The burson ha-160 and the nordost brahma power cable a synergistic match
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Feb 3, 2011
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Feb 3, 2011
  I purchased a nordost brahma power cord on a music direct closeout earlier this year and after an extended break in period this matching has proved to be extremely rewarding.It has also revealed some surprising results when paired with two different headphones at least in my system.I have had my burson for at least a couple of years and it has performed admirably in that time.Although at times I preferred my ray samuels raptor at times due to system tweaking and matching.But at this juncture of time I much prefer the sound I am getting from my burson.
   people have different preferences when they like to listen to music.Some preferring a upfront presentation with a lot of detail and good resolution.Others like their sound somewhat warmer and more musical if that is one way of saying things.
   The burson probably leans more towards the warmer side of the camp.It has a slightly warmer sound than stock neutral which I have found makes for long listening sessions with less irritaion factor.So at least IMHO can play a wide variety of recordings without bringing out the worst aspects of sound when playing some that are less than stellar sounding.There are of course tweaks to change the sound characteristics of a component.I have upgraded the fuse in my burson with a hifi tuning supreme fuse (small 5 amp slow blow) and it did tighten up the sound somewhat and made the amp sound quieter.
  But getting down to the synergistic match of the burson and the nordost brahma power cord.I have tried several different power cords with the burson over the time I have owned it but the nordost brahma has been the best match I have found for that amplifier in my setup.The nordost has made the burson much more neutral in character with much better dynamics and bass definition,The combination is very honest when it comes to capturing the sound of the original space that the recording was made.I am now clearly hearing the studio, concert hall which the recording was made.The sound of this pairing sounds more realistic than my system has ever sounded.The clarity of sound has also improved markedly and I am hearing the sound of individual instruments which I have not heard before.The sound of voices is really special on the amp now.They sound very palpable and lifelike.The highs have excellent clarity as well with not beeing at least in my opinion not bright of course unless that is an artifact of the original recording.Less than stellar recordings sound just like they should sound and that is less than stellar.
  To be honest I have had some issues like a lot of people with the stepped attenuator that burson uses.It can be very frustrating at times trying to find the right level for listening.One level is to low and the next to high depending on the recording of course.
And I do get the clicking noise I have read about when changing volume.I think i will eventually try the contact cleaner solution some of tried to elliminate this problem.
   But I have drifted off the main road and that is the system synergy that I have found when I used this amp and power cord pairing.
I love the matching but I realize that for most people the pairing of such an expensive power cord even at the great price I bought it for
on a mid priced headphone amp at least when you crunch the numbers does not make sense.But it is what it is.
  I also had some surprising results when I compared two of my phones.I have a lcd2 v2 and a akg701.After some extended listening sessions I have come to perfer the performance of the 701 over my lcd2 v2s.The comparisons have revealed to me the soundstaging shortcomings of the lcd2 v2.I found the akgs much more accurate in revealing the acoustics of the original venue.With the lcd2s the sound is good albeit a litlle warmer sounding than neutral (I have heard my lcd2s on a bryston amp in single ended fashion and they did seem to work very well with that amp sounding much tighter) and the presentatiuon was kind of two dimensional.The sound of the burson with the 701s was much more alive and more neutral in balance but the akgs have a more neutral balance than the audezes.Warmth has never been something even remotely suggested when people describe the 701s.
  I find that listening to the lcd2s is pleasant. I find that it is like listening to a system.When I listen to the 701s things sound a lot more like the real thing which can make things depending on the recording a great deal more involving.I know that this has been brought up more times than I could even guess but I like listening to the real deal if I can and the 701 at least for now is my headphone of choice for producing the original recording in its most accurate sense at least in my setup.
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