The FiiO R7 Desktop All-in-One System Now Available on Apos Audio
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Jun 8, 2021
Santa Clara, CA
Hi all,

The FiiO R7 is an incredibly versatile desktop system that combines a transmitter, decoder, amplifier, streamer, preamp, and media playback functions all in one unit—effectively consolidating into one package what used to require many devices to do. With numerous connections and expansion capabilities, as well as a wide variety of operating modes, the R7 can handle almost any type of audio input or output.

The R7 is a convenient hub for both speakers and headphones. You can switch between listening devices with the turn of a knob, and enjoy your entire headphone collection with the R7’s impressive range of outputs.

It is available for pre-order on the website now. Also, here’s the link to the blog for more information:

FiiO R7.png
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