electrostatic amp
  1. N

    What should my first Estat be?

    Not exactly sure what I should go with, but I'm thinking something like the Stax L700 for my first. Read quite good things about it and I'm keen to try it. But if yall think otherwise and have some better suggestions, buy all means! even if it's niche. Also what energizer is a good first solid...
  2. Mynameisgregor

    Need an amp for my electrostatic Sennheisers

    Hello audiophiles and experts, Recently I bought a second hand Sennheiser Unipolar 2000 but I found out later it was an electrostatic. I didn't receive the energizer and the previous owner didn't have it. Now I'm wondering if there's a variety of amps/energizers I can get for the Unipolar...
  3. Ray Samuels Audio A-10 Thunderbolt II

    Ray Samuels Audio A-10 Thunderbolt II

    There are 26 A-10 Thunderbolt IIs in existence right now (excluding 2 Ray uses as his personal systems). Mine was picked up earlier in December 2020 leaving only 2 possible A-10 left to be produced by Ray. Below is a summary of the A-10 Thunderbolt II design from Ray Samuels himself in a...
  4. bigjako

    Electrostatic Amp BOMs

    I discovered this hobby existed in April and upgraded my way through mid-fi, settling on warm, bassy cannons as my preferred sound signature. Then I bought some Stax NBs and have sold off all my planars and dynamics other than Lawton-cupped and modded EMU Teaks, Sundaras and likely the balanced...