Own cowon J3 soon pl 30 and dba 02, need advice for a portable usb dac/amp thx
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Apr 19, 2008
Hi there, it's been a while!
I own a cowon J3 with which i am really satisfied, i recently broke my monster turbines, could have repaired the cable but wanted to try something new, so went for the pl 30 as best bang for the buck for running sessions and dba 02 for mobility usage (subway etc...)
My first question would be: does the cowon J3 really benefit from a portable amp....especially if i don't want to invest more than 150$? I noticed that the built in amp is already good enough, even for my hd 650, soundstage-wise mainly, good attack and decay, but bass could be more tight and i'd like more body for the bass, a real oomph in my face
. my head direct ef 1 is a clear good addition for that purpose, but i really don't know what to expect from cheap portable sources :s
Let's be clear this portable DAC/amp would be used with the rest of my setup for its dac section, as for the amp section it would be only for portable use, and not with my hd650 but the dba 02 (won't jog with it with my pl 30).
Is there a way to bypass the dac section of the cowon j3 with some interconnect (LOD?) as for ipods? Because if i use the jack, the digital to analog job would be already done, am i right? i think i didn't sea any mean to achieve that correct me if i'm wrong
thanks in advance, given the already impressive performance of the j3 I am pondering the relevance of this portable addition, though it could be good for the dac section for my home use (i have a zero dac, along with the franken zero mod kit....didnt find the time nor courage to do it....boy am i lazy!
ps: had a look at the nuforce icon mboile but reviewers don't seem to agree :s, what matters for me most: bass, soundstage, something not too forward as it gets tiring for me

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