1. Tyua

    Improving my audio configuration

    I mostly listen electronic music and currently have a HD668b on a D-Zero, plugged on my laptop and using Spotify at max quality, I know this is quite low in quality compared to the headphones and systems you are generally talking about on this forum, but would like to know how I may improve my...
  2. Joe Bloggs

    Possible simple bass mod (especially with AT ADxxxx series)

    When I was playing around with my Somic MH463, I noticed that in the pics posted by Boris there were vents around the driver on the side facing the ear: (above and below the driver)   If such vents were not present, the driver should make an airtight seal with the ear (to the extent...
  3. Moochibond

    For general interest I would like to share this great review & sound demo of the Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X

    Here review:     Here is the sound demo:     Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year to all!   Mooch
  4. jTizMLG

    AD500x or AD700x for gaming?

    I'm having trouble deciding between these 2.   I mostly want a competitive edge against my opponent.   Would the ad500x be "enough" if its just for competitive gaming?
  5. mbeno13

    Best Xbox 360 Gaming Headphones

  6. cupajoe60

    Audiotechnica ATH-AD500s not playing full range of sound

    Hey all,   I tripped over the cable of my ATH-AD500s last night, and I messed them up. They will not play through my macbook pro, and they play only a limited range of sounds on my phone and my friend's computer. I was thinking it's a cable issue, does anyone know how to get the casing open...
  7. Arana

    sennheiser HD 449 Vs Audio terchnica ATH Ad 500,700

    Hi. I will soon be able to get the hd 449 or ath ad500 at the same reasonable price. Although both boast a great sound stage and good highs and mids im confused on which to buy. This is 'cause the MRP of ath ad500 is more than hd 449, but it has had mixed reviews and i feel like it has to be...
  8. TheJesusGuy

    Sennheiser HD 598 vs Audio Technica ATH-AD 900

  9. zippy1990

    Bought AKG K550s, Top of my head hurts like hell.

    Hi everyone.   Today I received my brand new AKG K550s from Amazon, my very first "Audiophile" headphones. I checked them out immediately and I was blown away by the sound quality, but.. After an hour or so, the top of my head is really sore and starts to hurt. Ignoring it for a few...
  10. pro1137

    Suggestions for open/semi-open headphones under $50?

    Hey Head-Fi! I'd like some suggestions for a pair of open-backed or semi-open headphones under $50.  I know about the Panasonic HTF600 and the Superlux 668b, but are there any others that you would possibly recommend more?   I have an amp, so it's not a factor whether they should be used...
  11. Kosmik Panda

    AD700 good to be used as a gaming headset?

    I can get these for 75$ used, and have heard that they are great for gaming. That is what I will be using them for almost 100% of the time. I have my Sennheiser HD439 to listen to music with. If I get them i will probably put a mic on them. So only reason I am posting is just to ask what are...
  12. norazi

    Anyone have experience with the AT TAD-500?

    im looking at this set and was wondering if its an upgrade over the AD500 (or even the AD700)? anyone have this set?
  13. jazh23

    Help with this mid-range Headphones please...

    Hi, I wanna buy a headphones inexpensive, basically for playing on my PC. I'm looking for: Comfort, sound quality, and durability.   Which one is better from the list?     1. Sennheiser HD 419= 58.88$...
  14. CrystalT

    Fast, bright headphones with exceptional instrument separation for ~$100?

    I have a pair of SoundMAGIC ES18 which is great for quite a few of my genres of music, but find that it performs poorly with Power and Progressive Metal. I'm looking for full-sized, circumaural headphones, preferably open ones that are fast so they don't get overwhelmed by faster, and busier...
  15. Frigide

    Nice deal or not.

    I just bought a Audio-Technica A500 for 30  euro (about $35). It was a demo model for  I will use this with a Clip+ and Fiio e11. Is this a nice deal? First i was looking for a Sennheiser 201 am i better of now?    
  16. vortex2450

    Top headphones for computer gaming under $40?

    Hello,   I am currently hunting for a set of full size cans that I will mainly use during my gaming sessions.   I don't need an inline mic because most of my gaming is solo. I wear glasses so I want something that is going to fit comfortably without pushing the top of my ear against my...
  17. pooder

    ath ad500 What?

    i have been resaearching the ad 700's for quite some time now. i have been contemplating buying a new gaming setup since i have saved up 7000 dollars. i was thinking of buying the astro mixamp, ath ad700's, and the dealextreme mini mic. i just now stumbled on the ath ad500's which is weird...
  18. MalVeauX

    Shure SRH940, a subjective opinion-based analysis subject to scrutiny (Review)

    The Shure SRH940, a Subjective Opinion-Based Analysis Subject to Scrutiny ________________________________________________________________________________ The Shure SRH940: "I can hear the smoke in the bar."     Background (A Preface)   Before even beginning to describe my...
  19. TestSubject

    Am i the only disappointed with the DT-770 Headband?

    i got a pair of DT-770 premium at the premium price and i have to say the headband is, well... I Mean Not my picture but look at this real headband (ATH-M50) Even the way cheaper Pro Version has a better one
  20. pooder

    JVC HARX900 VS. ATH AD700?

    i need a new pair of headphones to pair up with my turtlebeach earforce dss for gaming on my xbox360. i was about to buy the ad700's but i came across these jvc's that people have been saying good things about for 30 dollars cheaper. i want a big soundstage for fps gaming. Anyone own any of...
  21. Used Meathook

    Headphones for watching DVD/Blu-Ray and GAMING? Under $170?

    Hello, I'm interested in some headphones to use for late night movie watching and video game playing. These will NOT be for music listening. My budget is around $150. I'm not interested in "gaming" headphones for a couple of reasons...main one being that I have both an Xbox360 and a PS3. I...
  22. xDarkKn1ghtx

    Headphone recommendation

    Any good phone recommendations?   I don't splurge much on headphones. My budget is around $150 or so.   I've went through a few models and found these few to my likings. Using them for lossless rock/pop music. Any comments?   Sennheiser HD448/HD438 Shure SHR 440 Audio Techica...
  23. Potamotrygon

    Best headphones ~$100-125

    My apologies if this gets asked incessantly, but I don't know what keywords to search for   I am looking for some headphones to replace the POS earbuds that came with my sansa MP3 player and also to use on my computer for music/gaming.   Recently I learned that the type of music is a...
  24. Epik

    Audio-Technica AD500 $31 (Price mistake?)   I came to these forums for advice on gaming headphones a few years back and most people recommended the AD700s and HD555s. Well, I...
  25. ry_goody

    ATH-A500's de-pleathered

    So if you have ATH-A500's, or the A700, and I think the A900 has the same pleathered earpads.   Well over time this pleather starts to peel off.   So a while ago I just completely de-pleathered my a500 earpads. Put them in water and just rub and rub until it all comes off. It leaves you...