help this newbie some question :)
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Nov 3, 2012
hi guys i've been a reader not for long enough to say that i am understand audio

after i read this, as a noobs in audio world i purchased sennheiser hd 439 and my mobile galaxy note2 as my player
i do not satisfied with the sound on note 2 since it doesn't have enough volume even at it full volume and if i increase the bass the sound become very awfully bad
so i bought fiio e11 to help the volume and bass issue

and this is why i need help :)
after a while i become crazy about sound quality and can't stop thinking to buy this and to buy that

i already ordered sennheiser ie80 for my ear in as it is much smaller then headphones so it would help in my activities without take to much attention :) and thinking to upgrade to hd650 as my headphones
and searching like mad for mp3 player cowon j3 to bad it discontinued already :frowning2:

these are my questions

1. what mp3 player do you suggest for my mp3 player since it is like impossible to find the cowon j3, i am planing to buy cowon x9 instead
... but is it not much differences in sound quality? or the differences is pretty noticable? if not cowon x9 which mp3 player do you guys recommend? for sound quality wise only

2. i also read that if i bought cowon j3 u do not need an amp as it wont do any diferences... how about in cowon x9 ? do i still need an amp? i read for sometimes and many says that e17 has better in amp wise than e11? so let's say if i bought cowon x9 do i need to but e17 to improve the sound quality?

3. the senns ie80 i bought for my outdoor activities and the hd 650 for my traveling purpose such as listen music in the plane, at the hotel but mainly for the plane issues, my question is the senns hd650 do not have good sound isolation as i read... is the sennheiser hd650 capabel to cover all my traveling purposes?

the songs which i listen to is almost all gender ( metal, rock, rnb, trance, jazz, instrumental ) except pop and hip hop

thank you for your concern and sory for my bad english :)
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Feb 1, 2011
HD650 do not use on plane, it's open back and you will annoy everyone around you, something like the Soundmagic HP100 should provide the quality you want with some isolation.

Also the iPod classic is a good player, it also supports rockbox now, and you can use a LOD to connect it to your amp for even better sound quality.

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