1. buson160man

    nordost brahma power cord

     I recently borrowed a older nordost  eldorado power cable from a friend and tried it in my system on my cd player.I liked what I heard it seemed to be a better match than the cord I am using now which was an emotiva power cord which at $69.95 was a wise purchase.I was using the outrageously...
  2. buson160man

    burson ha-160 headphone amp with nordost brahma power cordlistening impressions

    I purchased a nordost brahma power cord on a close out earlier this year and I am posting my impressions of the pairing of my burson ha-160 amp with the brahma power cord.I originally did not intend to use this rather pricey power cable with my burson but after trying the combination I found it...
  3. buson160man

    The burson ha-160 and the nordost brahma power cable a synergistic match

      I purchased a nordost brahma power cord on a music direct closeout earlier this year and after an extended break in period this matching has proved to be extremely rewarding.It has also revealed some surprising results when paired with two different headphones at least in my system.I have had...
  4. Nordost Brahma Power Cable

    Nordost Brahma Power Cable

    Brahma Power Cables are extremely neutral and dynamic due to the use of our proprietary micro mono-filament technology. They are equally at home optimizing the performance of Plasma Screens, Projectors and LCD displays as powering power amplifiers and other audio components.