1. voja

    Kaldas Research INOX: The World's First Consumer Closed-Back Electrostatic Headphone

    It's finally here! The wait is over. I managed to stumble across this while going through the company's website: https://www.kaldasresearch.com/pages/inox Almost 5 years have gone by since Kaldas Research entered the headphones industry with its RR1 Conquest open-back electrostatic headphones...
  2. HiFiWar

    The Drinking Fountain - Full-Size Headphone Discussion

    Welcome to the Drinking Fountain! The Watercooler is a very well known thread for IEM discussion started by @Rockwell75, but there is nothing similar for full-size headphone enthusiasts. Therefor, on this day, the 4th of January, 2024, the Drinking Fountain has been created for just such a...
  3. J

    HifiMan Jade II Alternatives?

    Hello everyone, I just had the opportunity to demo a Hifiman Jade II system, and I was blown away - the imaging and soundstage were unbelievable, it felt like I was having an intimate conversation with every singer I listened to. I loved how open they sounded, and just how much detail was...


  5. Elysian Acoustics Annihilator 2023

    Elysian Acoustics Annihilator 2023

    Annihilator 2023 Technical Specifications: - 7 Drivers Tribrid Configuration (1 x Foster Dynamic Driver, 2 x Electrostatic Tweeter, 4 x Balanced Armature Drivers) - 4 Way Crossover - Frequency response 20hz - 45khz - Sensitivity 94db @100mV @1kHz - Impedence 22ohms @ 1khz - DiVe Pass System for...
  6. mrspeakers

    Introducing the CORINA Electrostatic Reference Headphone

    We are proud to announce our new flagship electrostatic headphone, CORINA! CORINA makes numerous advances in both sound and ergonomics. First and most importantly it incorporates our Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System, for buttery smooth mids and highs that are loaded with detail yet free...
  7. GoldenSound

    Warwick Acoustics APERIO and BRAVURA

    (I posted this in the Aperio sponsor thread here but figured it'd be good to make an actual headphone forum thread for these two) So I heard the Bravura and Aperio at Munich and was VERY impressed. This was my first time hearing any Warwick acoustics stuff and I went into it not at all knowing...
  8. Astrotec Phoenix 6

    Astrotec Phoenix 6

    Phoenix 6 is our first-ever flagship tribrid IEMs made with elegant, titanium alloy shell, housing four Sonion electrostatic super tweeters, one balanced armature driver, and one customized dynamic driver. Key features: 1: Unique design, made of titanium alloy. 2: Utilizing 4 miniature...
  9. HiFiGuy94

    Will an AC Power Adapter be enough to power Japanese STAX Earspeakers?

    This might be a silly question, but i was recently looking at buying some Japanese STAX SR-L700MK2 Earspeakers however they have a Japanese Plug. So im just wondering if if an Australian AC Power Adaptor would be enough to get these Earspeakers working or if i would need something more heavy...
  10. E

    Any information on the Micro Seiki MX-5 electrostatics?

    Hello everyone, today I got a pair of Micro Seiki MX-5 electrostatics that were found in my grandparent's attic because they unfortunately passed away. Does anyone have any information / measurements for these headphones? Also, how do I have to hook up the electrostatic energizer to my amp/dac...
  11. Mynameisgregor

    Need an amp for my electrostatic Sennheisers

    Hello audiophiles and experts, Recently I bought a second hand Sennheiser Unipolar 2000 but I found out later it was an electrostatic. I didn't receive the energizer and the previous owner didn't have it. Now I'm wondering if there's a variety of amps/energizers I can get for the Unipolar...
  12. Soltanus Acoustics Euridiche

    Soltanus Acoustics Euridiche

  13. Audeze CRBN

    Audeze CRBN

    Breakthrough Electrostatic Technology Featuring the most advanced electrostatic technology in decades, Audeze proudly introduces the CRBN electrostatic headphone (pronounced “carbon”), which features a new Patent-pending polymer film with suspended carbon nanotubes to eliminate problems commonly...
  14. arjuna93

    Herton HE-2 (and compatibility between electret drivers)

    Does anyone know anything of these obscure electrostats? It is also interesting to know which old electret drivers are compatible across brands. For example, I have a bunch of Audio-technicas (ATH-7, ATH-8, ATH-80, ATH-9000). Can I use some other electret headphones with them?
  15. rzy6cn

    Looks like STAX is going to release a new earspeaker (probably flagship)

    I hope it is a new flagship SR-010 (X implies 10). I've been waiting it for too long! Looks like it is a brand new design electrostatic headphone. There were rumors that Stax is going to release the successor of the legendary Stax Omega, also come with the set Amplifier. Lets see if Stax can...
  16. Nectar Sound Hive

    Nectar Sound Hive

    The Hives are an electrostatic headphone produced by the boutique manufacturer Nectar Sound.
  17. DUNU EST 112

    DUNU EST 112

    Driver Module: - Dynamic Driver(s): 3rd Generation 13.5 mm Driver with Dual-Sided Beryllium Coating (×1) - Balanced Armature Driver(s): Custom Knowles BA Mid-High Tweeter (×1) - Electret Electrostatic Driver(s): Sonion Dual EST Supertweeter (×2) Stock Cable: - Length: 1.2 ± 0.1 m - Material...
  18. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU releases EST 112, a triple hybrid in-ear with dual electrostatic tweeters

    DUNU evolves its venerated hybrid product line by adding a third form of transducer. DUNU’s first hybrid earphone, DN-1000, released in 2013, smashed expectations for how much a hybrid earphone should cost. Eight years and nine hybrid models later, DUNU once again lowers the price threshold for...
  19. Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest

    Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest

    The RR1 Conquest is a Circumaural Electrostatic headphone. The RR1's chassis is made up of several different materials. The headband assembly is machined Aluminium. Sourced by our neighbor - Hindalco Industries. The headband harp is Spring Steel, the hardening process is done in-house to meet...
  20. Kinera Mount Nanna 2.0 Hybrid Electrostatic IEM UPDATED 2/1/21

    Kinera Mount Nanna 2.0 Hybrid Electrostatic IEM UPDATED 2/1/21

    Four Driver Hybrid Setup, including one 7mm Dynamic Driver, one Balanced Armature Driver and two Electrostatic Drivers. Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz Connector : 3.5mm/ 6.35mm Frequency response range: 5-50KHz Distortion: <0.8% Impedance: 60Ω Cable Length: 1.2m...
  21. bigjako

    Electrostatic Amp BOMs

    I discovered this hobby existed in April and upgraded my way through mid-fi, settling on warm, bassy cannons as my preferred sound signature. Then I bought some Stax NBs and have sold off all my planars and dynamics other than Lawton-cupped and modded EMU Teaks, Sundaras and likely the balanced...
  22. H

    Looking for help with electrostatic headphone setup (first timer)

    Hello, let me start by saying how glad I am that I found this forum. It ultimately was what led me to purchase my first electrostatic headphone setup. Now I am no veteran in regards to headphones in fact I'm quite a noob. The only headphones (or sets) ive ever owned before was a razer black...
  23. AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon This year, to meet the ever-evolving demand in performance in the IEM arena, we introduce you the all new Tri-Hybrid Driver Architecture in the Halcyon. Featuring quad electrostatic transducers driven by a single, gen 2 transformer with enhanced efficiency and sensitivity in the...
  24. Astrotec Phoenix

    Astrotec Phoenix

    Phoenix is our first-ever flagship hybrid IEM made with elegant, real rosewood shell housing two Sonion electrostatic super tweeters and one large customized dynamic driver. Key features: 1.Handcrafted authentic rosewood shells that keep the original wood grains that are unique to every single...
  25. Sound N00b

    Thieaudio legacy 3 vs shuoer tape + others. $125 budget.

    I was happy with my blon 03s until I lost them and I think it is finally time to stop grieving them and find a replacement to fill the beater set role. I listen primarily to a lot of rock ranging from classical metal/hard rock to more chill alternative stuff like the gorillaz but I listen to...