1. irishsammy

    Burson HA-160 Amp like new

    Hi all.  Up for sale is my Burson HA-160 headphone amp.  I LOVE the Burson with every single one of my cans but I've caught the tube bug (again) and I'm going to sell the Burson to finance something with glass in it.  :)  The amp itself is in pristine condition with maybe 220 hours on it.  Not a...
  2. Tuberoller1

    Burson HA-160

    In perfect condition and comes with original packaging and manual.  Only selling because I am transitioning to a portable setup.  Easily the best  solid state amp under 1K. 
  3. C

    Burson HA 160

    I'm selling Burson 160, which is first bought early this year.  Everything is in great shape, and I still have the box and manual.  I'm extremely happy with the sound, however, I'm going portable setup.   $525 includes UPS ground shipping and PayPal fee.
  4. jas_kidd32

    Which amp for AKG K701/K702/Q701 Schiit Lyr vs Burson HA160?

    Hi all. I'm an ex-headfier who's coming back to the game. The itch have returned and I now must get a new set of headphones. My musical background is mainly rock - guitar driven music, from old school rock n' roll, alternative, progressive and heavy metal.   Now for the technical part. My...
  5. Jojomite

    Burson HA-160

  6. copdauxu

    Burson HA-160 (Immaculate condition)

      Up for sale is Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier in IMMACULATE condition. There are no marks, scratches or dings anywhere whatsoever. Basically, the amp has the look and feel LIKE BRAND NEW. And on top of that, it operates PERFECTLY without any problems at all. The amp was purchased brand...
  7. mgurvits

    Burson HA-160 Amplifier (Like New)

    Purchased from Sound Earphones one week ago. It sounds awesome, but just takes up more space than I want a bedside rig to. My loss is your gain. Its all packed up and ready to ship.   Retail is $699. Asking $600 or best offer.   Email me at max.gurvits@gmail.com. Emails are checked every...
  8. tldoxmf87

    Heed CanAmp or Burson HA-160

    Looking for a Heed CanAmp or the Burson HA-160! I'm also looking for a Paradisea 3 DAC.   These will be paired with my AKG Q701.   PM me if you have any of them!   Thanks!
  9. fomoz

    Burson HA-160 (gen 3) headphone amplifier

    Please note that this is a local pickup only ad for Montreal, QC, Canada. The price is $600 CAD firm. I'm selling my Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier because I need a DAC/amp combo with balanced XLR outputs for active speakers and don't have room for both of them. This is the latest...
  10. triodesteve

    Burson HA-160

    I'm the second owner of this wonderful amp. I have the original box and manual, but no power cord. If you meet my price I will include the power cord in the photo. It's a diy cord from a recipe I found online (maybe Bob Crump or John Risch...I can't remember).   Selling because I am doing...
  11. irvin59

    Price Drop Burson HA 160D NOT Ds

    Almost new-excellent condition. I've decided to go balanced. This is an excellent and very highly regarded Amp/Dac and I'll be sorry to see it go. Shipping $ 50.00
  12. ex0du5

    For K702 and HD800: Burson HA-160 or Schiit Lyr

    I have a pair of K702 and have ordered myself a Schiit Bifrost. In the future I will probably get myself a pair of HD800, which is why they're in the title. Now comes the amp decision. The forerunners are the Burson HA-160 and Schiit Lyr.   Regarding the Lyr: I am apprehensive about tubes in...
  13. leinikca

    WooAudio WA6 or Burson HA 160Ds or Little Dot MK3 pair with LCD-3 ???

    Hi everyone!   I am very new to this forum. I am looking for advices from professionals in here.   I am planning to purchase the Audeze LCD-3 for my home audio system. And the Amp to pair with are:   A: WooAudio WA6 B: Burson HA 160Ds C: Little Dot MK3   Professionals! Please...
  14. irvin59

    Burson HA 160D AMP DAC PREAMP

    Excellent condition but has a few minor surface marks from certain angles. Only a few months old. I no longer have the original box.
  15. Yoga

    [UK] Burson HA-160 Brand new, boxed. Unused!

    Still wrapped in the box :¬)   The attached photo is an actual shot of the unit. Brand. spanking. New.   Zero hours on the clock.   Delivery: £10 via courier.
  16. Masika

    Cables for between Burson HA-160 and DA-160

    Looking forward to next week. New gear should arrive. :)   So I have a Burson DAC/HeadAMP set up. The word is that I should use the cables that come with them.   I believe that I will up grade to entry level power cables. VMF power cords. I figured this would be fine as I will get a Thor...
  17. gelajoy

    Burson HA-160 Headphone Amplier

    I have an excellent Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier for sale.  It is a solid 8/10 on the Audiogon scale.  Everything works as it should.  I'm the original owner and I picked it up about 18 - 24 months ago.   I am asking $400 plus shipping.  I accept PayPal but the buyer pays their fees.
  18. ikhuong

    [For sale] - Last Price drop - Burson HA160 Amplifier

    Hi all, I just purchased a HD800 and plan to update a tube amplifier for this wonderful can. Although Burson HA160 pairs pretty well with HD800 but I still desire to improve its best. So it should be pass to somebody else has interest.   Origin: Item was purchased at Headphonic Australia...
  19. Faithless


    Hello Head-Fiers,   Could anyone tell me the BURSON HA160 fuse specifications? Slow Blow, Fast Blow, Amperage? I searched and couldn't find this information.   Thanks, JC.
  20. francoamerican

    Anybody own HA 160 with DA 160?

    I'm trying to figure out impedance matching.   I'm assuming these would be a natural match.  Do you set the DA 160 at 25 or 45 ohm when using the HA 160?   thanks   FA
  21. DrNope

    Funny behaviour of Burson HA160?

    Using my Grado sr80 with the headamp in the high output I cant use more then first notch, otherwise its too loud. Theres also à clear supply-hum. In the low output its fine. Figured it was à gain high/low. But then I used s set of sennheiser HD580, and with those there was hardly and difference...
  22. wwillia2

    ** SOLD ** Burson Audio HA-160 Headphone Amplifier

    ** For Sale **   Mint Condition, virtually new Burson Audio HA-160 Headphone Amplifier.  A high 9/10 rating.  I'm asking $400.00 + $20 shipping.  Will ship insured anywhere in the continental US and Canada.  I ship from Zip Code 73120.    Amp was purchased new ($699) from Burson Audio on...
  23. SHAHZADA123


    Excellent condition with less than 100 hrs of usage. Am scaling down on my inventory and therefore this needs to go. Priced for a quick sale. Shipping cost is included. Accepting Paypal.   Thanks for looking 
  24. TwoEars

    FS: Burson HA-160 Amp

    Sold!   ############################################   FS: Burson HA-160 Headphone Amplifier   This amp has long been one of my most trusted pieces of kit and I'm a little sad to see it go. Great build quality, great sound, great looks and lots of power. A fantastic amp for the...
  25. Phono Groove

    Burson ha-160 volume question

    I would like to know if the volume of the burson ha-160 has noise when you turn it at each click.  I've read that several users of the ha-160d hear static noises when turning their knob, is this the case of the ha-160? If so, does this damage your headphones?