Electrostatic Amp BOMs
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Jun 9, 2020
los angeles
I discovered this hobby existed in April and upgraded my way through mid-fi, settling on warm, bassy cannons as my preferred sound signature. Then I bought some Stax NBs and have sold off all my planars and dynamics other than Lawton-cupped and modded EMU Teaks, Sundaras and likely the balanced Argon Mk3s that should arrive in 8 weeks or so.

Kaldas arrived today and L300s should be here Monday. I almost bought a 95X today but held off to conserve my funds for an amp.

I need to upgrade my amp(s) and have gone down the electrostatic amp rabbit hole. It is very different than the other side. I can’t really buy 4 amps, settle on my fave and sell the other 3 without laying out something like $10k.

I live in LA and a buddy works on amps for studios here and said he would try to build one for me, I just need to supply the parts. So now I’m trying to find a parts list or BOM for one of the KGSSHV Carbon or BHSE, because i figure I might as well advance straight to Go. I’ve been on all the standard DIY sites and have not seen a current, accurate BOM. I guess maybe that is part of the challenge, but I thought I should try to get a bit of a head start and throw this out there:

- Does anyone have a BOM (or even extra parts) from a recent electrostatic amp build? Preferably a KGSSHV or BHSE
- For those who built one, or know someone who has, what is the cost of the actual parts involved?
- In terms of build complexity, is either the KGSSHV or BHSE easier than the other, or would you recommend another amp that has a stronger ‘performance-to-ease of build’ ratio?
- is it feasible to do a BHSE build with both Normal and Pro biases?

Thank you so much,

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