1. Synchronised

    Need advice.

    Hello guys, I have Audeze LCD3, Burson Audio HA-160D and Weston 4R's. I am thinking of selling the LCD3's and replace them with a cheaper headphone that pairs well with the Burson Audio HA-160D. I bought the LCD3 for $2000 so how much can I sell it for? It's almost brand new, I bought it...
  2. trotoir

    Lehmann Audio Linear USB Headphone Amplifier versus Burson HA-160D Headphone Amplifier / DAC / Pre Amp - For Electronic Techno and Ambient

    Hi All,   I couldn't find a thread comparing these 2 similar (ish) SS amps so I thought I would ask.   I am thinking about purchasing 1 of these as an upgrade to my Fiio E9 / E7 combo. I use HD650  and D7000 headphones.   Has anyone had the privilege to compare these 2 units?  ...
  3. Senn-Fi

    Musical Fidelity M1 HFA/DAC, Burson HA-160D, Woo WA6/WA2 or Schiit Lyr/Bifrost?

    Hi guys/gals!  Long time lurker here coming out of the woodwork to get a few opinions.  I have been listening to headphones for a 10+ years, but recently have gotten the upgrade bug.  I had a pair of Sennheiser HD-590's for a long time and added a Firestone Fubar IV+ DAC/Amp about 3 years ago...
  4. shinystuffbuyer

    Will Audiophilleo work for me?

    Will Audiophilleo1 (with or without pure power) result in any noticeable difference to my current set up?   MacBookPro => Burson HA 160D DAC => Rega Brio R Amp => PSB Imagine mini speakers.   I live in India and I do not have a way to audition the device before buying it. However, the power...
  5. G

    DAC/amps with independent headphone and analog output levels?

    I'm trying to come up with a list of DAC/amp combination units which allow headphone volume to be controlled independently from the analog output level. It's fine if the analog output level is fixed (at the usual 2V unbalanced, 4V balanced). I want to connect dynamic headphones to this unit, and...
  6. iDesign

    Sennheiser HD-650. What is the last word in amplification?

    I am a longtime Head-Fi user but have not really used the site in several years because I thought I finally reached a settling point and happy medium with my audio equipment. I thought wrong and I am back and looking for an integrated amplifier with a USB DAC for my HD650 headphones which is...
  7. V

    Burson HA-160DS or Bottlehead Crack (+HRT SMII+) for Sennheiser HD 650

    Dear Experts,   Only after 100+ hours of honest, very useful yet inconclusive research I decided to start a new thread on this classic topic with hope that I can gather more specific information than is available on existing threads (I have read all of them).   I consider myself a beginner...
  8. svyr

    Confirming whether your DAC is asynchronous as claimed or not.

    Here's a quick way to verify whether your USB soundcard supports asynchronous transfer mode (or the claim was false advertising or a confused reviewer or confused audiophile reading the review...*cough-160D-cough*) Source is a microsoft usb audio related doc referring to USB implementation...
  9. OldSkool

    Legendary synergy?

    In your opinion, what amp/headphone pairing typically has excellent synergy?   I have read about the Woo2/T1 and MAD Ear+HD/RS1 pairings. Any others come to mind?
  10. shaunccxr

    Recommendations for USB cables!

    Just got a  TEAC A H01 DAC + Amp and now using a HP printer cable which i think sounds really crap. I scrolled some post regarding this topic and found out it dosen't worth spending loads of money in a usb cable.   i have around $60 budget and basically Im finding a cable which can give me...
  11. JimisTroll

    DAC to go with HA-160 and HD600?

    Listening to music from a Macbook pro. I'd like to keep things on the cheaper side (sub $500). I really don't know much about DACs, so any help is appreciated.    thanks in advance!    edit: just realized that I've never posted anything on the forum since joining the forum, so I guess...
  12. DrNope

    Burson HA-160 returned from 2month repair....

    My 1-year old Burson headphone amp just returned from getting a new volume control. What a difference it is to turn it up and down without all that crackle and sparkle in the phones. One odd thing is that it i not as loud though. It's still loud enough but it is strange. And it's nice to listen...
  13. MangoMonkey

    Dac recommendation for Burson HA-160

    Any recommendations on a good source for the burson HA-160. I'm thinking of the following options: a) Get the HA-160D instead of the HA-160. b) Get the Arcam rDac. c) Cambridge Magic (or something like that).   Any opinions?   It'll be the same money for the most part. I expect DAC...
  14. esppse

    ha 160 (or anything better in the 700 price range with) hd600s or k701s?

    hey guys,   i read that a k701 and an ha160 combo sounds really good. but how does that compare to a hd600 and an ha160 combo?   as a music producer, i need something that can really give me the best detail possible and instrument separation.   and is there another amp (preferably...
  15. Masika

    Cables for between Burson HA-160 and DA-160

    Looking forward to next week. New gear should arrive. :)   So I have a Burson DAC/HeadAMP set up. The word is that I should use the cables that come with them.   I believe that I will up grade to entry level power cables. VMF power cords. I figured this would be fine as I will get a Thor...
  16. francoamerican

    Anybody own HA 160 with DA 160?

    I'm trying to figure out impedance matching.   I'm assuming these would be a natural match.  Do you set the DA 160 at 25 or 45 ohm when using the HA 160?   thanks   FA
  17. Phono Groove

    Burson ha-160 volume question

    I would like to know if the volume of the burson ha-160 has noise when you turn it at each click.  I've read that several users of the ha-160d hear static noises when turning their knob, is this the case of the ha-160? If so, does this damage your headphones?
  18. djevoultion

    Burson HA-160 / D / DS amp and LCD2

    Hello head-fi   I'm curious about the Burson HA160 series amp for my LCD2r1 (50ohm).    I noticed on the specs page it is listed as max 250ohm output into unknown ohms.    I inquired into it with Burson and they informed me the Burson will output 100mw into 50 ohms, this seems a...
  19. appletree

    A question to Burson HA 160 owners

    Hello Recently I bought HA-160 (just the amp without DAC) and I am having some static noise issues when using my desktop PC as a source with only exception being toslink. However usb link to DAC -> HA 160, or onboard sound -> SPDIF -> DAC -> HA 160, or onboard sound -> analog out -> HA 160...
  20. Hoax

    Burson HA 160 Questions

    Hiya   I was wondering on what level others have put the volume output? I read from amps with a gain + volume that its best for dynamics to leave the gain low and the volume to the max. Since there's only 1 option here on what setting are you guys getting best result for watching movies? I...
  21. D

    Hoping for some advice with my first headphone setup (I have moderate experience with full-size speaker systems)

    Hi,   For the last several years, I've tinkered with various full-size speaker setups at home. I've now decided to jump into the world of headphones and am looking for a bit of advice.   In terms of the sound I'm going for, I like systems that are very linear and don't add too much of...
  22. BaileyAblaze

    Best Amp/DAC Combo with HD800

    So I am considering getting the Sennheiser HD800, and I was wondering which amps/DAC's go best with it for under $1500 total. I've heard that the Burson Audio HA-160D is a very good combo, but I'm also wondering about amps like the Woo-Audio WA2 and Apex Arete. What are your thoughts on the...
  23. atarkovsky

    Choice of AMPs (for HD800)

    Greetings from the cold... :)   Need a little bit of advice. I'm considering acquiring a dedicated amp for my HD800s. Right now, the headphone is connected to my computer using a SAA Endorphin cable & an Asus XONAR Essence STX audio card.   I thought, at first, to get a WooAudio but the...
  24. Greg24

    DAC + Amp for HD650 (budget 800$ for each)

    Hi Guys,   First post on this forum I'm reading for a few months now... I've read a lot of interesting posts, but I'm a bit confused now with the choices I have to make. I listen to folk, blues, jazz, a bit of rock and classical. I will own a Sennheiser HD650 and have at the moment a RME...
  25. Snooze

    Need Help for purchase of either Audio lab mDAC with CORDA classic amp VS Burson HA160D

    Im in need of some opinions on whether I should spend:   Auddiolab M-DAC AUD949.00 and Meier Corda Classic AUD699.00 TOTAL AUD1648.00   Or   Burson HA160D TOTAL AUD1200.00     I asked the online shop what he suggested as an alternative to the Burson HA 160D and he said that...