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  1. Bkido

    Zähl HM1 - Reference Headphone Amplifier

    Since I wasn't able to find a discussion thread on this amplifier I thought I'd create this thread to talk about it. Reference Amplifier with unprecedented transparency and precision, attention to detail and massive power performance. Rich feature set for both high-end enthusiasts and...
  2. AuneAudio

    We are back | S6c? M1p? XC1? X8 XVIII? aune@HighEnd2022!

    The video of aune@High End 2022! Check it out:wink: https://fb.watch/dfXfvjPunU/ This May, the Munich High End Show is back! Visit aune at Hall 1, D17 to try out the latest aune products! Exhibits: X1s GT / X1s GT BT DAC with Headphone Amp X8 XVIII / X8 XVIII BT Magic DAC X5s 8th...
  3. AuneAudio

    aune X1s GT Bluetooth edition is here!

    X1s GT DAC with headphone amplifier, the 8th gen and the milestone of the classic aune X1 series The Bluetooth edition NOW AVAILABLE! ☞ http://en.auneaudio.com/index.php?s=Home/Article/detail/id/59.html ☞ Price: 349 EUR ☞ Find your local distributors here...
  4. M

    Is feeding a speaker with a headphone amp ok?

    Hi, I'm going to get 6XX headphones and a DROP AAA 789 amp. Currently I have 58X headphones, Z625 speakers, and a Grace SDAC Balanced (I'm going to use this dac to feed the 789). If I only use the balanced input, will it still output from the SE? Or does the balanced input only output to the...
  5. roofus

    Moderator please delete, posted in wrong spot.

    Moderator, please delete. Posted in wrong spot.
  6. Wells Audio Dragon

    Wells Audio Dragon

    The list of design criteria was long one for the new Wells Audio Dragon amplifiers. The goal was no less than to match the legendary performance levels of the Wells Milo and Headtrip solid state headphone amplifiers at even lower price points with the addition of the incorporation of the...
  7. S.M.S.L SU-6/SH-6 DAC/amp combo

    S.M.S.L SU-6/SH-6 DAC/amp combo

    SMSL SU-6 Desktop Mini HiFi Audio DAC Features: - Mini size design, very suitable for desktop use; - CNC integrated milling process, simple and stylish; - ESS Technology high-end D/A chip ES9038Q2M; - Qualcomm latest Bluetooth chip supports LDAC 24bit/96kHz, APTX/HD, SBC, AAC; - 4x high-end dual...
  8. TOPPING E50 DAC + L50 Headphone Amplifier Combo

    TOPPING E50 DAC + L50 Headphone Amplifier Combo

  9. zbielak

    Questyle CMA Fifteen — Official Thread

    Evolution never stops. We as humans have never stopped questing, and neither should a true flagship device. As the culmination of 15 years of research, and with groundbreaking performance, we present you our newest flagship DAC & headphone amplifier: — The CMA Fifteen — commemorating the...
  10. Questyle CMA Twelve DAC Headphone Amp

    Questyle CMA Twelve DAC Headphone Amp

    CMA TWELVE Flagship DAC / Headphone Amp CMA Twelve is designed with four groups of Current Mode amplifiers, exhibiting forceful driving power and an ultra-low distortion level of a mere 0.0005%. Plus the high-performance BIAS Control System, CMA Twelve will give full performance to your...
  11. P

    first expensive cans (( for metal)) (help)

    Hi! everybody! I am looking for a great pair of cans for headphones. I want to be slapped in the face when prayer poisition by periphery start and still I want clearity in complex passages full of instruments like haken's songs and I also want to enjoy orchestral, calmer, full of details songs...
  12. Anode Acoustics #4 Solid State Headphone Amp

    Anode Acoustics #4 Solid State Headphone Amp

    Features: Full class A operation, BJT power transistors on the output Power output 1W 5ohm to 1k ohm load (and beyond) operation 30v peak to peak maximum voltage output RCA inputs and 6.3mm Headphones output Built-in regulated 25w linear power supply. The amp is 230v mains operated Dimensions...
  13. F

    Final showdown: FiiO K5 Pro vs Topping L30(but without DAC) which would sound better?

    So after almost a month of owning my Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro and trying to figure out which amp to go for, here is what I've narrowed it down to, and I don't wish to consider any other option but these two given my budget, availability where I live and all my past research. Which of these do...
  14. 5

    Headphone amp/dac combo under $150

    I have about $150 to spend on a new headphone amp and dac, and I'm looking for suggestions on which one to buy. The amp and dac can be one unit, or separate units if necessary. I am currently looking at the Schiit Stack (Magni + Modi) and the Audioengine D1 but they are too expensive at US $198...
  15. Flux Lab Acoustics VOLOT

    Flux Lab Acoustics VOLOT

    Versatility and superior sound quality. These are big goals set at the beginning of the journey, creating a powerful amplifier named after the Eastern Slavic mythology in honour of the mythical giants VOLOTs. VOLOT is an evolution of a state-of-the-art, based on the experience gained in...
  16. Shanling UA2 Portable USB DAC/AMP

    Shanling UA2 Portable USB DAC/AMP

    - Advanced model of UA line - Interchangeable cables, using USB-C connector - Special mode offering compatibility with Nintendo Switch - 3.5mm Single ended & 2.5mm Balanced output - ESS ES9038Q2M DAC & Ricore RT6863 amplifier - Up to 195mW@32 output...
  17. Lake People G111

    Lake People G111

    Product page: https://power-holdings-inc.com/Lake-People-G111-Headphone-Amplifier-p137192152 Specs: Line I/O: 2 x XLR, gold plated & 2 x Cinch RCA, gold plated Headphone outputs: 2 Amplifier channels: 2 Frequency response: 5 Hz – 60 kHz (-0.5 dB) / 3 Hz – 150 kHz (-3 dB) max. input...
  18. HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    From HeadAmp Website: Features • Balanced 4pin Output • SE 1/4" Phones OUT • Low & High Gain options • 1 Pair Single Ended RCA Input • 1 Pair 3pin XLR Input • 1x stereo pair RCA Outputs • 1x stereo pair XLR Outputs • Standalone Preamp Function • PRE-Amp Switch: Enables Pre Outs & mutes...
  19. Cayin HA-1AMK2

    Cayin HA-1AMK2

    2 headphone outputs with slightly different sound characteristics 5 output impedance settings works well with some lo-Z and planar headphones preamp output 2 inputs Lots of power...up to 2.2wpc at 600 ohms!


    Plug & Play on Your Favorite Mobile Device for Incredible Studio Quality Audio THX Certified - Plays All Music Files: MP3 to MQA and Hi-Res MQA Stream Unfolding and HD Support on the Top Hi-Rez Streaming Services Industry Acclaimed Design & Technology Delivers the Purist Audio Signal Works with...
  21. Shanling BA1 Desktop Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

    Shanling BA1 Desktop Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

    Hi-Fi Sound By using dedicated Hi-Fi ESS Sabre ES9218P DAC and amplifier, BA1 offers an impressive sound quality and will be an equal partner for your speaker or headphone rig. Ultimate Bluetooth Connectivity Combining the Bluetooth 5.0 with the support of high-quality Bluetooth codecs, BA1...
  22. THX Onyx Portable DAC/Amplifier

    THX Onyx Portable DAC/Amplifier

    Amp up your headphones and upgrade to master-quality audio with the THX Onyx™ — a powerful, portable digital-to-analog (DAC) amplifier equipped with THX AAA™ technology, to ensure the highest fidelity mobile listening experience for your music, games, and movies.
  23. Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M

    Dual ESS ES9028Q2M DACs - easily handles digital audio files up to 32bit/768kHz or DSD512 Supports MQA - be sure you're listening to artist-approved studio-quality audio Digital optical, digital coaxial and USB inputs - connect CD players, games consoles, laptops or other digital audio sources...
  24. nugx

    Trouble connecting headphone amp to my Denon AVR-3802

    I am having problems getting my JDS Atom to work with my Denon AVR-3802 that I've had for years. I use the Denon for the phono-in to listen to vinyl and it's also doubling as a DAC in my setup here. Ultimately, the goal is to play records through the Denon through the JDS Atom and out to my...
  25. E

    Strange audio issue with Asgard 3

    Hi all, I recently bought a Schiit Asgard 3 straight from the US (I'm from Australia) and are experiencing 2 strange issue. A bit of background of my usual set up: After the first couple of days of using it, I notice a strong hum/electrical noise when listening through the headphone amp...