1. nonsupremous

    MP3 Players at CES 2011

    Is it just me or has the MP3 market at this year's show been extremely quiet?  In fact the only MP3 that I have seen any information on yet is the new Samsung.  And it got a few initial impression beatings.    Has anyone seen or heard of any new MP3 players to hit the market this year that's...
  2. Skoobs

    Creative HQ-1900 (vs. ath-es7)

    I'm not sure if anyone else saw the sale, but I recently picked up these phones (Creative HQ-1900) on for 14.99 shipped. which is a pretty steep discount from the regular 99.99.   In case there are still crazy...
  3. dzonylan

    Best 5.1 / 7.1 headphones !?

    Hi,   I was wondering if u could help me choose some good 5.1 / 7.1 headphones for my PC?   I was reading many different discussions on this site about some of the 5.1 / 7.1 headphones, but I have no clear conclusions so far.   I would like to have good surround sound headphones...
  4. mowses

    AKG K324 vs. Creative EP 630 vs. Sennheiser CX 300

    The title says something about my dilemma. My Sony MDR-EX 70 are about to die and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Now that I saw the AKG and had a look around head-fi and I am not so sure that I want to buy the MDR-EX 71. I found the AKG and something in my head...
  5. tekaru

    The best wireless headset

    Hi,   I have no knowladge about headsets, but I would like to buy the best available on the market wireless headset. I have found a few models on Amazon:  ...
  6. Jozurr

    Where to buy creative aurvana live?

    Newegg is currently out of stock for the creative aurvana live. Where can i buy them for $60? Please don't recommend ebay because I can't use it. Secondly the seller should be reliable. Anyone?
  7. Danneq

    Creative Zen Touch firmware v 1.00.06

    I am looking for an old version of the Zen Touch firmware. When searching, I have only found the newer 1.01.03 and 2x versions. Is there any possibility that someone who still has got a Zen Touch has got the 1.00.06 version of the firmware somewhere on their computer? If so, please let me know! 
  8. heyheykuk

    Creative xfi 2 with ibasso t3 and senn hd 25-1 II

    I lost my ipod classic so im going too buy a new mp3 player, amp and headphones. After some searching i decided to go for Creative x-fi 2, sennheiser hd25-1 II and ibasso t3. I'm listening to dubstep, drum and bass, electronica and some rap. Whats your thoughts/opinions of my setup? How...
  9. kova4a

    Philips she9850 vs she9800 vs creative ep-830

    I'm just looking for some advice on which one do you recommend. I'm currently using Razer Moray, which are way better than any stock in-ears I have used but the mids are kinda muddy and the overall sound is not clear enough. So, I made some research but it seems there aren't a lot of options in...
  10. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Creative Aurvana In-Ear2

    Once upon a time when you mentioned ‘premium audio’ in the computer world, the name ‘Creative’ is what you would be referring to. Nowadays the name seems to get somewhat replaced by Apple.  To be fair, I do believe Creative still has the ‘tech’ in hardware to be an important character in the...
  11. 1Time

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    I can't believe my $35 (used) Creative Aurvana Live! - CAL! - headphones sound this good / fun from a $10 (used) c-media sound card. I often listen to this rig for hours at a time because it sounds so good / fun - great synergy. The bass is deep, bumping, tuneful, and loud, just how I like...
  12. BlackSushi222

    Will an amp blow me out of the water?

    Hey guys, so right now I am using an Equation Audio RP-21 out of my Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card, with it EQd a bit in the bass region and to me it sounds great.   However I'm lookin into amps (since this hobby is too addicting), and I read about the PA2V2 from Gary. For the price, it...
  13. nicolasete

    Quick noob question.

    Hi all, i have just got a pair of Creative Aurvana Live wich i will be plugging on my onboard audio for now.   Is there anything i should do before giving them their normal use?
  14. Albinoni

    Discussion re Creative Zen X-FI II

    I know that there are alot of people here who hate or dislike Creative players due to what Craetive have got to offer.  Anyhow I am not here to type this post to start a flaming way on my player is better than yours etc etc etc, what you own is your business and what I own is mine, simple :-)...
  15. nasirjk

    Creative Zen Auravana In-Ears Help

    Just purchased a pair of Creative Zen Auravana's (for around $35 with shipping), but none of the supplied eartips fit me just right; they are all too big. Was wondering if anyone knows if I can get smaller replacement tips from somewhere that are compatible with the phones? Or should I swallow...
  16. wadec22

    DAC needed? If so, options?

    So I'm using an X-fi plantium and beyerdynamic dt 880's.  I just bought an ASL MG Head MKII tube amp off another user since I was told the 880's would benefit from a tube amp.   So far I'm kind of disappointed.  The ASL is probably 10-15% better than my astro mixamp.  Is this because I'm...
  17. Aynjell

    X-Fi Titanium vs X-Fi Forte (For optical)

    Hello everybody. Right now I'm considering an audio system upgrade. What I'm trying to figure  out is: is there any point in upgrading to the Forte if my intention is to plug it into a little dot dac I? I realize that by moving to the forte I gain the extra digital output, but that may result in...
  18. mechanix

    Using Sound System As Amp For HD 201

    Hello. I am a newbie about headphones, amps, sound equipment and other hi-fi things and have a few questions. Probably these questions were asked hundreds of times but despite all my efforts i couldn't find the answers I like, so i decided to sign up and ask myself directly.   My main...
  19. swbf2cheater

    Portable 5.1 Amp?

    im looking for something to act as an external usb sound card as outting 5.1 with a standard mini 3.5mm jack ( some only have toslink )   but also one that can be used with batteries for a portable on the go experience, something that doesnt need to be plugged into a usb to be used   and...
  20. elitiste

    Help me pick a supra-aural portable headphone, considering AKG K518DJ

    I'm looking for a portable headphone to use with my iPod, cell phone, etc. mostly outdoors, on trains, subways, airplanes, etc. My requirements: Supra-aural Closed-back, for noise cancellation Decent sound quality, doesn't have to be perfect Relatively light and portable, collapseable...
  21. TheRH

    Creative ZEN X-Fi2?

    I am in the market for a new player and was curious, has anyone tired the Creative ZEN X-Fi2 series? If so what are you thoughts and opinions?   Thanks, RH
  22. joysofpi

    Computer music+gaming setup- will this work?

    I'm going to pump up the audio system on my computer this summer. I've been running onboard audio since my sound card died a while back, definitely not up to the job right now. I'm not afraid to put some money into this, but I want to make a good investment so I want to make sure I'm thinking...
  23. astroboi

    DAC(found) + Speakers for new iMac...

      Hey guys,   Recently purchased a 27" iMac and am now in the market for a USB (or otherwise) sound card that I can run from the machine to my headphones/speakers (group environment some of the time). Main usage is listening to music (WIDE variety of music but a focus on older classic...
  24. tmac1131

    will i get a better sound quality with the Creative Audigy SE 7.1?

    i thought about buying it cuz im not satisfied with the sound quality of my headphones (zalman real surround sound).   i cant efford something expensive than that.
  25. Benchia001

    Cowon s9 vs creative zen x-fi2

    Hi, this is my first post and I would like to ask about the difference in sound quality between the to players I stated in the thread name. I currently own a iPod touch 2nd gen 16gb. However, I am rather Displeased with the sound quality. I m also a metal fan. My fav song is waking the demon by...