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    Beats Pro - photo manipulation pop art
  2. lilboozy

    Why the Beats Hate?

    You guys do realize that some people would sacrifice detail for bass right? And every other headphone model recommended over them usually look terrible or alright but not good (vmoda m80). Plus the combination of portability and a detachable cable is great.
  3. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  4. whatamelon

    Beats Pro vs V-moda crossfade LP vs SMS Street/Sync by 50

    By the title, you can obviously see i have a thing for aesthetics. Hopefully you guys wont bash for that!   I currently have v-modas. Ive had them for over a year and a half now, and i'm getting tired of them hurting my ears after an hour of listening and dont feel any good sound differences...
  5. ourfpshero

    Sony xb500 drivers in fake beats pro

    So I had a fake beats pro I thought was real until I got a real one (wow big sound difference). the fake one is nicely made, with metal parts, and real leather pads, but sounded like a low end jvc or sennheiser. it just sat in my garage for a long time. I recently got a sony xb500 that needed...
  6. pixelsphotopro

    Need help

    Hi everyone, I have 3 pairs of headphone: Sony MDR-ZX300 Beats Solo HD Monster N-Tune   I know that they are crappy headphone, for now I can put about $200.00 for a new pair of headphone or get an DAC/AMP to use them on my computer and maybe have a more decent sound.   What would...
  7. Edric Li

    About Best Bass headphones...

    I own sz2000, xb1000, Beats Pro, ATH-ws99, Klipsch Status, JBL S700, and I just want to say that sz2000 is not the bassiest, nor the best sounding among all of these. Is there any possibility to rewrite the wiki about this topic?
  8. XiuberHD419

    Changing Fake Beats Pro driver

    Hi guys, Honestly, I like the design of the beats pro and find its build relatively solid, however,I feel that it's sound quality is not up to par opposed to it's price. Thus, I am planning on getting a fake pair and replacing the sound drivers in it. Does anyone know of any suitable driver for...
  9. Fidelity King

    DNA Pro vs Audio Technica ATH M50, Beat Pro

    Okay I don't want people hating on me just by reading the title, I have previously posted things that upset many people on this site. I am well aware that people on Head fi don't like brands like beats, bose, sms, soul, skullcandy. Neither do I for i have heard many of the cans those brands...
  10. hummel

    ultrasone pro 900 vs beats pro (i have v moda m100 now)

    does anyone have these two headphones? ultrasones and beats pro , or perhaps had the chance to compare the two. for me its all about the bass. i want hard kicking and thumping, rumbling bass. i miss this with my v moda m100. i know the beats pro have better bass than my v moda, but do the...
  11. Squeeesh

    Shure SRH940 and Beats Pro Potential Driver Swap

    Let me preface this by saying how much I like to fix things. As such I have acquired two sets of functional, but broken headphones that apparently were inconvenient to their previous owners.   The first pair is a set of Shure SRH940s that have cracked at their hinge (an overwhelmingly common...
  12. ruthieandjohn

    Comparing Sennheiser HD 598, Beats Studio 2013, and Beats Pro - Quasi-Objective Tests

    I devised a set of 10 comparative tests (4 that are of an overall quality nature that do not depend a lot on the music being played; 6 that compare the clarity of specific acoustic "events" in certain music). I describe the test methods more fully here ...
  13. bassplaya

    Beats Pro VS V-Moda Crossfade M-100

    I have the Beats Pro but I got the opportunity to sell them... Now I am wondering I should sell them and get the M-100s or just keep my Pro and deal with it. Any suggestions? What are some good quality headphones with reasonable price tag??  
  14. Bradster20

    Beats Pro Or Beats Studio

    I dont want to hear about other headphones just which ones you think would be better. Im getting a good deal on them and i really only listen to hip hop so i just want to hear which ones better. NO BEATS BASHING!
  15. myemaildw

    earphones with more rumble?

    i’ve got a few earphones, headphones, and none of them have everything i would like them to have. i have beats tour and beats pro headphones, they are both good at vocals, and clear sound. and i have apple earbuds that i modified to be used with earphone tip, i put earplug piece in there to...
  16. myap2328

    Help Please! I need to buy a headphone. Guidance wld be much appreciated

    I am looking for a headphones that are bassy and yes i did visit the bass head club already and yes I have already read tons of forums on headfi, visited inner fidelity, read a gazillion reviews on many many numerous websites, but I really need an answer and please be helpful thanks! I have a...
  17. sfflash

    Headphone comparison: ATHM50S vs. MDR-XB700 vs. Beats Pro OEM Monster edition

    As you can see I'm new to the forum and have a concerning question. I couldn't find any topics on this comparison that fitted my situation, so anything will help! Here goes:   I'm into house and hip hop music as of late and narrowed down my choice of headset to 3 options, listed in the title...
  18. yahoobabe

    ATH Pro700mk2ANV vs. Monster Beats Pro

    ok i know that monster beats isn't really a nice bargain and has really low performance over the price they charge however i'm still gonna ask this question since i kinda like the style and the brand when it comes to Monster Beats (not counting in their product quality) so please don't bash...
  19. Gallade475

    The beats cable, how good is it?

    Everyone here knows(hopefully) that the beats by dre are a terrible deal, but how good is the cable off of the pros? Are they sub-par, fine, or great?
  20. sang3r

    Beats pro for 80$ or audio technica ath-m50 for 120$?

    I'm well aware that the sound quality on the m50's are superior. However, is the 200$ pricetag really the deterrent from people buying beats? Is the sound quality really so much better that it would be worth me spending an extra 40$ to pick up the m50s? I can grab the beats through my job for...
  21. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Brainwavs HM5: The 'Phone that was OEMed

    Brainwavs HM5 Review   Introduction:   Brainwavs are company known mainly for their rather impressive budget IEMs in which I have reviewed one of their older models and although it didn’t actually impress me that much it was still a solid contender for its price. Now I have their flagship...
  22. c0reyl

    What DAC and amp setup does Best Buy use for display headphones?

    I ask this because I was listening to some $400 beats pro or whatever, and it sounded SO FREAKING BAD.   I recently spent $35 on a pair of cheap ass headphones which have extremely surprising quality for the price, but are not very comfortable, and they sound about as good as the $400...
  23. Tobu99

    V-Moda M80, V-Moda LP/LP2, V-Moda M100, Beats Pro or Skullcandy MixMaster

    Hey Head-Fi! I listen to rap/hiphop(taylor gang,wiz khalifa,snoop dogg,dr.dre and the other),house music(also progressive house,electro house) and almost everything they play in clubs. I want really good bass, but bass is not the only thing I want, I want also good highs,miss,lows(but bass most...
  24. chumichael129

    The Incase Sonic's

    I would like to know if anyone owns a pair of these and like to tell me somethings about it. I read a couple reviews in the headgear section, and overall they don't seem too bad. So my questions are:   If they are worth the price? (both Build Quality and Audio Quality-wise) If they are...
  25. daytonanerd

    Beats Pro Replacement Ear Cushions

    Hello Head-Fi'ers. I got the Beats Pro headphones as a birthday gift from my dad (Yes, you may boo silently, lol). A problem I have with them is that the circular ear cups hurts my ear a little bit. I am wondering if you could recommend some oval-shaped ear-cups for the Beats Pro. Thanks Head-Fi.