1. CoCoon

    help this newbie some question :)

    hi guys i've been a reader not for long enough to say that i am understand audio after i read this, as a noobs in audio world i purchased sennheiser hd 439 and my mobile galaxy note2 as my player i do not satisfied with the sound on note 2 since it doesn't have enough volume even at it full...
  2. kurd

    Too many headphones!

    There are so many headphones in the price range of 150~200 euros that I can't choose.. I'm afraid if I buy a pair, I can get a better pair for the price.  I'm just too afraid to buy some headphones because 200 euros for headphones is a lot (to me).  I was thinking about getting the custom...
  3. Eudoxa

    Has anyone compared the UM Miracles to the UERM?

    I've noticed that all the ciem comparisons are either or but not both (xor for the logicians =) ).   Specifically I was most interested in soundstage as both are reported to be amazingly large, but everything else is important too.   Thanks.
  4. 3rik

    Sennheiser Momentum and Cowon J3 : hard to drive issue ?

    Hello,   Fisrt of all moderators please move my thread if it is not in the right place :)   I have since yesterday a Sennheiser Momentum, said to be 18 ohm, plugged into my well loved Cocon J3.   I have baught it to replace my in ear Sennheiser IE-80, because it hurts my ears after 20min...
  5. roadrat

    Why is there no new version of the Cowon J3?

    Need something with similar specs....   great sound good battery life touch screen hard buttons at least 32gb of space prefer microsd expansion   Anything currently fit the bill?
  6. andrewberge

    Cowon J3 Discontinued

    A french tech blog was told by Cowon that they were discontinuing the Cowon J3 after two years of production. Hopefully a successor will come out soon. Either that or it's been suggested that they might focus on Android DAPs instead.   AnythingButiPod...
  7. roadrat

    Any news on when the Cowon J3's successor is coming out?

    I just ordered a Z2 to hold me over
  8. addhyperactive

    Mini-to-Mini suggestions

    Not looking to spend more than 50$, any help would be appreciated! Prefer straight pretty short, fiio e12\phone, but doesn't really matter I guess. Thanks!
  9. Alpina

    Question about frequencies and Cowon JetAudio

    Hello, first of all I am big newbie when it comes to sound. I have Cowon i9 player and GR07 mk2 IEMs which sound very good.   Now I got two questions:   1. Does increasing frequency in player equalizer equals to lower sound quality or not? 2. Cowon Jetaudio got BBE and other sound...
  10. fnb1

    Cowon J3 vs Fiio X3 upgrade or sidegrade SQ only?

    Has anyone tried the Cowon J3 and compared it with the Fiio X3? Would it be a upgrade or same SQ? I have the Senn IE8 now, but planning on upgrading to the Spiral Ear 3-way Reference later.    Best Regards Frank
  11. iso300and8

    Which DAP should a this newbie buy?

    So guys, my 80GB iMOD just died on me and just shows the sad ipod logo and I am in desperate need for a new DAP but man, there are just so many to choose from!   ATM I have a few in mind and they are:   Fiio X3 iBasso DX50 Sansa Fuze V1  Cowon J3 'nother iMod?   I just need something...
  12. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] TDK ST700: They May Look Like Beats, But They Don't Sound Like Them!

    TDK ST700 Review   Introduction:   TDK are brand that I never knew I would grow to love in the audio industry but have quite a bit and mainly because of their dual BA IEM the BA200 which was great. However until now, I have only heard IEMs from TDK but now I will be reviewing a headphone...
  13. bicegadiv

    Need Help: iPod, Cowon or Sansa

    Hi guys, I am planning to upgrade my mp3 player. I will be focusing on sound quality so, as more experienced users what do you suggest me to buy ?  --A Cowon C2 4GB with 32GB microSD or --An iPod Touch 3rd gen. 32GB or --Any model of Sansa(Clip+, Zip, Fuze ...) Please help me for...
  14. flentge

    HM-601 or J3

    Hi all, looking into new portable music source. I have Grado SR-60i and will be picking up RE0 in the next month or so. I am looking for the best audio quality. I want something that will play flac, and have good size storage whether it be on board or small card storage. I have a 120g ipod now I...
  15. sz1999

    Does J3 SQ meet your expectation?

    Cowon J3 is a very popular media player, i saw people rave about its SQ, but i am very disappointed, so i want to seek your opinion on J3 SQ, does it meet your expectation?
  16. Red Haze

    Cowon J3 Questions

    Hi everyone, after browsing these forums for quite a while, I've found out apple isn't the best for audio quality, and now have my heart set on a Cowon J3. There's only two things stopping me. scrobbling - Is there a plugin available to record my plays from the J3 onto For...
  17. Starsky5000

    Looking For A Successor To My Cowon D2+!

    I'm looking for an mp3 player that will replace my Cowon D2+. It must sound excellent & play flac and have at least 4 Gigabyte of memory. My budget is $200.   It must have the following requirements:   1. Plays Flac 2. At least 30 hours battery life (Audio) 3. Have Excellent Eqing...
  18. jujulio

    Own cowon J3 soon pl 30 and dba 02, need advice for a portable usb dac/amp thx

    Hi there, it's been a while!   I own a cowon J3 with which i am really satisfied, i recently broke my monster turbines, could have repaired the cable but wanted to try something new, so went for the pl 30 as best bang for the buck for running sessions and dba 02 for mobility usage (subway...
  19. buffguy

    Does FLAC music files drain more battery life on DPA than mp3 files?

    I recently purchased a j3 player and was curious if FLAC files on a DPA drains more battery than mp3 files in 320kbs or 128kbs? If so, what is the reason why FLAC drains more battery life?
  20. thenightman

    Good earphones to go with a Cowon J3?

    I'm about to purchase a new Cowon J3 as I've heard so many great things about it and Cowon in general. Now I'm just curious about the perfect pair of earbuds to go with it. I hear that the Sennheiser CX500 are great and I see that Amazon is selling them for $35 (down from $120!), but I know...
  21. clarinetman

    Should I get rid of my J3 for an iPod?

    This last weekend I had the pleasure of going to RMAF with a friend of mine. I went to Ray Samuels' table, and started listening to some of his portable amps. He asked me if I was using the HO or and LO, and I told him the HO--Then he told me not to waste my time buying a portable amp because...
  22. meurglys0

    Anyone (especially members from Hong Kong) shopped from this site: exportprive com ?

    Well, there's a site that sells the new Cowon X7s and I and a few others on the X7 thread would like some feedback on this site before we venture into shopping from there...   Does anybody know this site:     They provide 2 addresses:   EXPORT PRIVE LTD. 11th Floor, AXA Centre...
  23. buffguy

    Does cowon j3 have a built in amp or can it be used with a portable amp such as the pico slim?

    I know the cowon has no line-out.  What is the lineout used for?  Isn't the headphone jack a line out?  Please excuse my newb questions. Thanks.
  24. Party

    Who is are the leaders in portable AMP/ Need best AMP for my setup DT 770 PRO 80ohms

    Ok guys I have been searching for quite a while now and I still don’t know what portable amp to get… First who makes the best portable amps (the general consensus); it seems that Ibasso makes some quality equipment and is on top of the game. Which brings me to my next question is the iBasso...
  25. Mnemosyne

    Cowon users!! question about the eq setting

    i just got my cowon j3 today!!   i have some questions about the eq settings. when i was using my s9 before it broke i always set the eq to Hip-Pop personally, i like bass. (most songs i listen to are rap, and some j-pop) however, the negative part about Hip-pop is that the soundstage...