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Which IEMs for a subway commute?

  1. zlobby
    I just got a job where I am spending over an hour on the subway each way on the commute.  Most of my listening is done at home and I have a great home setup, but know nothing of IEMs.  I want something that will cut out a lot of the train noise, as it can get quite loud.  I dont want be one of the people on the train where I can hear the music coming out of their earbuds.  I would prefer not to have to get an amplifier as well, and will be relying on my ipod for amplification.  Something on a cheap budget would be nice.  $150 max, but preferably much lower.  I prefer something with as flat of a frequency response as possible.  
    Surprisingly my new job offers me discounts on etymotic products.  Would any of these suit my needs?  These are the prices i get them at.
    mc3- $50
    hf3 - $90
    hf2 - $90
    er4 - $165
    hf5 - $75
    mc5 - $40
    6isolator - $60
    ety.com - $30
  2. Nagasaki_Kid
    cross ety.com off I believe thats a one sided headset(one bud and a mic)
    6isolator(easiest for beginners afraid of deep insertion but less isolation and sound quality than the rest of the lot)
    Everything from this point on is deep insertion and better isolating but beginners will need to adjust to deep insertion. everything below arguable isolates the same. as we go downward the sound has more details and clarity, but the bass is also less plentiful as we go down.
    mc5, mc3(mic'd version) good for those who like the ety sound with more bass)
    hf5, hf2(mic'd), hf3(mic'd with ipod control) about 90% of the er4 sound for less
    er4 top of the line
    The ety sound is extremely detailed and accurate, but you'll need a week or so to adjust if you're a beginner.
    I'd say the sweet spot with your discounts is the hf5. althought those prices are similar to grey market prices(ebay if you search hard)
  3. zlobby
    im open to suggestions outside of the etymotics.  I just though it would be something to throw out there since I do have the discount.  
  4. Chris_Himself
    Oh man if you can get the HF5's for that price I'd say jump on it and get me a pair too please =)
    If you don't really care to experiment with sound signature, Etymotic can come off as bass lean, but the reward is absolute detail and clarity. They do not require an amp to sound good, the ER4 being transparent enough to benefit from an amp but it's completely not necessary.
    You'll be happy, it takes some time to become trained to the detail, you'll know once you go back to your HD600's. The ER6's I have can reveal things the 600's don't. I know no headphone adds any detail to music but it's easier to hear everything.

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