1. Yin Lu Mei M400

    Yin Lu Mei M400

    Newest DAC Amp M400. M400 is the upgraded version of M200+. It’s a brand-new design, not only from the look but also the inner settings. M400 adopts the newest AKM DAC AK4499 chip and also focus on the power supply, along with 8 330UF E-type tantalum capacitor, 4 OPA1612 for IV exchange. Each...
  2. Shanling

    Shanling UA5 - Portable USB DAC/AMP || 4.4mm Balanced Output || Hybrid Battery Power || Independent Volume Control || 235 USD / Euro

    With UA5, we are pushing our UA line into a bit different category. While UA1 and UA2 worked nicely as simple USB Audio dongles, UA5 is quite a bit closer to your bigger portable DAC/AMPs. UA5 adds volume wheel for an independent volume control, small screen for an easy access to multiple...
  3. TRI TK-2

    TRI TK-2

  4. L

    Ground loop isolator help please

    Hi there, I'm Lewis I recently got into the audio hobby and I'm happy to be a part of this community of experts and other people who share the love for the hobby. I haven't made an introduction on the forum for that as I am desperate to get help from people on this site asap! Please read the...
  5. T

    Powering Dangles independently

    I’m relatively new to these forums, and am not sure that this hasn’t been discussed before, but I recently stumbled upon a simple and inexpensive tweak that can vastly improve the sound of remote DAC/Amp like the Lotoo PAW S2 that I use with my iPhone to stream Qobuz. I used an inexpensive...
  6. Evan McNaughton

    Will a fiio K5 power HD 6XX?

    I’m looking to buy a pair of Sennheiser x Massdrop HD 6XX and I want to find an DAC/amp to run them through, I’m looking at the fiio K5 pro but as someone with limited knowledge about powering high impedance headphones I want to make sure it’s the right thing. The 6XX are 300 ohms, and I want...
  7. Hidizs S9 PRO Red Copper Limited Edition Balanced And Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & Amp

    Hidizs S9 PRO Red Copper Limited Edition Balanced And Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & Amp

    The Hidizs S9 Pro Red Copper Limited Edition is a very powerful, linear, and good sounding portable headphone DAC & amp that features single-ended and balanced circuits. It is technically and sonically identical to the S9 Pro however heavier. The differences are strictly cosmetic.
  8. Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp)

    Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp)

    This is a DAC/Amp that I believe is worthy of its $139 price tag. How come? You’ve got not only the extremely resolving mobile DAC/amp that gives you an utterly coherent sound...
  9. jjpresturd

    Playstation 5 Console Headphone & Setup Inquiry

    Hi all, It's been years since I've posted and since I first dived into the world of Head-FI. I'm returning now due to a sequence of YouTube-recommended videos that have led me back down the rabbit hole of headphone audio. Here we go again! I've got a couple of questions and considerations I...
  10. EarMen Sparrow USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

    EarMen Sparrow USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

    EarMen is a company registered in in the US, where most of its stakeholders are located – and from where they focus on the North American market. EarMen are a subdivision of premium audio gear producer Auris Audio. The production is in Krusavec, Serbia [video of production facilities]: Made in...
  11. Sound N00b

    Best portable bluetooth dac/amp

    I have 3 problems I want to solve 1) I want to watch tv on my headphones/earphones (presumably via Bluetooth). A really long wire is not an option. 2) I want to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time 3) I want a better dac and amp then what is in my phone 3.5) Being able to take...
  12. Wyville

    Violectric DHA V380 DAC/Amp/Pre-amp

    Because I am getting a demo unit of the Violectric V380 to try out soon, kindly offered on loan to me by Dune Blue, the EU distributor for Violectric, I thought it would be interesting to start a dedicate thread. From what I have seen so far it looks like the V380 is a less feature rich...
  13. Nobank

    Best DAC/AMP for two Fidelio X2HR's connected at the same time via splitter?

    I have two Fidelio X2HR's connected to a computer via a splitter (3.5mm), but even at 100% volume, is too quiet; even with only one X2HR connected. Only having one connected, makes it a bit louder (about 5-8% louder), but still too low. Tried with 3 other desktop pc's too. So I need an amp or...
  14. XDuoo XP-2 Pro

    XDuoo XP-2 Pro

    Difference between XP-2 and XP-2 Pro XP-2 XP-2 Pro DAC AKM AK4452 AKM AK4452 Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.0, support AAC, SBC, aptX Bluetooth 5.0, support AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX LL, aptx DH, LDAC Output power 245mW @ 32 Ohm 300mW @ 32 Ohm Recommend output impedance 16 - 300 Ohm 16...
  15. CharmTek TPR22 USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone DAC

    CharmTek TPR22 USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone DAC

  16. Cozoy Takt C

    Cozoy Takt C

    Technical Specifications: >Advanced Sabre DAC ES9018Q2C >PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz >Native DSD support up to DSD256-11.2MHz >4-Layers reinforced gold-plated PCB >TCXO Crystal Oscillator >Output Power: 28mW @ 32 ohms per channel >USB Type-C Input >Output Port: 3.5mm TRS Headphone jack...
  17. rrondo

    DAC/AMP for Audio-Technica M40x

    Two weeks ago i bought my first 'closed' headphones Audio-Technica M40x (for 120$ in my country). By that time I already had iBasso DC02 and pair of in-ear headphones TRN V90. And my new M40x very disappointed me. I was hoping to get wide soundstage and more 'deep' sound, but my TRN v90 (~35$)...
  18. xDuoo Link

    xDuoo Link

    Output power: 32mW @ 32ohm Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.5dB) THD+N: 0.0018% @ 1kHz S/N: 115dB Crosstalk:≥77dB Sampling rate support PCM: 16-32Bit/44.1kHz-384kHz DSD: 1Bit/2.82mHz-11.2mHz DAC chip: ESS9118EC Volume: 60mm*13mm*7.2mm Input interface: Type-C Output port: 3.5mm jack Length of...
  19. 1Speedster

    Replacing Ayre CODEX -- Any recently introduced DAC/amps impressing you?

    A few years back, at least one reviewer favorably compared the Ayre CODEX DAC/amp to other makes running upwards of $5,000 (and, the dealer claimed he unit also bested Ayre's higher priced models). I paired the unit with some Cardas A8 ear speakers in balanced mode and experienced a seriously...
  20. Sound N00b

    Do combo amp dacs provide a better value than 2 discrete units?

    Do I get more bang for my buck by buying an amp dac combo instead. For example instead of getting a $100 amp and a $100 dac would I get better sound quality by spending $200 on a combo (for example an audioengine d1). Also if you do get more bang for your buck combo recommendations under $250...
  21. Sound N00b

    Best dac/amp combo under $250

    My original plan was to drop $100 on an amp now and then later once got more money I would drop another $100 on a dac. I was talking to an audiophile friend who was saying that I shouldn't completely discount dac/amp combos because they do have some benefits (less opportunities for noise...
  22. Gmag21

    Amp/DAC for office

    Hi all, I recently purchased a pair of Sony Z1R headphones and I’m planning to use them exclusively on my desktop PC at work (streaming hifi music from tidal). I’m thinking about pairing my new headphones with a DAC/amp device but not sure what’s best or recommended for my use case. I don’t...
  23. Jobbing

    Portable balanced DAC/AMP with AES/Ebu input?

    With the incoming new xDuoo X10T MKII digital transport I'm looking for a balanced DAC/Amp with AES/Ebu input to pair with the transport unit. AES not being a common feature on portable devices, any help and recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  24. C

    How do I delete my threads?

    What I said before.
  25. ostewart

    General YuLong Thread (DAART Aquila / DA10 etc...)

    So far I have the DAART Aquila, has anyone got one of these, I have just had one delivered and it is playing really well with my HE-500 Features: ● Shielded transformer with a unique character of an isolator, which filters out high frequency noises ● Dop64 and Dop128 supported through...