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Apologies if there is a thread on this already.

So, I was thrilled to stumble upon the KB8 adapter on Aliexpress a few weeks ago and received it a couple of days ago.

no evidence to who actual manufacturer is. Says it has the QCC3040 but its specs do not support aptX Adaptive and HD. It would have to be the QCC3044 for that. It also claims to support aptX LL and that’s where the issues began for me.

It connects to my FiiO UTWS5 and SoundPEATS H1 apparently at aptX Adaptive and that’s fine.

When it connects to my Maedhawk Receiver, it defaults to aptX LL. I think the adapter firmware has aptX LL above HD in the preference order. This is disappointing. Neither product appears to offer flexibility here.

Enter the downloadable tools noted in the KB8 manual. They are a bit tough to get without a Baidu membership. I got them eventually where my attention was drawn to an apparent ability to configure the codecs. It has however now dawned on me that the codec configurability may only apply to another model, called the KB8P. I can’t get the tool to edit the codecs with the KB8. How do I get my hands on the KB8P? It’s not obvious if this is available on Aliexpress.

Furthermore, there is also a tool referring to 24-bit/96khz. This led me to discover the KB8 is only capable of 16-bit/48khz. Not the end of the world, considering it is still Bluetooth but I’d still rather have the 24-bit/96khz unlocked. It’s unclear if this tool, again, only works with the even more elusive KB8P.

Anyway, I champion the person(s) responsible developing these transmitters this far. We non-Android users desperately need better Bluetooth codec options while we wait for the next evolution of lossless/Hi-Res wireless audio.

Does anyone know more about this adapter and does anyone have a link to get the KB8P if that’s what I need to turn off aptX and aptX LL and upgrade to 24-bit audio.

Thanks in advance.
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I found the Kylin Wing/Qiyi KB8P on Taobao and have ordered it through Parcel Up


Fingers crossed it works as expected.
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Nice find! Have you received the device yet? I have tried to find more information about the adapter, but the information is sparse to come by. Where did you find this information and downloads for the adapter?

I'm curious if there is a button on the adapter itself for call mode or if the adapter automatically switches to this mode if a call is detected? Does the adapter support call mode at all?
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The KB8P is only just on its way out of China today. It’s cost £21 plus £8 shipping. Really happy with the Parcel Up service.

The KB8 came with instructions which included a link to the software. It was through the software that I discovered the KB8P existed and then I just kept trying to find it. Mainly motivated by the fact that the KB8 and the Maedhawk didn’t negotiate aptX HD because the KB8 has LL before HD in its codec search order. The Maedhawk has buttons, none of which allows codec selection.

There’s no button. I don’t know about call handling. There was a reference to calls in the software but that may just have been for the KB8P. I think it was like the Creative BT-W3 where you can change the firmware to either do hands-free calling or not. Personally, I am just interested in the music quality and never bother with calling features. Sometimes I wish the manufacturers would focus more on just music and leave calls out of it. 😂
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I posted in other thread, got mine today but 16/48 is not going to cut it, needs to be 24/48 at least for the HD codecs as AptX Adaptive is not 24/96 for now but may be once Snapdragon sound is here.

So ideally you would set it in Windows to 24/48 if you are going to be using the AptX-HD/AptX Adaptive Codecs, as setting it to 24/96 just means the player will up-sample it (if it supports doing so) so it is pointless.

I tested all Codecs using my FiiO Neckband (I can disable them in the App) so it works on all it claims to support and the LED is correct for each both on the dongle and my Neckband though this dongle does not have AAC which is strange as the earbuds with the same QC3040 Chipset do.

It should really have a button to change Codecs like the newer Creative one has, not sure how you clear the pairing if it even remembers any one device or just simply re-pairs each time like the QC3040 earbuds when you take them out the case which I do not really like, I prefer to enter pairing manually via the buttons.

I await your newer version to see if it is indeed 24/96 and you can mess with the Codec using this App or whatever.

On my PC I can control the Windows volume slider but not play/pause/tracks with this strange it does one and not the other.
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I found these as well… unfortunately they’re not 24-bit/96KHz. They’re 16-bit/48KHz. (Click image for link - Order via ParcelUp)

I don’t yet know if they do a 24-bit version. I decided to order them anyway. Seems a little more convenient than the USB-A one where I must use a lightning OTG adapter for the iPhone and a USB-C to USB-A with my DAP.

if I find there are 24-bit versions of these I‘ll let y’all know.
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The one you linked to has detailed photos at the bottom of the page if you load them (it takes time to load), he shows the Windows Audio settings and a mobile phone both using the 24/96 options.

Someone posted a similar Adapter weeks ago (assume it is 16/48 though) and it came in 2 options, 1) USB-A or 2) USB-C, it is in this thread:


I connected it to my Android phone last night, PowerAmp Pro did not see it but USB Audio Player PRO did but no controls worked even though the player supports USB DAC controls.

Same with the FiiO BTA30 Pro on my PC, no controls work so 99% of the time I use the BT 5.2 on my Intel AX210 card as I have full controls then, the downside is Windows now puts AAC first choice over aptX but I can disable the AAC codec on my FiiO Neckband and force it to use aptX.

So basically it is a waste of time for me, I also found out the battery life is a lot less using Adaptive, 99% of my files are CD rips so 16/44.1 and aptX is good enough for that and when I do Sub to Amazon HD (I have basic Amazon Music due to Prime) I can use aptX-HD and LDAC for Hi-Res files but need to go wired for the 24/192 files.
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The one you linked to has detailed photos at the bottom of the page if you load them (it takes time to load), he shows the Windows Audio settings and a mobile phone both using the 24/96 options.

I think that is telling us that the adapters will take a 24-bit input but then they are downsampling to 16/48 as they encode to aptX, etc. Not sure why they would do this unless it is to make a 24-bit version of the adapter that is more expensive. It could be down to the chipset generating too much heat when working with 24/96 or not running fast enough to avoid latency.
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I do not think so, on ours is it shows 16/48 his is using the same Windows menu showing 24/96.

I had the revised Avantree aptX-HD with 24/48 so it is not a limit and the model number as you know is different (P on the end) and he is emphasizing this in his listing and you can see from his store he also has our version though cheaper that the newer one and he does not state 24/96 in its listing and it also has Chinese writing on the top of it where ours is blank and I assume it says 24 on one side and 96 on the other.

There is zero point in any aptX-HD or higher Codec USB Adapter being limited to 16bit but they are plenty of them same as plenty of crap TWS about mostly Chi crap.

FYI, I did confirm for you that aptX-LL is being prioritised over aptX-HD, I did so by disabling all but both those Codecs on my FiiO Neckband (SBC is not in list as it is default and cannot be disabled), it connected to apt-X-LL as the LED flashes Red twice.
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The Windows Sound control panel shows the compatible input formats of the device at the data bus side (USB in this case). It’s not telling us anything about the output Bluetooth codec configuration or capability. Windows itself can’t actually read the transmitter side of the adapter. The input and output don’t have to be a match. If they are a match on the KB8 that’s just by sensible design. It seems stupid that these new adapters would take in 24-bit unless it is a clue that they are limited to 16-bit output for commercial purposes (I.e. to sell a more expensive variant that does do 24-bit). All of these things are configurable in the firmware by the manufacturer.

I think they might do it because some consumers would be satisfied with CD quality whereas audiophiles will be willing to pay more for Hi-Res.

I will see if the M11 Plus in Bluetooth receiver mode can display the received bit and sample rates. I’ll make sure the adapters are fed at least something 24-bit.

Does the Avantree also use the QCC3040?
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No the Avantree is old now and was BT 5.0 and aptX-HD at highest codec

We only see 16/48 and cannot change that, he has another model that does allow changes and goes all the way to 24/96 and yes this is what Windows inputs to the device but if you input 16/48 how can you in reality output bit for bit 24/48 or 24/96?

Correct we do not see the output bitrate anywhere on the adapter or earbuds but can go by the LED on the device for the Codec and I can do same on my FiiO Neckband but as we do not have a screen on both ends showing bitrate nor does any TWS earbuds only the phone end so we hope it is as claimed in the specs with some blind faith.

They are limited IMO as that are cheap Chi crap, the first Avantree was stuck on 16/44.1 or 16/48 (I cannot remember which ) I got send a revised model after many months waiting on it getting produced and it was 24/48 so a perfect bit for bit match for aptX-HD (I cannot remember if I could change this to lower for aptX/aptX-LL or if it was fixed) but as I said it was reverse stereo and had a phantom centre channel slider so another ballsup.

They could do what FiiO have done on the BTA30 PRO where in DAC mode it shows the bitrate via an LED's colour.

Screenshot 2021-11-26 074909.png
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I don’t have my KB8’s anymore. Both of them already sold on eBay. Hoping the KB8P arrives this week.

I guess the theory is that lossy 24/96 is still better than lossy 16/48. All Bluetooth codecs are lossy of course. At least until “aptX Lossless” finally materialises in products and even that only offers lossy 24/96. It’s all just a quest to make the most out of going wireless whilst we wait for true wireless Hi-Res.

Something that took in 16/48 but then says it’s outputting 24/96 is either upsampling (which basically means it’s fake) or it’s just transmitting empty carrier wave with the non-empty stuff still being only as high as the input. It’s like bandwidth. The capacity is available but it doesn’t mean you are using it all.
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Someone posted a nice set of new buds due out soon on here today and they have SnapDragon sound and boasted the usual 24/96 spiel but also boasted about CD quality 16bit/44.1 so I assume this may mean lossless as now it is doubtful even High Res Files playing with BT via LDAC sound as good as an actual CD does.

Upsampling in pointless but I cannot be bothered to change the Windows settings between gaming and playing my CD rips so16/44.1 files so I leave it a bit higher and Exclusive Mode is a no go for me as you do not hear any other sound even system sounds like alarms or alerts.

I would love to see a small screen on devices that can have one size wise so USB Adapters (cheap Chi ones have "OLED" type screens now) at least you see the Device connected by name and the Codec in use but they could go further and show the outputted bitrate etc but the smaller devices like earbuds would need to do so with an LED due to size, suppose large over-ear cans could have a small screen on them.
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For interested parties…

The KB8P arrived yesterday. That was about 18 days from order to receipt. It works exactly as I’d hoped. Sounds great with the FiiO UTWS5. The codec control software does indeed allow me to turn off aptX (Classic) and aptX LL and it retains the changes when you remember to hit save. in doing so, my Maedhawk X4 BT receiver connects at aptX HD Which was one of my goals.

One thing to note though is that the instructions come with a different link than the KB8. When you go to this new link, only the pairing tool is there. Not the codec control. So, you need to use the link that comes with the KB8 As the software for the KB8P is there too. To get it you can do the following:

Go to http://pan.naifei.cc/new/ and copy and paste the string below:

链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1sG9OJETET__oansBS2C1aw 提取码:qiyi

You may need to use a smartphone camera with Google Translate to read the screen If you don’t read Chinese.

This is the KB8P string for pasting:

链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pF3w-M_eUw9VC5eApY6VVw 提取码:qiyi
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"bt_dongle % unzip -v 24BIT\ adapter\ assistant.zip
Archive: 24BIT adapter assistant.zip
Length Method Size Cmpr Date Time CRC-32 Name
-------- ------ ------- ---- ---------- ----- -------- ----
0 Stored 0 0% 12-12-2021 09:26 00000000 24bit 96K??-???/
16384 Defl:N 7850 52% 12-12-2021 09:22 12f956a2 24bit 96K??-???/hidapi.dll
970912 Defl:N 507382 48% 10-05-2013 02:38 ae33ca0b 24bit 96K??-???/msvcr120.dll
99328 Defl:N 91329 8% 12-12-2021 09:22 bafe74cc 24bit 96K??-???/--+??ͷ-?.exe
0 Stored 0 0% 12-12-2021 09:26 00000000 24bit 96K??+?-?+???/
16384 Defl:N 7851 52% 12-12-2021 09:24 6bd82297 24bit 96K??+?-?+???/hidapi.dll
970912 Defl:N 507382 48% 10-05-2013 02:38 ae33ca0b 24bit 96K??+?-?+???/msvcr120.dll
99328 Defl:N 91329 8% 12-12-2021 09:22 bafe74cc 24bit 96K??+?-?+???/--+??ͷ-?.exe
-------- ------- --- -------
2173248 1213123 44% 8 files

bt_dongle % unzip -v 'KB8 pairing tool.zip'
Archive: KB8 pairing tool.zip
End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
the last disk(s) of this archive.
unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of KB8 pairing tool.zip or
KB8 pairing tool.zip.zip, and cannot find KB8 pairing tool.zip.ZIP, period.

bt_dongle % unzip -v 'KB8P new pairing switch encoding tool.zip'
Archive: KB8P new pairing switch encoding tool.zip
Length Method Size Cmpr Date Time CRC-32 Name
-------- ------ ------- ---- ---------- ----- -------- ----
0 Stored 0 0% 01-20-2022 17:52 00000000 ??v1.3/
84992 Defl:N 45631 46% 01-13-2022 22:52 36b01997 ??v1.3/hidapi.dll
107520 Defl:N 94264 12% 01-13-2022 22:09 f2db7c93 ??v1.3/KB8+=KB8P+??Ȧ?.exe
0 Stored 0 0% 01-20-2022 17:53 00000000 +??+-_-??+++-???+-??-++?+¦?.txt
-------- ------- --- -------
192512 139895 27% 4 files"


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