1. dukeskd

    Burson HA-160

    Mint condition Burson HA-160. First owner, bought from an authorized dealer in the US. This amp works fantastically with Denon D7000, Fostex TH900, and is the dynamic king of SS amps that I have personally tried.   Price: $(shipping and PP fee included)
  2. ekrauss

    Burson HA-160, light use, excellent condition, Paypal only (fees included)

    Burson HA-160, light use, excellent condition, Paypal only (fees included). Box, manual, and accessories included. $325.00. Paypal only. Continental US purchasers only. Buyer pays shipping. If interested, post here and send me a message. Thanks. Eric
  3. fomoz

    Looking for a USB DAC for the office

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a DAC for the office. I will plug it into my Burson HA-160 and use with my Edition 8. Right now I get a ground loop when I use the HA-160 with my Pico DAC because it uses the PC's ground through the USB. I would like to avoid this ground loop by having the DAC use...
  4. JimisTroll

    DAC to go with HA-160 and HD600?

    Listening to music from a Macbook pro. I'd like to keep things on the cheaper side (sub $500). I really don't know much about DACs, so any help is appreciated.    thanks in advance!    edit: just realized that I've never posted anything on the forum since joining the forum, so I guess...
  5. GLF

    Burson HA-160

    SALE PENDING   Hi, I have a Burson HA-160 for sale. I am the original owner of the amp. The amp is in great shape. The amp has not been used since I bought a house so I figure it is time to let someone else enjoy it. It is a great sounding amp with my HD600's. I have the original packaging...
  6. DrNope

    Burson HA-160 returned from 2month repair....

    My 1-year old Burson headphone amp just returned from getting a new volume control. What a difference it is to turn it up and down without all that crackle and sparkle in the phones. One odd thing is that it i not as loud though. It's still loud enough but it is strange. And it's nice to listen...
  7. dfarina

    Burson HA-160 one month old *SOLD*

    This amp was originally purchased by a fellow member on Feb 5,2013.I purchased it from him a few days ago and decided I want to go in another direction as it was being shipped to my residence.Anyway there is its history,bottom line is its like new and packaged just like it came from the factory...
  8. Aeolus Kratos

    Woo Audio WA6/WA3 or Burson HA-160 for HD650???

    Hi there everyone,   After hours researched the forum, I finally came up with these 3 options for my beloved Senn HD650: The Woo Audio WA3 and WA6 and Burson HA-160. They're in the same price range.   I have read a lot of recommendations about the 650's pair with tubes amp. But I'm...
  9. etys rule

    Looking for a BURSON HA160 to keep my Violectric company

    As I am enjoying my V90 more and more, I would like to try out the well thought of Burson HA160. If you've got one, don't care about condition, I'd like to hear from you.   Thanks. Etys rule
  10. Vicca Tito

    Burson HA-160 headamp - excellent condition SOLD

    Hello,   Up for sale is my barely used Burson amplifier, bough from the official representatives in EU (NL), 2011. Boxed originally. Burned-in and used for about 300-400 hours is now ready to enjoy in instantly.  Asking 550Eur (including PayPal fee + shipping by national parcel post...
  11. PolkManiac

    Time for an amp upgrade for the HD600

    I've been enjoying my setup for a while now, but think I"d like to upgrade to a better amp.  I"m running the Sennheiser HD600 out of a Schiit Valhalla amp being fed by a Peachtree DAC-IT.  I"ve used the same DAC in other setups and really like it, and I've heard the HD600 on better amps and...
  12. Lan647

    MSII+, Burson HA-160 + HD 800 = good combination?

    I'm seriously considering upgrading my rig soon, I prefer a balanced sound with deep, controlled bass that is smooth and powerful when it needs to be (think: TDK soundtrack) and impactful and tight when it needs to be (think: queen, another one bites the dust). When it comes to mids I want em...
  13. donlin

    FS: Burson HA-160

    I bought this from Moon Audio in July 2010.  In excellent condition with original box and manual.  Works perfectly.  Price is $450.00 which includes CONUS ground shipping and paypal fees.  Paypal only please.  I will have limited access to Head Fi PM, so please contact me by email directly: ...
  14. matthewh133

    WTS: Burson HA-160 (MINT, Australia)

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my Burson HA-160. It's in mint condition. Comes with the manual, original box etc. It's an awesome amp, heaps of slam and dynamics to boot, but I am selling most of my headphone gear to fund some new guitar gear. My speakers serve me well for the moment.   Take it...
  15. pytter

    Burson HA-160 - SOLD

    I have had this fantastic amp since end-October 2010 so is around 6 months old.  I have barely used (less than 10 hours – so barely burned-in).  Cosmetically it is as new.   I just can’t justify having a second rig given how little I am currently listening (new job).   Power is...
  16. [benz]

    Burson HA160 (AUS)

    I bought this last March, but after hours of listening, I found out I much prefer my tube amp. I'm the second owner.   The amplifier is as good as new. No scratches, chips, etc. Perfectly working without any problem. However, I don't have the box, only manual.   I'm asking AU$OLD plus...
  17. misformatt

    Burson HA-160 & Matrix Mini-i DAC

    Hello fellow head-fiers!  I have for sale my Burson HA-160 amp along with my Matrix Mini-i DAC.  Both have served me extremely well, but I've just ordered a Burson 160D to simplify my desktop rig a bit.  I've been using the Burson to power all of my cans--from the HE-6 to the HF-2.  It is in...
  18. misformatt

    Burson HA-160

    Hello fellow head-fiers!  I have for sale my Burson HA-160 amp along with my Matrix Mini-i DAC.  Both have served me extremely well, but I've just ordered a Burson HA-160D to simplify my desktop rig a bit.  I've been using the Burson to power all of my cans--from the HE-6 to the HF-2.  It is in...
  19. jc9394

    IC: Burson HA-160

    Thinking to get the DAC version or the Audio-GD NFB-10ES to simplify the bedroom setup. 
  20. mibul

    Burson HA-160 Headphone Amplifier ** Priced to Sell**

    Up for sale is a Burson ha-160 headphone amp in excellent condition. No scratches or blemishes. The amp comes with its manual.   I'm the second owner. Asking $ shipped in the US (Paypal)
  21. aurabullet

    Pre amp + Amp Question, also Burson HA-160 vs Meier Concerto

    I have a Pre-Amp (Onkyo P3200 PRE-AMP), are pre-amps universally compatible with all amps out there? I was also wondering if this pre-amp would connect to either one of the above? And if so, is it recommended? Last question, which amp is better to drive the LCD-2, I posted this in the LCD-2 Amp...
  22. sberamji

    Burson HA160 headphone amplifier (1 week old) - $560

    Hi,   This is an ad for a Burson HA160 headphone amplifier. The amp is 1 week old and is in 9.5/10 condition, virtually brand new. The amp will ship with the original box, power cable and manual. The amp isn't what I am looking for in terms of sound and hence I am looking to sell it. As I...
  23. Covenant

    (Aus) Burson HA-160 for sale - discount for Sydney head-fiers

    Up for sale is my Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier. The unit was purchased directly from Burson Audio by myself over a year ago. My reason for selling is that it hardly gets any use anymore - I simply don't have time to indulge in home audio the way I used to.   The unit has no marks or...
  24. bassvirtuoso

    SOLD: Burson HA-160 Headphone Amp MINT

    For Sale: Burson HA-160 Headphone Amp Included: Original Box, European Power Cord, USA Power Cord Price: $400.00 (shipping extra) Payment: Paypal or USPS Money Order   Up for sale is my MINT Burson HA-160 solid state headphone amp. This thing is mint and was only used as a bedside amp...
  25. LCfiner

    [SOLD] Burson HA-160 amp PLUS AB-160 Audio Buffer

    I have a Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier (in pics, on the bottom) and the Burson AB-160 Audio Buffer (in pics, on top) that I am selling.   there is a very tiny scratch on the top of the HA-160 amp from a previous owner, but it is barely noticeable.   The Burson amp has been written...