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Does J3 SQ meet your expectation?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by sz1999, Jan 26, 2011.
  1. sz1999
    Cowon J3 is a very popular media player, i saw people rave about its SQ, but i am very disappointed, so i want to seek your opinion on J3 SQ, does it meet your expectation?
  2. macrocheesium
    Can you explain why you're disappointed? Like in comparison with a DAC or other potables? I think it depends on the person; someone who's never heard a good dedicated DAC would think it's amazing, even I didn't have anything but a portable setup for a while. But now that I've gotten into that stuff, I can see why an audiophile would be disappointed.
    I'll put it this way: the sound is great for a portable device.
  3. Mad Max
    Dat digititis!
  4. tds101
    I voted, needs EQ IMO - that's what gettin' a Cowon is all about.
  5. Redmetal1897
    Post portable players sound the same without eq (barring maybe the HiFimans and the SFlo from what I have read)
  6. macrocheesium


    I have to disagree with this. My Creative MP3 player when Eq'ed still sounds noticeably worse than my Zune HD did, which doesn't even have EQ. Also, I can tell a difference in the clarity between the Zune and iPod Touches (though it's not significant).
  7. tds101


    Um, the creative zen does sound like utter crap with or without the EQ on, but the Zune HD has EQ presets,...they're decent sounding, but their still there. I just sold a Zune HD so I would know. The smaller flash Zunes, as well as the 80/120's didn't have an eq - I owned the 30/80/120 (all 3) myself.
  8. rawrster


    I don't quite agree. I got a Cowon because of battery and not EQ. I don't use the EQ much unless I have a pair of phones that sucks without EQ and that is not the case right now.
    The J3 however sounds similar to most other players flat. There's slight differences between various other players
  9. macrocheesium


    That's what I just said, not sure if you're agreeing with me or what... I was explaining to Daanish that not all players are the same flat and even with EQ they can sound worse than a flat one. I also just sold a ZHD, and I never liked any of the presets with any 'phones.
  10. Redmetal1897

    Fair enough, which is why I said most [​IMG]  Though on second reading it appears I wrote 'post' instead [​IMG]

  11. kingpintps
    J3 with EQ for sure - and it does meet my expectations coming from a Sony NWZ-A829. For me portability and usability is also quite important, so at this point I would take J3 over the better sounding but less usable and featured players.
  12. Redmetal1897
    I voted yes with EQ but thats only because the quality improves significantly with EQ. It's just fine on its own, but since I always use EQ I voted with EQ
  13. macrocheesium


    I knew what ya meant. [​IMG]
  14. freeky1
    The J3 is a compromise between SQ and portability.  The thing that makes the J3 so great is that it has great sound from a small package with great battery life.  Usng a DAC or external headphone amp kinda' defeats the purpose of the J3.  Of course, separate components are going to sound better, but you sacrifice portability.
  15. Dobrescu George

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