1. Eudis

    Could an dac/Amp reduce emi hiss?

    Hello! I recently got a sound blaster Z for my DT770 (and soon DT990). I ran into some issues with hissing, at first it was due to the drivers. I'm now on the latest drivers and the hiss is gone on the lower volumes, but once I go over 40-50% on the volume the hiss comes back. My next step is...
  2. itsDanny

    Sound Card, audio TOO LOUD, can it also influence sound quality?

    Hi,   I made the investment in the ZxR soundcard a long while ago, and only have decided to see if there are any solutions to this and/or if this is normal.   I cannot set my Windows volume (which is also controlled or dictated by the ZxR's software volume control as well) to 100%, simply...
  3. LEntless

    Amp/Dac for Sennheiser HD598

    So I got hd598s recently. I am currently using on-board sound -alc 898. Should I look at upgrading to a Dac and/or amp? Would there be any difference?
  4. SKilleT

    Sound Blaster Z 250, 80 ,600 OHMS, quick question

    Hello,   I was just wondering, which one of these 80, 250, 600 ohm will be better suited and produce the best sound quality on the SB Z ?   Will it matter ?  matching the impedance of the headphone with the sound card ?    I wish all sound cards have different OHM gains just like in...
  5. Aelemar

    Need Advice: Audio Technica ATH-A900X - Creative ZxR built-in Amp, or Schiit Magni Amplifier?

    Hey guys, I need a bit of advice on the title of this thread. I just purchased the ATH-A900x from Audio Technica, and I have the Creative ZxR sound card installed on my PC. I use the headphone out for the headphones, but I would be very interested in (possibly) getting more sound quality if...
  6. Aelemar

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X and Creative ZxR - Will 600Ohm setting damage the headphones?

    Hey guys, thank you for looking at my thread. I searched around for similar questions but had no luck finding any answers for my specific set of cans with my specific sound card, so here is the question: (quite simple, really)   Will setting the ZxR settings to the 600Ohm setting damage these...
  7. wutsound

    [newbie] driver question

    I have:   Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sennheiser hd600   In the driver, it allows me to choose Normal Gain (32/300 ohm headphones) and High Gain (600 ohm headphones).    Which should I choose? (it says "Setting to high gain may damage your headphones if their impedance does not...
  8. dwthewhiteness

    Can the Hifiman HE-500's be driven by a Creative ZxR sound card's headphone amp?

    Hello all, and thanks in advance for the help. I recently ordered the HE-500's, and am trying to decide whether I should keep them or not. The card's specs are here:   In short, the card has a 600 ohm 80mw headphone amp, the...
  9. Rhinoe

    Sony MDR-MA900 Question (Problem)

    Hello,   I had recently ordered a pair of Sony MDR-MA900 from Tokyo, at a reduced cost (new), and I had received them on Saturday. First, I just want to say that these headphones are incredibly comfortable and they are my first open headphones. I never want to go back to a closed design and...
  10. Mikem231

    Gaming headphone 1500$ budget

    Looking to get a new set of cans that will be used for PC gaming, and music. My current setup is Senn HD650, and Creative Z series sound card. I usually play BF4, and various other FPS games. I am looking for Comfort, I need to be able to wear then for 4-5 hours at a time. Must have punchy...
  11. Kalavere

    DT 770 Pro Vs. Errr, DT 770 Pro?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a pair of DT 770's, mostly for gaming and media. I have found two pairs, besides the resistance of the 'phones (one is 80Ω the other is 250Ω), are they identical?         The pair on the left are £20 cheaper than the pair on the right, I was wondering if they...
  12. homestyle

    $400 open headphone recommendations

    I currently have an HD 555 paired with my computer and Creative ZXR sound card. The sound card has a built-in mic amp.   My new headphones would be paired with this setup. I use it to play games, music, movies. I like rap, r&b, christian music.   I'm more about bank for buck. So if there are...
  13. cheeno50

    Basshead looking for open gaming headphones. 800$ budget.

    I need gaming/music headphones 800$ budget
  14. pLuhhmm

    Any sign degradation going on with sound card w/ amp > standalone amp > headphone/speakers?

    *Signal degradation*   Bought a Creative Sound Blaster Z so I don't have to use my garbage onboard when I'm away from home, but when I'm home I want to use the SBZ DAC/features as well. Should I see any degrade/issues when using both amps? I'd prefer to still use my FiiO E09k amp mainly for...
  15. mattslaughing

    A noob needs some help and suggestions for soundcards to supplement my HD598's

    Hello, I'm new here, this is my first post, and I know barely anything about soundcards and computer audio. I've had pretty cruddy headphones for a while, never really bothered getting any good audio equipment. So I've had pretty average audio equipment for the entire time I've been using my...
  16. mesamitch

    Sennhesier HD8 DJ how are they?

    Hey guys i have been looking for reviews every where on these head phones but i can't really find a good review i own the Audio Technica ATH M50X i like them a lot but i got a little bored of them plus fathers day is around the corner and i want something new lol   i am basically just using...
  17. newn

    Cheap but decent quality amp for 250 ohm headphones?

    I'm new to this, so I don't really know much about amps yet, however I know that the headphones that I currently like the most (Beyerdynamics DT990) are gonna require 250 ohms to be used at its full potential. I'm gonna use them only on my computer, not on anything else, so the amp doesn't have...
  18. Abdulla Mehdi

    Will the Creative sound blaster z power the sennheiser hd 650s?

    Hello guys! Im planning on building a new pc next month and I wonder if the creative sound blaster z will power the hd 650 correctly!   I want them to be 100% powered. There impedance are 300ohm and the soundcards built in amp delivers 600ohm. Im new to amps and dacs and the creatives are...
  19. xMolchy

    Headphones + Virtual Surround Sound opinion

    Firstly wanna say nice forums regarding audio information ... mostly when i search something i find it here.   I am planning to buy new headphones in near feauture but don't know which one for my needs.   NEEDS: - Gaming/Movies/Music --> Mostly gaming usage - I play Battlefield 3-4 and...
  20. kesard

    Creative Sound Blaster Z with 250Ω headphones (DT880/DT990)?

    Hey All!   first of all, I tried reading through the comprehensive (at this time) 133 page long Creative Sound Blaster new series Z, Zx & ZxR thread, but after about 67 sites I wanted to save my brain from exploding and gave up trying to extract that particular bit of information. I also...
  21. Efredin


    I have been looking for an upgrade from my on-board soundcard to a new soundcard. But which one should i choose?  I have been looking at :  Creative Sound Blaster Zx And  Asus Rog Xonar Phoebus 1. because of the price 2. because they have that external thing to plug headphones into, so i...
  22. adgame

    Help me decide how to upgrade my sound quality (sub 350 DAC)

    Hey I've got beyerdynamic dt990 pro 250ohm that I recently bought. (I also got some bookshelf speaker [ESM-4] for when I want to work freely in my room) I'm currently running it from my integraded sound card of my motherboard (asrock z87 extreme4, id like to keep the driver from that since I...
  23. Evansoft

    Question about AudioEngine D1 + Creative Sound Blaster Z

    So I read in another thread   Quote:   I have a Creative Sound Blaster Z and am wondering if the Audio Engine D1 would be a noticeable upgrade from them, using HD598s. Can the two be used together? What are the benefits of that over using USB, besides the Surround Sound features? How is...
  24. fenwick17

    New headset Enquiry

    Hello :) I have been using the Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset for about 6 months now, however it has recently became faulty and i have been offered a full refund and i dont think im going to go back to Razer again this time.  Im looking into getting a new headset/headphones which will mainly be used...
  25. germanium

    Germanium's Sound blaster ZXR mod thread

    .           The caps in the red box need to be shorted underneath the board. This is for the analog stereo output section of the card   The caps in the green box need to be bypassed underneath with two 12uf metalized film caps each.   The caps in the purple need to be bypassed...