1. slowpogo

    Advice for an IEM virgin

    I have been enjoying my current headphone setup for awhile now - Gamma2 -> Millett Hybrid Max -> AKG K701. But I recently got an iPhone and have been doing a lot of listening to it, and obviously, the stock earphones sound like garbage compared to my usual setup. So I'm going the IEM route.  ...
  2. mark2410

    Etymotic mc3 Review

      Etymotic mc3 Review   First impressions:  For Ety’s these actually look really quite attractive but what I am seeing that I am most certainly not liking is that these appear to be shaped more like the ER4.  This means that they pretty much demand to be worn down.  What Etymotic?  I just...
  3. caliaa

    In search of a 3.5mm phone headset similar in quality to the Etymotic ER4P

    I'm looking for a 3.5mm headset for my phone (stereo headphones and mic) that can compare to my ER4Ps. It doesn't have to be Etymotics but I'd like something with a similar. Basically a wired headset (dedicated button not a requirement but a plus) with a clean, undistorted sound like the ER4Ps...
  4. hpaddict

    Etymotic MC3 comparison to HF2

    After reading all the rave reviews on the new Etymotic MC3/MC5, I decided to buy the MC3 and see how it compared to my HF2.  I'm using an unamped IPhone 3GS as the mp3 player.  After a few days, here are my initial thoughts:   Packaging -- Tie:  Same box, just different colors/graphics.  As...
  5. keroro152

    searching for a in ear headphones with a remote control

    any suggestion? what i hav found till now is klipsch x10i (a bit too expensive for me) klipsch s4i monster turbine controltalk
  6. zachff

    iPhone compatible 3 button IEMs w/o Microphonic Conduction/Cord Noise

    Head-Fi community,   Long-time reader/silent advice taker, first time poster looking for some advice.   I recently purchased the Etymotic MC3s to use with my iPhone and they fit well (using the large triple flange) and the sound quality is good enough for my listening, but the cord noise...
  7. prisoner6

    Considering MC3. Anything else?

    It's time to update the earphones.   I am looking for something in a reasonable price range, if possible in the sub $100 range.   I need them to have iPod controls, mic is nice but not necessary.   I am looking for something with nice, crisp highs and fairly accurate representation...
  8. sg01

    Need help in choosing the right earphones

    I am a newbie in this area and would need your recommendation for a good pair of earphones. I had a blackberry before and bought a blackberry earphones with controls ($80). I now have an iPhone 4 and unfortunately the controls on the earphones do not work (just the stop/play button but not the...
  9. a_recording

    [My First Review] Etymotic MC3 (MC5) - Going In Deep. 56k Warning!

      Etymotic MC3 – Going In Deep     Manufacturers Specifications:   Type                                                                              8-mm dynamic driver Frequency Response                                                       20Hz ~ 15,0000Hz Sensitivity      ...
  10. mjm0

    in-ear recommendation for about $100: klipsch s4i vs ety mc3?

    Hi -- lurker, new to posting here, and thanks in advance for any advice for a relative newbie.   I recently lost my klipsch s4i's, which had been a gift, and am looking for a new set of iem's.   My music taste tends towards the bass-y (electronic, hip hop).  General priorities...
  11. Etymoantick

    Etymotic HF2 + Iphone 4?

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if the HF2 works with the new iphone, because i've seen some very mixed responses online but I don't understand if they're complaining about the buttons not working or no sound coming through the earpiece. I don't really care if the buttons are a bit unreliable...
  12. jaibautista

    Etymotic mc-series (moving-coil based IEMs)

    Fellow head-fi'ers, There's a new member of the Etys family: Etymotic moving-coil based earphones ears-on -- Engadget Any thoughts?
  13. hpaddict

    Etymotic MC3/HF3 release date?

    Anyone have any info on the release dates for the Etymotic MC3/HF3? Just very strange that Etymotic never even narrowed it down to a specific month (especially for the HF3, I mean c'mon, it's only adding two buttons to the remote). Last I read on some forum posts, it was maybe April. I emailed...
  14. scubash21

    The Best Ever Headphone / IEM shop in Seoul, South Korea

      Just wanted to let all Head-Fi enthusiasts know about this amazing headphone / IEM shop in Seoul, Daehangno, South Korea. It is by far better then any other shop that I have ever been too, including Tokyo Japan (e.g. Dynamic-audio, or any other shop in Akihabara) in my personal opinion.  ...
  15. goldfilm

    Best IEM Under $50 For Smartphones

    In the search for a great IEM with inline mic under $50 I've come up with a shortlist. I'd love to see what the audiophiles prefer to use with their smartphones on the go. Please feel free to add any not included here. Thanks!
  16. Guppy_

    Ety 3 flange replacement for ER 4PT's

    So i've just busted my second pair of 3 flange tips (large) that came in box with my pair of Etymotic ER4PT's.  I've googled and found they sell replacement on amazon and in their own webpage:  ...
  17. Syst3m

    InEar phones with Mic+iPod controls for iPhone 4

    Hello, I'm posting this thread because I'm lost in the InEar's headphones's world and I can't decide what to buy. First of all, I exposed only this week to this world because my regular iPhones's headphones finished themself and I need a new good ones. I saw the iBeats Monster with their...
  18. BackwardPawn

    Affordable IEMs, canalphones, or earbuds

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a portable pair of earphones that I can use on an airplane, as well as take to the hospital with me in about a week.  My third and final pair of PX-100s just broke (as much as I like the sound, I wouldn't buy another anyway as the quality control was crap).  Cheaper...
  19. Etymotic MC3

    Etymotic MC3

    The Etymotic mc3 are a new line of colourful headphones that have a few features that make it rather unique. With a stylish look, the headphones feature a three button inline remote that's compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The inline remote lets owners control playback, adjust volume...