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  1. Apos Audio

    Introducing the New xDuoo MX-01 Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's an interesting launch from xDuoo that we'd like to share with the community. The xDuoo MX-01 Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter brings a new level of audio connectivity. This device transforms your traditional audio sources, like TVs and CD players, into Bluetooth-enabled units...
  2. S

    Request for earphones suggestions to use Hi-Fi Quad DAC in LG g8X

    Greetings to all members, Thank you for your time. I have query regarding earphones for using with Hi-fi Quad DAC. I have LG g8x phone and used LG earphones which came with phone (Now the left side earphone not working) I am planning to buy a Earphone for using with Hi-fi Quad DAC in my...
  3. N

    Is LDAC (Real World) overrated?

    Almost every device I have used with LDAC chooses Best Effort and many either will not allow or stutter if you choose the 660 or 990 option. This makes me think that Best Effort probably errs to the 330 level? Certainly my S22 will not play at all if I choose the 660 or 990 setting. This...
  4. mcnaugha

    aptX Adaptive / aptX Lossless USB Transmitters

    Apologies if there is a thread on this already. So, I was thrilled to stumble upon the KB8 adapter on Aliexpress a few weeks ago and received it a couple of days ago. no evidence to who actual manufacturer is. Says it has the QCC3040 but its specs do not support aptX Adaptive and HD. It would...
  5. SoundMAGIC P23BT

    SoundMAGIC P23BT

    Features & details 🎧 Super Stable Connection: Equipped with Qualcomm Chip QCC3034, Bluetooth 5.0, more stable transmission, lower power consumption, more stable signal, making the wireless connection faster and stronger. 🎧 Amazing Stereo Hi-Fi Sound: 40mm high quality dynamic drivers deliver you...
  6. Setmagic

    Zishan Z4 - DAP with Dual DAC ES9038Q2M | Dual AMP OPA1622 | USB 32-bit + DSD | Bluetooth LDAC 24-bit | Balanced 2,5/4,4 | LO/PO 3,5mm

    Specification and pictures here - Head-Fi product page Reviews: Syncaine professional review - article in Russian (text, pictures and video - you can translate using Google for example) Countryboyhk impressions - post in Head-Fi forum with photos Fe Lix Ramearez impressions - screenshot from...
  7. FiiO BTA 30 - High Fidelity Bluetooth transceiver

    FiiO BTA 30 - High Fidelity Bluetooth transceiver

  8. KBEAR S1 Bluetooth V5.0 aptX HD earphone cable (2PIN/TFZ/MMCX)

    KBEAR S1 Bluetooth V5.0 aptX HD earphone cable (2PIN/TFZ/MMCX)

    Product Specifications Product Name: KBEAR -S1 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless cable Weight: 14g+3g Cable length: 95cm+3cm Bluetooth : V5.0 Plug type: MMCX/2PIN/TFZ (KS2 pin) Battery capacity: 120mAh Running time: 10+ hours Standby time: about 100 hours Charging time: about 1 hour Qualcomm QCC3034 chip...
  9. Paul Sheridan

    Looking for a DAP for use with Sony WH-1000XM3's

    I am looking to get hold of a music player which can transmit either aptx hd or LDAC (or both!). I have been looking at Astell & Kern players as well as FiiO. (Are there any other makes out there i should be considering?) So far i have looked at FiiO M11 Pro, FiiO M15, and Astell & Kern SR25...
  10. FiiO EH3 NC

    FiiO EH3 NC

    In recent years, wireless headphones have gradually become the most popular products in the market. Aside from TWS earbuds, the best choice would be over-ear wireless headphones, which are rich in functions and good in the audio performance. But among such a large variety of products, how to...
  11. K

    Help with Amiron Wireless

    Hello, This is my first post but I've lurking around for the past few days. I got these headphones for Christmas and I've loved them since I took them out of the box. I bought an LG V30 and a Tidal subscription because I realized those were the minimum requirements to enjoy the potential of the...


    We are pleased to announce our next generation custom bluetooth cables. Improved in every way over our original. Module details: Redesigned from the ground up Bluetooth 5.0 Complete codec support including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD, and LDAC. Added USB DAC/AMP functionality. Up to 24...
  13. Jaysound

    Looking for good Bluetooth IEMs with connecting cord, aptX-HD and LDAC

    I practice tai chi (and occasionally play with kung fu forms as much as my aging body is able). I have two phones I alternate between, one supporting aptx-HD and the other supporting LDAC. I use Tidal Hi-Fi on both. After an insane amount of time spent on research a couple of years ago, I...
  14. droid23

    FiiO EH3 NC - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

    FiiO will come out quite soon with their first approach on a full size wireless noise cancelling headphone. Since I personally am very interested in these cans because I'm in the market of buying my first wireless NC headphones, I did some research on them and this here is what I found so far...
  15. MeZoX

    Bowers & Wilkins PX7 noise-cancelling over ear headphones

    https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/19/bowers-wilkins-wireless-px7-px5-pi3-pi3-/ https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/bowers-and-wilkins-px7 https://www.techradar.com/reviews/bowers-and-wilkins-px7-wireless-over-ear-headphones As other users highlighted in the PX thread the announcement of the new B&W...
  16. LK89

    Recently bought TRN BT20S and not happy with it. Help

    Hello all, Long time Shure SE215 user, around 4 years, and just last month the cable start making problem. Instead of replacing with a new one, i heard good things about TRN BT20S with its aptx technology. Today the item arrive, and i test it. What, the sound was so flat, almost 80% of the bass...
  17. BigZ12

    USB BT 5.0 dongle/device for PC with LDAC and or AptX HD?

    Didn't know where to post this, but it seems this group suited the most. (Mods,feel free to move it if it's wrong, but please don't move it to a forum where no one visit :) ) http://www.avantree.com/product-long-range-bluetooth-usb-audio-adapter-avantree-dg60-blk.html I have preordered the...
  18. Topping DX3 Pro

    Topping DX3 Pro

    There's 4 output mode of DX3 Pro: Headphone amp only, Headphone amp + Line out, DAC only, Pre-amplifier. DX3 Pro is suitable for almost all usage scenarios. DX3 Pro is using XMOS XU208 + 2 x AK4493 + OPA1612 to support up to 32bit768kHz PCM decoding and DSD512 native decoding of USB input...
  19. FiiO

    The Review Tour of FiiO M7 High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player Starts Now!

    As FiiO’s first music player for the year of 2018, we’ve set high expectation to the High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player M7. After more than one-month’s market testing by carrying out a crowd funding in China for the first time as well as arranging trial sale in certain off-line stores, the M7...
  20. FiiO M7 High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player: Samsung’s Exynos 7270 SoC, aptX-HD , LDAC, FM radio

    FiiO M7 High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player: Samsung’s Exynos 7270 SoC, aptX-HD , LDAC, FM radio

    FiiO M7 is FiiO’s first music player for the year of 2018 featuring: ※ A Fully Modern Technological Core (Samsung’s Exynos 7270 SoC) ※ State-of-the-art 6-layer multi-stage Blind and Buried Via PCB technology ※ Suppoorts high fidelity wireless including aptX-HD and LDAC audio codecs ※ USB audio...
  21. Bluewave GET Wireless HiFi Headphone Amplifier

    Bluewave GET Wireless HiFi Headphone Amplifier

    With its compact design and powerful amplification, BLUEWAVE GET is the perfect solution to enjoy both the benefits of high quality sound and the practicality of wireless. Enjoy music with the highest level of clarity, answer phone calls thanks to the integrated high quality MEMS microphone...
  22. ronkupper

    aptX HD indication with LG G6 and Fiio Q5?

    Hello guys, Does anybody have access to either an LG G6 with Fiio Q5 / other aptX HD enabled devices and knows if and where there is an indication that aptX HD is used (vs. aptX, SBC)? RK
  23. Sony WH1000XM2

    Sony WH1000XM2

    Sony's best high-end bluetooth headphone featuring active noise cancelling, touch controls, APtX-HD, LDAC, 30+ hours battery life, fast charging, ambient sound mode and a hard carry case.
  24. zerogun

    Is a DAP sonically noticeable at this stage with apt x/AAC wireless headphones?

    Hi guys, It's been some time since I last visited this forum, but I've recently revisited my quiet passion for audio. I picked up a pair of B&W PX's and really love the sound out of them, but as most people, I'm curious to hear how much better these cans can get. I've read numerous accounts on...
  25. sunshine83

    ProStereo H2 Bluetooth

    These earphones look legit, they have everything to listen to hi-res audio wirelessly but there is no info about where to buy them from :( http://www.itechdynamic.com/list_of_products/prostereoh2/