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Cowon J3 Questions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by red haze, Dec 30, 2010.
  1. Red Haze
    Hi everyone, after browsing these forums for quite a while, I've found out apple isn't the best for audio quality, and now have my heart set on a Cowon J3. There's only two things stopping me.
    Last.fm scrobbling - Is there a plugin available to record my plays from the J3 onto last.fm? For me this is a huge factor, because I use last.fm to find a lot of new music.
    Can I use a program like Winamp to sync the J3? - This may sound a bit silly, but I'm only asking because I've gotten used to being tied to iTunes my whole life. I know I can just drag music onto the J3 like a memory stick, but I'd like to manage my music through an organizer like Winamp or Mediamonkey because I've gotten so used to the layout. How does everyone else manage music on their J3?
    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Bennyboy71
    dont know about the first question, but I can say that I use MediaMonkey myself to manage the J3 content and it works a treat.
  3. BotByte
    I was obsessed with buying a j3, until I learned of a d3 (look it up here)
    Cowon can sync with everything except itunes. You can just drag music over into the player, use windows media player, or use winamp, because it shows flac. Jsut drag the files over.
    If you haven't bought a j3, look up the threads on the d3, 8-32gb, android, every feature imaginable. It's probably going to be the new flagship and replace the s9/j3 with cowon.
  4. Red Haze
    Thanks for the feedback guys. Another question I have is how much of a difference will I hear from the J3 > Phiaton MS400s compared to my iPod Classic > LOD > Fiio E7 > MS400s? Would the J3 benefit from the E7?
  5. Rat Salad
    I actually just picked up the J3 (my beloved H320 Died).   After the 320 I wanted something light and needed something soon so no waiting for the d3.
    I do think the d3 will be larger (due to screen) and i am guessing heavier (WiFi and all).
  6. BotByte
    The d3 is a little bit thicker, but same body style as the j3.
    PMPs are just devices that give sound off, they give out a certain amount of volume, yet some headphones need more drive of power to give the best sq.
    You already have the E7 right? So then test it out to a stock j3 and see if there is a difference. Probably slight. You choose if you need a amp.
  7. Rat Salad
    It looks bigger as well as thicker
    J3 Size weight   56.0 x 106.5 x 9.9 mm  - 76g
    D3 Size weight  64.2 x 116.4 x 11.8mm  - 120g  (from cowon korean site)
  8. miceblue
    I have a question. Does the J3 have a dictionary app (e.g. Webster's English Dictionary)? I've noticed it on some videos, but the product page for the J3 doesn't list it as an app.
  9. kyuuketsuki


    Not unless you load up the korean firmware and buy it from their korean site. 

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