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I'm forced to get my next pair of headphones From Best Buy ( BB Credit + $25 gift card), Whats the best For ~$100?

  1. Sonicjet
    So, I love music and love headphones, mostly IEMs for a number of reasons. I was gotten a pair of Monster Jamz as a gift however, I feel they are a little; well, funny sounding after break in. Tons of low but lacking in the mids and just ok up high. Kinda muddy. I love the build quality, but am not a fan of the sound. I can return them for store credit. Now, I have been eyeing the Klipsch S4, is it really that much better than the Jamz? I have used the Bose IE2s for an extended period of time and loved the sound...but hated everything else about them, the fit was downright painful and I prefer a closed system as to not bother others and for the better isolation.
    Here are some other phones I have owned:
    Razer Moray:
    Lows: lacking  
    Mids:strong...ish kinda messy
    Highs:eh, not that great, good for $30 though
    Poor Build Quality, Good extras though
    Altec Lansing NP326:
    Low: Ok, not that great
    Mid:loud but not crisp, nor clean in any way
    Highs:kinda overpowering
    Good sound comparable to the moray, good base,not very clean sounding, cord was cool but noisy as it was a thick cloth, problems with jack breaking.
    Altec Lansing Backbeat Classic:
    Obviously worse than the NP326, muddy..
    Koss Sparkplug:
    Way too much bass for what they were but dangerously painful to pull out.
    Devices I use it on:
    I don't have a MP3 player anymore instead I just carry my phone(Way too much to carry for the normal college student, the iPod touch kinda had sucky sound anyway, the Droid is better, but not great),
    Current Phone: Motorola Droid (Milestone)
    New phone later this month: 
    Sony Xperia Play (Not for gaming, but it's the cheapest great phone on Verizon, free at Amazon, head it has good sound quality as well)
    Laptop: 2011 Macbook Pro (Yes, I love the sound it puts out, very clean with the iE2s or under a full amp setup (hehe).)
    What I listen to:
    (This may be wee bit complex :) )
    EDM(Darude, Airbase, etc), D&B(Pendulum),whatever you want to call Ayreon, and also Coldplay and some classical.
    (Really hard gap to fill here, I know)
    So what do you guys think I should get? I only want to spend around $100 and am sadly limited to Best Buy (had it been amazon I would have already gotten the RE0s) Would I be really better off with something from somewhere else than BestBuy or are the S4Is or another bud that good?
    Thanks for reading though my novel.
  2. dbdynsty25

    Not to take this off track, but the Xperia Play is about halfway down the list of "great" phones on Verizon.  If you want cheap and great, go Incredible 2.  I've used every Android based phone on Verizon (except the LG Revolution 4G) and my daily driver is the Incredible 2 for a multitude of reasons.  Battery life, size and UI being the main ones.
    And to be more on track...from Best Buy I think you should go with the original Turbines ($140).  A little overpriced at Best Buy compared to purchasing online, but still probably the best headphone you can buy at Best Buy.  The Turbine line of headphones isn't like other Monster products in that they actually sound good...tho still slightly overpriced.  Another option at Best Buy is the Etymotic HF3 ($180)...but that's more analytical so it doesn't have the deep low end that a Turbine would.  But according to your 
    If you have to stay under 100...I really have no idea at Best Buy.  The S4s would NOT be good for the music you're trying to listen to.  Quite a bit of sssssimblance and they aren't exactly the most accurate.  Maybe the Etymotic MC3s at $99 would be a good place to start, but I haven't listened to those to make any determination of sound.
  3. Costia
    No idea what would fit your music
    I have the original monster turbines, they sound good but the build quality sucks 
    At under 100$ at best buy i would consider: sony xb500,senn px200II,senn hd280pro, ATH-AD700
    Seen the senn cx300 there as well, but they really suck compared to the turbines (bloated bass, turbines sound much clearer)
  4. alv4426
    why not buy the phone at worst buy and headphones online?
  5. Sonicjet
    On Phones: Actually...I have done quite a bit of research into it, along with using all of them, along with a friend with the DI2, the Incredible 2 is spec for spec identical to the Play (Same exact part number CPU and ram) but the play has a better screen (and touch screen, engaget loved it, as do I), sound quality, and batterylife, Plus XDA has rooted it, unlocked it and overclocked it,plus I like physical controls for browsing. (also, I hate sense, ha.)
    On (head)Phones: Yeah...$140, bit much unless there was a sale or they would price match another store that had them for less. hmm...The E3s seem universally hated.
  6. Sonicjet
    Because the phone is $99 At best buy and free online. :)
    IDK, maybe i'll just ware these in a bit more and if I can dig up some more money grab the turbines then, or just go to amazon and grab the RE0s.
  7. alv4426
    just went thru the list at worst buy and they sell SE215 and at almost the same price as amazon ....buy NOW
  8. Sonicjet


    Sure, I would love to, but they are out of stock...:frowning2:
  9. jant71
    The CX475 are on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy. They are getting very good reviews including one saying they are better than the S4 and another saying they are better than the Monster Turbine. Might be worth the try. If they made the appropriate jump from the CX250 and CX280 they should be a bit better than the Turbines. I haven't heard the CX475, so I can't say if they actually are or not.
  10. Sonicjet
    Follow up message: I got the CX475s (The Jams ended up losing the bottom plug cover anyway, shoddy construction) 
    One word: WOW. These are by far the best yet, They have a bit of ssssimblince at first but have since grown very very clean, perfect across the entire spectrum. Def. Must buy, I would imagine that they are worlds better than the S4. This is perfect.
  11. Sonicjet
    Wow, I just tried these next to a pair of IE2s.....
    This absolutely smokes a well warn in pair of IE2's, way, way clearer.
    I don't have a pair of turbines to compare but these really are great headphones.
    Don't mean to double post but this is worth the bump.
  12. jant71
    Probably is worth the bump. I was pretty sure in recommending them. I might end up getting a pair myself. I usually like to wait and see what ebay offers esp. on Best Buy stuff. I got my BB open box CLX60 for $29.99 shipped and a pair of like new UR55 for $10.50 so I'll wait but I would like to hear them.
  13. aleki
    for the record, BB sells Amazon gift cards next to their kindle displays. if I have a BB gift card, that's what I usually buy [​IMG]
  14. Sonicjet


    Thud,thud,thud....wish I knew this... actually, no I don't, I like these.

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