1. fomoz

    Looking for a USB DAC for the office

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a DAC for the office. I will plug it into my Burson HA-160 and use with my Edition 8. Right now I get a ground loop when I use the HA-160 with my Pico DAC because it uses the PC's ground through the USB. I would like to avoid this ground loop by having the DAC use...
  2. JimisTroll

    DAC to go with HA-160 and HD600?

    Listening to music from a Macbook pro. I'd like to keep things on the cheaper side (sub $500). I really don't know much about DACs, so any help is appreciated.    thanks in advance!    edit: just realized that I've never posted anything on the forum since joining the forum, so I guess...
  3. DrNope

    Burson HA-160 returned from 2month repair....

    My 1-year old Burson headphone amp just returned from getting a new volume control. What a difference it is to turn it up and down without all that crackle and sparkle in the phones. One odd thing is that it i not as loud though. It's still loud enough but it is strange. And it's nice to listen...
  4. Aeolus Kratos

    Woo Audio WA6/WA3 or Burson HA-160 for HD650???

    Hi there everyone,   After hours researched the forum, I finally came up with these 3 options for my beloved Senn HD650: The Woo Audio WA3 and WA6 and Burson HA-160. They're in the same price range.   I have read a lot of recommendations about the 650's pair with tubes amp. But I'm...
  5. PolkManiac

    Time for an amp upgrade for the HD600

    I've been enjoying my setup for a while now, but think I"d like to upgrade to a better amp.  I"m running the Sennheiser HD600 out of a Schiit Valhalla amp being fed by a Peachtree DAC-IT.  I"ve used the same DAC in other setups and really like it, and I've heard the HD600 on better amps and...
  6. Lan647

    MSII+, Burson HA-160 + HD 800 = good combination?

    I'm seriously considering upgrading my rig soon, I prefer a balanced sound with deep, controlled bass that is smooth and powerful when it needs to be (think: TDK soundtrack) and impactful and tight when it needs to be (think: queen, another one bites the dust). When it comes to mids I want em...
  7. aurabullet

    Pre amp + Amp Question, also Burson HA-160 vs Meier Concerto

    I have a Pre-Amp (Onkyo P3200 PRE-AMP), are pre-amps universally compatible with all amps out there? I was also wondering if this pre-amp would connect to either one of the above? And if so, is it recommended? Last question, which amp is better to drive the LCD-2, I posted this in the LCD-2 Amp...
  8. jas_kidd32

    Which amp for AKG K701/K702/Q701 Schiit Lyr vs Burson HA160?

    Hi all. I'm an ex-headfier who's coming back to the game. The itch have returned and I now must get a new set of headphones. My musical background is mainly rock - guitar driven music, from old school rock n' roll, alternative, progressive and heavy metal.   Now for the technical part. My...
  9. ex0du5

    For K702 and HD800: Burson HA-160 or Schiit Lyr

    I have a pair of K702 and have ordered myself a Schiit Bifrost. In the future I will probably get myself a pair of HD800, which is why they're in the title. Now comes the amp decision. The forerunners are the Burson HA-160 and Schiit Lyr.   Regarding the Lyr: I am apprehensive about tubes in...
  10. leinikca

    WooAudio WA6 or Burson HA 160Ds or Little Dot MK3 pair with LCD-3 ???

    Hi everyone!   I am very new to this forum. I am looking for advices from professionals in here.   I am planning to purchase the Audeze LCD-3 for my home audio system. And the Amp to pair with are:   A: WooAudio WA6 B: Burson HA 160Ds C: Little Dot MK3   Professionals! Please...
  11. Masika

    Cables for between Burson HA-160 and DA-160

    Looking forward to next week. New gear should arrive. :)   So I have a Burson DAC/HeadAMP set up. The word is that I should use the cables that come with them.   I believe that I will up grade to entry level power cables. VMF power cords. I figured this would be fine as I will get a Thor...
  12. Faithless


    Hello Head-Fiers,   Could anyone tell me the BURSON HA160 fuse specifications? Slow Blow, Fast Blow, Amperage? I searched and couldn't find this information.   Thanks, JC.
  13. francoamerican

    Anybody own HA 160 with DA 160?

    I'm trying to figure out impedance matching.   I'm assuming these would be a natural match.  Do you set the DA 160 at 25 or 45 ohm when using the HA 160?   thanks   FA
  14. DrNope

    Funny behaviour of Burson HA160?

    Using my Grado sr80 with the headamp in the high output I cant use more then first notch, otherwise its too loud. Theres also à clear supply-hum. In the low output its fine. Figured it was à gain high/low. But then I used s set of sennheiser HD580, and with those there was hardly and difference...
  15. Phono Groove

    Burson ha-160 volume question

    I would like to know if the volume of the burson ha-160 has noise when you turn it at each click.  I've read that several users of the ha-160d hear static noises when turning their knob, is this the case of the ha-160? If so, does this damage your headphones?
  16. djevoultion

    Burson HA-160 / D / DS amp and LCD2

    Hello head-fi   I'm curious about the Burson HA160 series amp for my LCD2r1 (50ohm).    I noticed on the specs page it is listed as max 250ohm output into unknown ohms.    I inquired into it with Burson and they informed me the Burson will output 100mw into 50 ohms, this seems a...
  17. Thinkdifferent

    Headphone Recomendation to go with Burson HA 160D Help Pelase

    Dear List,   Greetings, this is my first post here, G8 forum and I'm taking baby steps in learning the stuff in here. I have recently got my  Burson HA-160D, and currently hunting for nice headphones, with limited scope of auditioning. I cannot check all the great stuff, hence my hunt is...
  18. appletree

    A question to Burson HA 160 owners

    Hello Recently I bought HA-160 (just the amp without DAC) and I am having some static noise issues when using my desktop PC as a source with only exception being toslink. However usb link to DAC -> HA 160, or onboard sound -> SPDIF -> DAC -> HA 160, or onboard sound -> analog out -> HA 160...
  19. Hoax

    Burson HA 160 Questions

    Hiya   I was wondering on what level others have put the volume output? I read from amps with a gain + volume that its best for dynamics to leave the gain low and the volume to the max. Since there's only 1 option here on what setting are you guys getting best result for watching movies? I...
  20. reverbs

    Amp for HD650 with Dacmagic

    I just recently bought HD650 and I was thinking to upgrade my amp, my usual set-up is the following: Imac -> Dacmagic (through optical out) -> Creek OBH 11 with OBH 2 PSU -> HD650.   I am wondering which amp should I use to replace my Creek OBH 11 with OBH 2 PSU. I listen to pretty much...
  21. Couch Potato

    are High Watts Output Amps really necessary?

    Amps Comparison Burson Soloist 4W output Burson HA-160 0.25W output   as far as i know the highest impedance on a headphone is 600ohm   both the Burson amp could drive the 600ohm headphone perfectly loud, isnt the Burson Soloist (4W) bit of an overkill?   with another example...
  22. Couch Potato

    Burson or Schiit amplifier?

    i know they have huge differences in price, but should i invest money into Burson Amp?
  23. JCDaya

    Do I need an Amp for the AKG K550?

    Planning to buy the AKG K550 very soon, and I'm wondering if it is needed to drive the headphone. I am planning to use the headphone on my desktop computer. If so, what amp do you guys suggest on buying?   Thanks Guys, ~Newbie
  24. dany111777

    Burson HA160 vs. Violectric V100/200 for HD800 (classical music)

    Hello,   Is there anyone who has listened to these both? I'm looking to buy the HD800 with a Meridian g08 and use them for classical music 60%, jazz 30%. I can't afford a good tube amp inside the EU, so I am considering one of these two. I can buy the Burson new for 590 $ or the...
  25. Andrew_WOT

    SS Amp dilemma - SPL Auditor or Soloist

    Trying to decide between these two, anybody compared both?