1. billqs

    FS: Hifiman Jade 2 Phones and Amp Complete Electrostatic System!

    Up for sale is a complete Hifiman Jade 2 system. Its sound signature is similar to the STAX Flagship SR-009 (analytical very detailed), whereas I'm more of a SR-007 guy (warmer, smoother), which is why I'm selling it. The Jade 2 has that amazing amount of clarity and exceptionally low distortion...
  2. thebrunx

    Jecklin Float High-End Rare Vintage Electrostatic Headphones set (like STAX SR)

    Jecklin Float (Made in Switzerland) Electrostatic headphones masterpiece. This Headphones and energiser set are fully working with a beautiful sound, but need to be cleaned and restored with ear-pads foam etc (see photos). I ship worldwide from Germany, No problem. Safe payment with Paypal...
  3. billqs

    SOLD Koss Massdrop 95X Electrostatic Headphones with Amp

    I'm down to making painful cuts to my headphones. These sound great, but between these and my STAX 007's I decided to keep the STAX. This is an amazing deal to get into the world of the ultra low distortion electrostatic headphones! Price is SOLD including shipping and paypal to CONUS Only...
  4. QwertyQmin

    FS: [US-TX] - Stax SR-L700 -

    Stax is renown amongst people who love headphones as the pinnacle of audio reproduction in this or frankly any other form factor. The lambdas have long been lauded for their superior dynamics, speed, and ability to articulate immense amounts of detail that simply goes beyond what other...
  5. lawshredpower

    WTB Sennheiser HE-60 > STAX adapter

    Looking for a adapter to use my HE-60 with STAX amps. New or used. If someone can build me one that’d be cool as well. I’m located in Portugal, but anywhere in the world is okay. thanks
  6. altie

    Stax SRM-T1 for sale

    This posting is for a very good used condition SRM-T1 tube electrostatic amplifier with Stax "pro" and "normal" bias outputs. Sale includes a good condition original box, serial number CO1171 matching the amp. Asking $550, Paypal preferred. I'm selling it because my beat up old rehabbed...
  7. JustinBieber

    SOLD Stax SR009S for sale price dropped SOLD

    Hi, I have a Stax SR-009S for sale in excellent condition. I already have the 009 and 007, so these are redundant. I only bought them because I wanted to compare them. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/WtdS8Pt $3200 $3000 OBO via paypal Local pickup in SF Bay area available. No trades please. SOLD
  8. takato14

    WTB: KOSS ESP/10

    In the title. I just replaced the cable on mine to find that it has a channel imbalance. oof. Any condition, with or without energizer. pls let someone here have this lmao
  9. Softable

    STAX SRM-727II *Price Drop*

    Hello, I am selling my SRM-727II STAX energizer. I already sold my SR-009S, so I have no need for an electrostatic energizer. Price negotiable. CONUS only Located in the SF Bay area PayPal/shipping on buyer. Smoke free, pet free environment. Price now $1100
  10. leon995


    For sale is a Mr Speaker Voce. Like new. Come with everything. Due to this is the early production unit the display case came in later than the headphone so the case showed Ether. The display case will be shipped separately. Asking for $$$ shipped. PayPal fees on buyer. Let me know if you have...
  11. billqs

    SOLD STAX SRS-002 Electrostatic IEM's with Portable Driver (Amp) Low Price

    SOLD Up for sale is a STAX SRS-002 Portable system featuring SR-002 Electrostatic In the earspeaker + SRM002 Driver unit to run the system. I wanted to use it at work but it's a little too hard to use since it's semiopen. This is a great chance to get into the STAX sound for far less an...
  12. QwertyQmin

    Anybody heard Mjolnir Audio's headphones?

    On Birgir's website, he's selling prototype electrostats using custom diaphragms inside an SR-X driver. I've never heard the SR-X, and even then I'm sure it wouldn't help as so much has been changed. I'm effectively debating between this and the L700. I hate the look of the boxy lambdas, but...
  13. QwertyQmin

    (SOLD) Woo Audio WEE energizer

    This WEE is built to be an easy way for speaker lovers, or anybody with a speaker amp, to use their existing equipment to dive into electrostats. It's really simple to set up, and it works. I've used this off a Behringer amp and the Schiit Ragnarok for the past few years, but now I'm...
  14. QwertyQmin


    Hi! I've been really happy using this with the SR-003, I figured there would be a myriad of problems I'd have to deal with considering this is a portable energizer, but somehow it just works. It's got a solid DAC and amp section that's made listening to the 003s a real treat. It comes with all...

    SOLD Stax Omega 2 Mk.1s (007 Mk.1s) + SRM-T1S + Stax stand/Dust Cover/Case

    Up for sale are my Stax Omega 2 Mk.1s (the best variant with the properly sealed port.) These are by far the smoothest and most detailed headphones that I have ever heard. They have a touch of warmth and a very nice low-end. Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a rough spot financially so I must let...
  16. aminus

    SOLD: Stax SRM-353X BK

    Selling my used limited edition Stax SRM-353X BK. Purchased from Japan at the beginning of the year, used sparsely throughout. Kept off when not in use. Selling as I don't have the time to use it. Unit is wired for 100V. If you live in a 230V/240V country I will bundle a free 240V to 100V...
  17. aminus

    SOLD: Stax SR-Lambda

    Selling a vintage Stax SR-Lambda Pro from the 80's. Item was purchased earlier this year from Japan and is in perfect condition. Used infrequently in a smoke free home. Does not come with box. Selling as I don't use it often enough. Comes with free HPS-2 stand and CPC-1 plastic cover.
  18. aminus

    SOLD: Stax SR-L700

    Selling my Stax SR-L700 purchased from Japan earlier this year. Used infrequently in a smoke free home. Selling it as I don’t use it often enough. Pads have been modded with double sided tape for better bass extension, this is reversible if you don’t want it. Comes with free HPS-2 stand and...
  19. gtrx333

    FS: Stax L300 Limited

    In excellent condition, kept under plastic cover. Used less than 15 times. Comes fully boxed.
  20. AME Custom Radioso

    AME Custom Radioso

    The Radioso, universal fit, hybrid electrostatic IEM integrates a low frequency dynamic driver with a mid frequency balanced armature driver and four high frequency electrostatic tweeters. It is tuned to deliver rich low-end response while fully highlighting the unique characteristics of the...
  21. P

    Use a Stax 5 Pin (Pro) Extension with 6 Pin (Normal) Headphones?

    Hi all - I have a pair of old Stax normal bias headphones that I absolutely love but really need an extension (I've thought about re-positioning, getting longer speaker cables etc but it's basically this or move house so I can sit comfortably!) I've been trawling the internet looking for one and...
  22. kendetamas

    Looking for: Hifiman Jade II system

    Dear everyone, I am looking for a used Hifiman Jade II system with warranty. Anyone has one to sell? I would pay via PayPal as non-gift. Thanks, Tamás
  23. Pentagonal

    SOLD - Shure KSE1200 and/or 3.5mm interconnect

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying a KSE 1200 and before getting one new, I am wondering if anyone has one that they would like to sell. Please message me if you do! On that note, I'm also looking for a short, high quality 3.5mm interconnect like those made by ALO Audio. Thank you, Eugene
  24. WAVAYA Octa

    WAVAYA Octa

    Octa preserves most of the characteristics of a Penta with a double electrostatic array and sound engineering oriented to obtain a balanced curve fitting jazz, classical and also pop singers, musicians and audiophiles. The extreme crispness of high frequencies and a smoother crossovering /...
  25. Dan Lee

    [TRADED] STAX SR-009 $2250

    I am selling my beloved SR-009's. I spent quite a bit of time and effort comparing the 009 to the 009S and had a very difficult time deciding which I prefered. I found the 009S to slightly color the sound and when I say slightly I do mean slightly. The 009 however is the more realistic and...