

    IEM for Iphone

    I have a pair of UE superfi 5 pros I use for general listening and when I got my iphone I bought a pair of UE metrofi 220vi's but have never been that impressed by them, I dont find them very comfortable, the sound quality is no where near the 5 pros(i new they wouldn't be) and there is loads of...
  22. carveturn

    Help me choose an Iphone headset: Klipsch S4i, Etymotic MC3 or other?

    first post: I've been reviewing the material in the forum.  It's very extensive, and I've tried to take advantage of all of your knowledge and experience.  It has been interesting translating all this information into a purchase decision.   I'm looking for a headset for iPhone4.  I want...
  23. 448vs280pro

    Best mic'd IEMs? (-$100)

    I'm not really an audiophile or anything, and will be using these mostly for portability, so for now I'd like the best quality un-amped, just looking to upgrade from those terrible ibuds for the iphone.   I was originally thinking over the ear phones(hence my username, was comparing those...
  24. Confuzzled

    Klipsch Image S4i or Etymotics MC3?

    Hi,   I've had V-Moda Vibe Duo's before (i got them for $25) but i lost them, so i need some new IEM's.   After looking at my options, I'm considering these two options.   My main points are   Available for around $100AUD 3 Button Control (One Button is ok...) Decent Sound...
  25. canal

    IEMs with remote/playback control

    I recently lost my Klipsch S4i's . I thought they were great. Prior to this though I had used regular Apple earphones. The bass on the S4i's was very strong, which was good but not much of my music benefitted from that. The only gripe (that I could discern) was the sibilance.    My budget is...