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Bowers & Wilkins PX7 noise-cancelling over ear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MeZoX, Sep 20, 2019.
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  1. MeZoX

    As other users highlighted in the PX thread the announcement of the new B&W over ear N.C. wireless headphones
    It seem that b&w finally listened to their customer feedback and produced for what it seams at least a lighter headphones that would be more comfortable, although I am going to miss the premium looks of the old px , but I am hoping that they fixed how the ANC affected the SQ on their previous PX , and allow for passive playback without the need for power
  2. MeZoX
  3. FenderP
    From the manual:
    Note: Your headphones must have sufficient charge and switched on to play audio from an analogue source device.
  4. billbishere
    I own the PX - I think I would pass on these. Mine have had a couple wonky issues and less than a year old. Not to mention they are pretty heavy and not the most comfy. The sound is also sorta veiled.
  5. MeZoX
    That’s a shame , hope the batteries are at least replaceable

    What other Bluetooth headphones do you have in mind
  6. billbishere
    i would consider the sennheiser momentum 3, i need to test. But I liked the sound of the 2's and these have improved on it.
  7. MeZoX
    The new headphones are only 25 grams lighter than the px , it’s a good improvement since it has bigger drivers and cups , but I don’t know if it would contribute that significantly to comfort
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  8. MeZoX
  9. billbishere
    screw the verge - and most reviewers as far as that goes... The big review sites can suck it. good thing with BT headphones is its fairly easy to find them in the stores to test them out for yourself. with the more expensive wired can's it's impossible for a lot of people, outside of just ordering what you like try them out and send them back. but even best buy will have all of these BT headphones on display. when i was looking I was able to test, PX, Sennhiser, Vmoda, Bose and Sony all in one spot side by side.
  10. FenderP
    The only user-replaceable batteries I've seen on recent models have been from B&O (i.e. the old H8, and things like the H9).

    If you're talking new NC cans announced or released in the past month or two, here's a short list:
    Beyerdynamic Lagoon
    B&W PX5
    B&W PX7
    Master & Dynamic MW65
    Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3
    Technics EAH-F70N
  11. MeZoX
    The PX7 looks the most promising bigger drivers and spacious cups would possibly mean better sound staging which is the area that needs improvement the most in closed cans , that and the inclusion of the new aptx adaptive codec makes them more future proof
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  12. MeZoX
  13. Pumba101
    These will have a lot of work to do to replace my trusty P7 Wireless. I've been through all the high end bluetooth headphones and nothing has made me give up the P7W yet.
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  14. udd3n
    +1! I don't really need ANC so my P7W sounds better than everything I've tested as well.
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  15. MeZoX
    It seems that they improved the sound staging of the PX which has been already the best among other closed cans , used lighter materials and softer padding, will have to wait for some measurements to see how the frequency response performance is
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